A bi-monthly news publication for AWI Manufacturing & Supplier Members November 17, 2005
Association News

WMIA Names AWI “2005 Educator of the Year”

On November 8 AWI was named “2005 Educator of the Year” by the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association (WMIA) at  WMIA’s 18th annual awards dinner honoring woodworking industry leaders.

WMIA Education Committee Chair Rick Hannigan, HOLZ-HER U.S., Inc. Vice President/Sales and Marketing, presented the award to AWI President-Elect Ed Brewer of Liouisville Lumber & Millwork who accepted on AWI’s behalf. Hannigan said, “Finding and keeping quality employees is one of the biggest challenges facing woodworking companies today.  Our industry recognizes the importance of education and training to ensure a viable and continuing work force.  WMIA has elected to recognize the Architectural Wood Work Institute’s long-term dedication to providing high-quality continuing education.  It provides the framework for a group of comprehensive and broad-based programs for the promotion of education within the woodworking industry.”

Among the AWI initiatives Hannigan cited were the scholarship program, the Adopt-a-Shop program, in which members get involved with local high schools to provide support, networking and a clear vision of the opportunities which exist within the woodworking industries.  He also noted that AWI has received a National Forest Service grant to help develop and implement the National Wood Manufacturing Industry Skills Standards.
WMIA is a Maryland-based association of companies whose primary business is providing the North American market with the latest woodworking technology, equipment, computer software and distribution service channels available globally.  The association maintains a web site at http://www.wmia.org/.
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NAHB Predicts Orderly Housing Market Slowdown

The National Association of Home Builders sees the slowdown of the robust housing market as an “orderly adjustment toward sustainability.”  It forecasts a dip in home sales and housing production for two years beginning in 2006.  For details visit NAHB’s Eye on the Economy of Nov. 9, 2005.
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Professional Development

Each One Teaches One

The way we all learned woodworking…Your friends in the Architectural Woodwork Institute of Lifelong Learning (AWILL) are trying something different. They need and ask for your help.

You learned woodworking by doing woodworking, usually standing at the side of someone who did it better than you. From his hands the skills passed to your hands. Can you bring yourself to share something about the business of woodwork?

AWILL is looking for AWI members willing to be part of interactive panel discussions for the Career and Technology Education Week (CATE) program scheduled for February 21-25, 2006 in Charlotte, NC.

Topics are wide open for this first CATE session. We will focus on the office side of the door for this session. You will not have to be there the whole week. In some cases just one day will do the job.

So, what do you have to share? What is your special skill: money management; project flow; shop scheduling; sales and marketing?  E-mail Greg Heuer at gheuer@awinet.org, or give him a call at 434.846.1972 to explore the possibilities.

To see the latest news on AWI Education click here.
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In the Chapters

Chapter Events Ahead

Check out the AWI chapters sponsoring important education programs in your area…in the Great Lakes and Virginia.

AWI Great Lakes Chapter
Dec. 7, 2005
Program: The Great Lakes “Green and LEED Symposium”
Where: Dearborn, MI
What: Learn about the impact the “green” movement will have on our industry.  Plus tour “The Automobile in American Life” exhibit at Henry Ford Museum.
Contact:  Pamela Howell at 586.497.7522.  For more details, click here.

AWI Virginia Chapter
When: Dec. 8-9, 2005
Program: Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Seminar 
Where: Charlottesville, VA
What: AWI's Greg Heuer will offer tips on how to make architects', designers', and specification writers' next woodwork project a success. Learn how to put AWI tools to work for you and improve your presentation skills.
Contact: Stephan Smith, AWI VA Chapter President, at 540.347.4551, ext. 107. For more details, click here
Reservation Deadline: Early registration for AWI VA Chapter members closed Oct. 31. Open registration runs Nov. 1-30.
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Business Practices

Termination for Default Can Be Tricky Business

Termination for default on a construction project is a risky proposition for both the firm that is doing the terminating and the firm that is being terminated, the American Subcontractors Association (ASA) said.

If the terminating party wrongfully terminates its subcontractor for default, it breaches the contract and may owe the subcontractor not just for work the subcontractor has completed but also profit on uncompleted work. If the subcontractor breaches the contract and is terminated, it risks losing claims to payment for even the work it properly performed, as well as other claims. The severe consequences of termination for default make it accurate to call it a weapon of last resort. And if subcontractors aren't careful, they can get badly burned by it.

A white paper published by the American Subcontractors Association (ASA), titled "Termination for Default," describes a wide range of outcomes that are possible when breach of contract is alleged. In some cases, termination is clearly warranted. In other cases, termination has punished innocent subcontractors for others' mistakes. For example, in one court case, hundreds of thousands of dollars in subcontractor retainage was forfeited to an owner because a prime contractor failed to complete $8,000 in punch list work and was terminated for default.

Learn more about termination for default. Visit ASA's web site at www.asaonline.com and click on "Stand Up! for Subcontractors" or call ASA at 703.684.3450.
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Member News

John Hamilton Passes Away

John M. “Jack” Hamilton, Sr. passed away on Nov. 8, 2005.  Mr. Hamilton was the father of James R. Hamilton of Winchester Woodworking, Inc. of Winchester, VA. 

Memorial contributions may be made to the American Heart Association, Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Memorial Processing, PO Box 5216, Glen Allen, VA 23058-5216.

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Next Isssue of AWI e-briefs

The next edition of AWI e-briefs will be published on Dec. 8, 2005


AWI extends warm wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving holiday to all members and readers of AWI e-briefs.

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