A bi-monthly news publication for AWI Manufacturing & Supplier Members September 18, 2008
Association News

What’s on Your Bottom Line? Compare It with the Average Architectural Woodworker!

Most AWI members could make more clear profit. They only need to know the answers to a few simple questions.  The newly-released AWI Cost of Doing Business Survey and Compensation Study Report helps answer many of them. 

Can you answer these questions?

  • What's your fixed cost of doing business?
  • What is your annual overhead?
  • How do you set your mark-up amount?
  • What is the labor rate and burden for each employee?
  • Which project type makes the best profits?
  • Which crew or foreman makes you the most money?
  • Which customer type do you make the most money on?
  • How do you set your change order mark-up amount?
  • How much money did your company clear last year?

An estimated 90% of your competition does NOT know the answers to more than two of those questions. Do you? The answers are the difference between flushing money down the drain and real improvements on your bottom line.

The Annual AWI Cost of Doing Business Survey and Compensation Study Report is one of the best resources in the industry to answer these questions.  Measure your company’s performance against industry averages and begin focusing on areas to improve your bottom line. 

The 2008 edition is out!  All AWI Manufacturing Members will receive a print copy of the CODBS report within the next 10-14 days. Copies are being shipped this week.  But this is the last year all AWI Manufacturing Members receive the complimentary annual CODBS report book regardless of participation in the survey’s data collection.

Beginning with the 2009 CODB survey, Manufacturing Members who do not participate in the data collection will receive only a brief executive summary page, whereas those Manufacturing Members who participate will receive the full report book. Also, the CODBS report book will be available for purchase from AWI by those non-participating Manufacturing Members who wish to purchase the information.

Savvy AWI Manufacturing Members arrange their company chart of accounts along the CODBS format so financial information can easily be retrieved when the annual CODB survey comes around. You might consider implementing this process too! When you receive your report in the next 10-14 days, start planning now to participate in 2009 to assure you receive a full report next year.

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AWI Election of Directors Set for November 1, 2008

Get ready to vote and select the best volunteer leadership for AWI’s future.  Ballots will be mailed to the primary contact of each AWI Manufacturing Member Company on October 13, 2008 and must be postmarked by October 31, 2008.

In accordance with AWI Bylaws Article V, Sec 3, the 2008 AWI Nominating Committee respectfully submits the following slate of candidates for the office of AWI Director to fill two (2) vacancies on the AWI Board of Directors for a term beginning January 1, 2009 and ending December 31, 2011.

Skip Heidler
Heidler Hardwood Lumber Co. (Supplier Member)
Chicago, Illinois

Randy Jensen
Leonard Peterson Co., Inc. (Manufacturing Member)
Auburn, Alabama 
Matt Lundahl
Meyer and Lundahl Manufacturing Co. (Manufacturing Member)
Phoenix, Arizona

Dave Nadolski
A. J. Pietsch Co., (Manufacturing Member)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bill Popp
High Planes Millwork, Inc. (Manufacturing Member)
Hutchinson, Kansas 

Click here to view each candidate’s profile.
The AWI Bylaws Article IX, Section 1 (b) makes provision for additional nominations to the Directors candidate slate as follows:
“Ninety (90) days prior to the new fiscal year additional nominations for Directors may be made by written petition filed with the Executive Vice President, signed by not less than one percent (1%) of Manufacturing Members. Such petition shall certify that such nominee has consented to run and will serve if elected.”

BY THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2008, AWI Manufacturing Members who wish to include additional nominees to the AWI Director candidate slate must send the completed petition document, twelve (12) AWI Manufacturing Member Company primary contact signatures, and the additional candidates consent statement to:

Philip Duvic
AWI Executive Vice President
46179 Westlake Drive, Suite 120
Potomac Falls, VA  20165
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AWI Network Group Launched; Discuss the “Business” of Woodwork with Peers!

AWI members are invited to connect with fellow architectural woodworkers and suppliers on the just-launched AWI Network Group, hosted on the LinkedIn Network.  Use this new resource to make connections with AWI Manufacturing & Supplier Members.  Share ideas and tips; develop and cultivate relationships; and help your business grow.

AWI staff professionals and member woodworking professionals now can link with each other to create enterprise solutions and avoid re-inventing successful managerial and operational procedures. They can support each other with ‘best practices” and innovation.

This is an active networking group and that means AWI members provide and get information every day from each other on every possible issue connected to starting, running and growing a woodworking business.  This is a simple and useful way to use business technology to achieve a high level of quality networking.

As technology changes and time becomes more compressed, networking methods are changing. As a member of the AWI Network Group, you now have access to a social/business networking tool called LinkedIn for groups. When organizations do business, what's really happening is that individuals representing each of those organizations are interacting. Two people are connecting, having conversations. And when the process works, a business relationship develops between the individuals.

Check it out; join the AWI Network Group at LinkedIn.comClick here for more information and to join.  Use the “Discussions” section to pose questions to the group, discover topics of conversation, and join a discussion. Set up a profile of yourself for others to learn more about you and your business. If this is your first visit to LinkedIn, just sign up for the FREE access/account and then you can get into our AWI Network Group area.
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Don’t Miss New AWI & Administaff Business Solution Services Webinar

A new human resource services program arranged by AWI with the national professional employer organization Administaff brings group buying power to AWI member small and medium size businesses.  Attend the Administaff webinar online September 24 to learn more.

This new AWI Affinity Program gives access to Administaff Human Resource Services at a substantial savings.  This exclusive new membership benefit for AWI members provides a 25% discount on enrollment fees and the group buying power of Administaff’s 6,000+ clients. 

Administaff will be hosting monthly webinars about its services and the benefits of using them.  The first introductory program is scheduled for September 24 at 2:00 pm Eastern time.  Members may speak to the Administaff representative during this live program. Participation details follow:


 Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Starting time:

 2:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -04:00, New York)


15 Minute Presentation, followed by Q&A

To join: 

Go to https://administaff.webex.com and enter the meeting number below

Meeting number: 

 717 859 273

Meeting password:  



 Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 866.469.3239
 Call-in toll number(US/Canada):1.650.429.3300

Check out the full range of Administaff services available to AWI Manufacturing & Supplier Members in the September issue of AWI NewsBriefs.
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Professional Development

Are You Interested in Distance Education?

Jump right in. Participate in the AWI Education team's development of a robust online learning community. Learn more at the e-Learning “Wiki Page Tab” and the “Discussion Tab” that have some interesting items under consideration.

Join wikispaces and the AWI development wiki to have your say. Click here to explore.
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Test Your Interest and Smarts

Got the Smarts; got the interest; but not sure you’ve got writing and editing skills necessary for helping to write the Skill Standards under development by the Woodwork Career Alliance?  Try your hand at it as a test.

Go to the SANDBOX page at the Skill Standards site to try your hand at editing. You won’t hurt anything.  Check out a one minute 30 second video on “How To Edit.”  It’s from a presentation conducted at the IWF 2008™ and includes helpful tips and encouragement.  The Woodwork Career Alliance is seeking volunteer authors and editors to develop the Skill Standards for the woodwork industry.

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AWI Attends Virginia Tech Wood Week

AWI will be on display for students attending Wood Week sponsored by the Department of Wood Science and Forest Products at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg this week. 

Annual Wood Week activities include the largest University-sponsored career fair in North America for the wood and forest products sector. Wood Week 2008 is being held on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg. An annual Wood Week Career Fair is being held today, Thursday, September 18.

AWI Chief Learning Officer Greg Heuer represented AWI at the school’s Wood Science Department scholarship recognition reception on September 17.  Today, Greg is showcasing AWI at the Career Fair on the Drill Field. Students are being informed about the architectural woodwork sector of the wood industry and how they can contribute to making more fine woodwork happen in the their professional careers.

Click here to learn more. 
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Green Scene

Early Bird Registration Ends October 6 ...Going Green Conference

As a cooperating association supporting the program, AWI is pleased to pass along a special discount off registration fees for The Dollars & Sense of Going Green Conference, October 28-29, 2008 in Indianapolis, IN.  Register today! Fees increase $100 after October 6 when early bird registration ends.

Representatives of companies running the spectrum of the wood products industry – from lumber distributors and hardware suppliers through manufacturers of flooring, office furniture and architectural woodwork – are signing up to attend The Dollars & Sense of Going Green Conference, organizers report.

The two-day event, featuring tabletop exhibits is being organized by Purdue University and Wood & Wood Products. AWI Supplier Members Stiles Machinery Inc. and M. Böhlke Veneer are sponsors of the event. In addition, 19 major trade associations (including AWI), government agencies and other organizations volunteered their support for the event.

The conference will feature more than 20 presenters. Session topics include:

  • Emerging Influences of Certification
  • Nuts and Bolts of the Certification Processes
  • Availability of Hardwood Timber from Certified Land
  • How CARB Will Impact Secondary Wood Products Manufacturing
  • Is There a Market Need for Certified Products in Hardwood Manufacturing?
  • Producing Certified Wood Products from Forest through Lumber and Panel Products
  • Purchasing, Manufacturing and Marketing Certified Wood Products

AWI Members registering for the conference will receive a $75 discount off the registration fee for the program.  To obtain the special discount, AWI member registrants should go to www.greenwoodseminar.com and click on the “Registration” tab.  The registration page will ask “Cooperator Attendee” to “contact your association headquarters for the discount password. For AWI, type in AWIVIP. Don’t delay. The early bird registration discount ends October 6, 2008 when fees increase $100. 

For full details about the program, including sponsorship and tabletop opportunities, visit www.greenwoodseminar.com.
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U.S. Green Building Council’s Annual Greenbuild Conference

Interested in learning more about LEED® green building rating system?  Find out at the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) annual conference and exhibition, November 19-21, 2008 in Boston.

Greenbuild, the world's largest conference and expo dedicated to green building, expects over 25,000 attendees. This year’s show will explore "Revolutionary Green: Innovations for Global Sustainability,” with Boston serving as the ideal backdrop for a variety of educational sessions, full- and half-day LEED workshops, exciting speakers, special events and building tours. 

Workshops include: LEED 2009 - Implementation for Building Design and Construction; Commissioning for LEED Projects; and Understanding LEED Project Costs and Returns. Educational Sessions include: A Policy Perspective - Green Legislation and Its Influence in the Public, Private, and Non-Profit Sectors; Greening the Trades of Tomorrow; Measuring Green Building Performance through Research and Innovative Tools; Fostering a Community of Environmental Stewards by Using Real-Time Display of Building Performance Data; Navigating Green Labels and Certifications; and more.

This year the Greenbuild exhibit hall will be held in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, which will house over 1,300 booths featuring the newest and best products, technologies and services.

Visit the Greenbuild Web site for an interactive and comprehensive listing of all on and off site educational sessions and master speakers for more information and to register.

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Learn More about LEED® from an Expert

Margaret Fisher, LEED green building rating system authority, featured speaker and AWI National and chapter events, has written extensively about the green certification program and its ramifications for the wood industry.  Check out some of the articles she has written for major industry publications.

“8 Tips for being LEED Ready” published in the February 2008 issue of Wood Digest

”Understanding LEED” published in the July 2008 issue of CWB

”Wood: 'The Alpha Material'” published in the August 2008 issue of CWB

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Industry News

Surprise Increase in Orders for Manufactured Goods in July

New orders for manufactured goods in July, which were up for five consecutive months, increased 1.3%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

This was the highest level since 1992 and followed a 2.1% increase in June.  The agency also reported that shipments, which were up six of the last seven months, increased $9.4 billion or 2.1% to $465.3 billion.  New orders for manufactured durable goods in July, up for three consecutive months, increased $3.9 billion or 1.3 percent to $219.6 billion.

For more information about manufacturers’ shipments, inventories and orders, click here.
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Economy is Driving Cuts in Supply Chain Costs

Financial discipline in the supply chain is becoming more critical than ever as companies become overwhelmed by rising costs and eroding profits.  Discover what some companies are doing to manage the costs of their supply chain.

“Digging In,” an article by Randy Myers in the September 1, 2008 issue of CFO Magazine looks at demand-driven business, improvements in forecasting, inventory management, and much more.  To access this article, click here.

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Trade Missions – Global Resources for Expanding Business

U.S. suppliers of innovative products and technologies should not miss the Manufacturing and Technology Trade Mission to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, November 17-21, 2008.  Promising sectors include building, construction, energy (production, extraction, and renewable), and transportation equipment and services, according to the International Trade Administration.

Advantageous trade conditions under the U.S. Australia Free Trade Agreement and a favorable foreign exchange rate make this an excellent time for U.S. businesses to explore opportunities in Australia. For more information, contact Australia.Mission@mail.doc.gov, or Jessica Arnold at 202.482.2026, or Louis Quay at 202.482.3973.  For more information online, visit www.export.gov/australiamission/

For information about the full range of services from the International Trade Administration, visit www.export.gov/.
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Member News

Founder of Parenti & Raffaelli, LTD Passes Away

Robert Frank (Bob) Parenti, Sr. passed away in Villa Park, IL, on September 10 at the age of 81. 

Mr. Parenti was founder and President of Parenti & Raffaelli, Ltd. of Mt. Prospect, IL, a long-standing AWI Manufacturing Member since 1970.  He was a past president of the AWI Chicago Chapter and an active member of a number of AWI committees during his membership.  Mr. Parenti served in the armed forces in World War II.  

To leave a message of condolence in the firm's online guest book at www.parentiwoodwork.com.
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Eggers and InPro Corporation Team Up on Manufacturing Venture

Two leaders in interior architectural products have signed a joint sales and manufacturing agreement to produce a line of doors with durable cladding.

Eggers Industries, with manufacturing locations in Two Rivers and Neenah, WI, will use InPro Corporation’s Sanparrel™ rigid sheet material to clad Eggers' non-rated and fire-rated doors, as well as acoustic, bullet-resistant, lead-lined, and environmentally friendly door constructions. Visit InPro at www.inprocorp.com and Eggers at www.eggersindustries.com.  Eggers Industries has been an AWI Manufacturing Member since 1958.

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Registration Open for Biesse America One2One Seminar October 23-24

Biesse America will be conducting a One2One Seminar about technology and Lean business strategy in a unique program combining seminars, discussions, machine demonstrations, and one-to-one consultation on October 23-24 at the company’s headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

Space is limited for this FREE event, says Biesse.  For more information, visit www.biesseamerica.com or e-mail marketing@biesseamerica.com or call 704.357.3131 ext. 1049.  To register online, go to www.biesseamerica.com/register.charlotte.

Biesse America has been an AWI Supplier Member since 1995 and is a 2008 AWI Sponsor.

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In the Chapters

Chapter News

AWI chapters are on the move.  Check out recent activities of the AWI Central Pennsylvania and New Jersey Chapters.
Congratulations go to both AWI chapters for conducting a successful program, “LEED® Education for the Woodworker II,” held September 11, 2008.  Over 100 attendees learned about forest certification, the history of the Forest Stewardship Council, FSC certified lumber, proper finishes for earning “Indoor Quality Environment” designation, and adhesives for meeting LEED credit requirements. Five members showcased their products and services in tabletop displays.  Special thanks go to John Beaver (Secretary, AWI Central PA Chapter) of Roland and Roland; John Gehman (President, AWI New Jersey Chapter) of Architectural Woodworking Associates; and Garry Astles (President, AWI Central PA Chapter) of Northway Industries.  

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Chapter Events Ahead

What’s happening in local architectural woodwork communities?  See what the AWI Carolinas, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas Chapters are planning.

Check out the informative AWI chapter programs sponsored in your area. Tap into your local AWI chapter for vital information that can help your business grow and put you in touch with fellow AWI architectural woodworkers and suppliers.

AWI Carolinas Chapter

When: September 19, 2008
What: Chapter Meeting & Program on SkillsUSA
Presenter: Rick Rogers, Franklin High School; Barrett Beale, SkillsUSA winner
Where: Kingston Plantation, Myrtle Beach, SC
Information: Kristine M. Cox, Chapter VP, at KMCRowland@aol.com

AWI Florida Chapter
When: September 19-22, 2008
What:  42nd Annual Changeover Meeting
Where: Cruise (details attached) from Miami, FL to the Bahamas (CocoCay and Nassau)
Information: Ethan Adams, Adams Bros. Cabinetry, Inc., 941.639.7188 ext. 403, EMAdams@adamsbro.com 

AWI New Mexico Chapter
When: October 14-15, 2008
What: LEED® Program
Presenter: Margaret Fisher of Saunders Wood Specialties
Information: Click here to contact one of the chapter's officers.
Save the Date! 

AWI Texas Chapter
When: October 16-17, 2008
Program: Fall Event – “Capital Expenditures” Program & Imperial Mill & Fixtures Plant Tour
Registration Fee:  $85
Information: Christi Duncan, 972.333.6550, christiduncan@earthlink.net

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Safety Matters

OSHA to Host Forum to Assist Small Businesses in Complying with Regulations

OSHA's Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs will host its next quarterly small business forum on September 30, 2008, from 10 am to noon in conference room C-5515 at the Labor Department's headquarters in Washington, DC.

This event is part of "The Business of Small Business Forum Series" providing opportunities for small businesses to share the challenges they face in today's global business climate as they strive to comply with regulatory requirements. Featured panelists include Nicholas N. Owens, national ombudsman, assistant administrator for regulatory enforcement fairness, U.S. Small Business Administration; Elyce A. Biddle, Ph.D., senior economist, Division of Safety Research, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; and Vincent Santoro, vice president of global manufacturing, Ideal Jacobs Corporation. The panel will discuss fostering stronger relationships between small businesses and the regulatory community.

For more information or to register, contact Russell Jones at jones.russell@dol.gov or 202.693.2532, or Charlene Crawford at crawford.charlene@dol.gov or 202.693.2165.

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Third Quarter Submissions Invited for AWI Safety Tip Challenge

Calling all AWI Manufacturing Members and their employers to submit safety tips!Enter your tips in the Safety Tip Challenge and become eligible for a prize.

Each winner receives a beautiful Starrett Model S909Z combination square valued at almost $300, compliments of the AWI Safety Committee and AWI’s partner in risk management, CNA Insurance.  Click here to enter the Safety Tip Challenge. Post the attached “Safety Tip Challenge” flyer in your shop.  Invite employees to participate; they could win a prize, and tips submitted could help you maximize safety on the job AND limit your insurance costs. The flyer details how the Safety Tips Challenge works.  Safety pays!
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Next Issue of E-briefs

The next issue of AWI e-briefs will be published October 9, 2008, and not on October 2, the first Thursday of the month, as is customary.  The 2008 Annual AWI Fall Leadership Event will take place on October 1-4. 
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