A bi-monthly news publication for AWI Manufacturing & Supplier Members February 18, 2010
AWI News

Packets Mailed to Renewing Members

AWI thanks all members who have renewed their membership for 2010. Renewal packets have been mailed acknowledging your continued support. Use the materials to proudly display your affiliation with AWI.

Renewal packets contain a 2010 AWI member certificate, a date strip for the AWI membership plaque and an AWI hat. By displaying your affiliation with AWI, you show your association with an internationally known and respected representative of architectural woodworkers.

If you have renewed your membership and have not received your renewal packet, please contact AWI Membership Manager Cassey Gibson at cgibson@awinet.org.
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Business Tools

Annual AWI Cost of Doing Business Survey Open

Do you want to get by or do you want to thrive in the marketplace? One of the best management tools on the market for measuring and analyzing costs of doing business is the AWI Cost of Doing Business Survey (CODBS), which is open until April 1, 2010. The economy has changed the way businesses need to operate. Your participation in the survey is critical for making strategic decisions to maintain and grow your company’s profitability. How do you participate?

Click here to download the spreadsheet to participate. The survey period opened February 1, 2010 and will close on April 1, 2010. All participants are eligible for entry into a drawing for a $500 gift card.

AWI members are reminded that only participating AWI Manufacturing Members will receive a complimentary copy of the full report. Non-participants will receive an Executive Summary only and the opportunity to purchase the report.

If there is any doubt about why you should participate, read the February issue of AWI NewsBriefs for comments by Marc Sanderson, President of Wilkie Sanderson. Learn how the company relies on the CODBS Report data for strategic decision-making to keep Wilkie Sanderson "best in class."
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AWI “Award of Excellence” Program: Business Exposure Tool

What do AWI Manufacturing Members who have earned an AWI "Award of Excellence" have in common?

Exposure to thousands of potential customers in the design community! What can you do to earn an award? Start by submitting your application for the next AOE honors program, summer 2010.

Use an AOE award to market your excellence and gain a competitive advantage during these challenging times when others are seeking entry into your markets. All Manufacturing Members are eligible to participate. Gain exposure among the outstanding projects of AWI Manufacturing Members who are featured in Design Solutions Magazine, AWI’s official quarterly journal.

Visit awinet.org for submission forms. The deadline for submissions for the next quarterly (spring) AOE honors program is May 1, 2010. Benefits to AOE honorees include exposure in the online issue of the journal which is open for business 24/7, plus distribution to more than 25,000 industry professionals.

Pictured is one of the award-winning AWI Manufacturing Member projects featured in the fall AWI "Award of Excellence" quarterly competition. The expansion of the Oregon Convention Center in downtown Portland, the largest such center in the Pacific Northwest, features millwork by Nikolai Manufacturing, Inc. of New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. Shown here are doors in Anigre leading to meeting space. Other views of this project can be seen in the fall issue of
Design Solutions.

Photo Credit: David Papazian

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Get Connected...Volunteers Sought, Networkers Desired

Several ways of connecting with members in the AWI community are available to widen your circle of business associates, secure solutions to challenges that others have overcome, open and/or participate in discussions about issues of interest, and more. Plus, volunteers are needed for two efforts in particular. How? What are they?

AWI Wiki Central http://www.wiki.awinet.org/Forums

- Tap into all AWI Networking Forums, including some AWI chapters, the Woodwork Career Alliance, and more.
- Join discussions about the Architectural Woodwork Standards with a hot link directly to an online area for submitting suggestions for improvement to the AWS for consideration and review by the AWI Technical Committee. http://tinyurl.com/AWstandards.

AWI Speakers Bureau gheuer@awinet.org

- Help AWI update its Design Pro Presentation series of Architectural Woodwork Standards presentations, as tools to promote the use of architectural woodwork and the wonderful attributes of wood to the design community by providing American Institute of Architects (AIA)-approved education learning units on the new standards.
- Share your specialty and insights.
- Get involved in an AWS task force. All the work will be accomplished online and with conference calls. Greg Heuer, AWI’s Chief Learning Officer, will guide each task force through the project.

AWI LinkedIn Forum http://www.wiki.awinet.org/Forums

- Join the AWI LinkedIn support and discussion Woodworking Solutions Forum managed by AWI. It offers opportunities for savvy members to ask and answer questions.

AWI Facebook Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Architectural-Woodwork-Institute/248308234571?ref=ts

- Become a fan!

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Learning Forum

AWI Spring Professional Development Seminars: Resources for Remaining Competitive

AWI’s Spring Professional Development Seminars, April 29 through May 1, 2010, in Marina Del Rey, CA, are packed with content to help architectural woodworkers realize cost efficiencies, manage profit margins, and compete for business during challenging economic times. Gain knowledge, enhance skills, and put them to use to maintain your competitive edge against intruders seeking footholds into your markets.

Check the AWI Web site for information about the sessions. AWI NewsBriefs, the association’s monthly print newsletter, contains practical information to put to use immediately in our series by seminar presenters on: Estimating, AutoCAD, Contracts, Project Management, LEAN Manufacturing and LEED®.

The content in NewBriefs is a sampling of what you will learn at the AWI Spring Professional Development Seminars. Gain valuable tips and information on a wide variety of business topics on the program and in AWI NewsBriefs.
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Planning Your Next Woodwork Project

By Jeff Stück of Stück Wood Works, Inc.

Your boss comes running into your office with the latest and greatest architectural woodwork project, a bank interior for her golfing friend. It needs to be completed ASAP. She explains that there is no time to waste discussing or planning it and wants you to begin working on it immediately. Essentially she is asking you to skip the phase most responsible for the project’s success – Planning.  What next?

If your company has developed a process for planning your projects, you will immediately set into motion the steps necessary for a successful project and avoid the old adage: "Failing to plan is planning to fail."

You begin by laying out your roadmap for the Bank Project, your plan. Essentially, the plan answers the questions of Who, What, Where, When and How. Effective use of a Project Plan predicts your project success. Without your plan, you run the risk and expense of doing:

      • The right thing at the wrong time.
      • The wrong thing at the right time.
      • The wrong thing at the wrong time.

Any of these add unnecessary cost to the job and disappoints your customer.

During the AWI Project Management Seminars we define, discuss and work through a sample project using the three steps used in project planning.

1. Define TasksWhat needs to be done, such as: submittals, buy-outs, pressing, finishing, assembly and so on.
2. Sequence those TasksHow does each task fit into the whole and how long will it take. The result is a timeline chart showing When tasks will begin and end.
3. Assign Resources – Assign people responsible for those tasks. Who is responsible for completing their task and Where will the work be done.

Once completed, it is equally important to monitor and adjust your plan – just because it’s on paper doesn’t mean it’s so. "Stuff" happens.

We find the benefits of a plan for architectural woodwork projects are:

      1. Reduces risk and uncertainty.
      2. Ensures clear understanding of tasks.
      3. Creates credibility and ensures resources are available.

In an article "Do Your Woodwork Projects Need to be Managed?" published in the January issue of AWI NewsBriefs, we discussed the skills needed to become a great project manager. Those skills included: Communicator and Organizer. There is no better way to exhibit both of those skills than to develop and use a project plan. Your plan becomes your planning, implementing and communication tool all in one. Although plans can be developed using many tools, running the gamut from sticky notes to expensive software, we always advise using the simplest tool necessary.

The old sage Yogi Berra said it well, "You've got to be careful if you don't know where you're going because you might not get there." You can now show your team where it is going with a good, well thought out plan, resulting in a successful project.

To learn about planning and other ways to profitably manage your projects, join us at our next AWI Fundamentals and Advanced Project Management Seminars, April 29, 30 and May 1, in Marina Del Rey, CA. Click here for details about these sessions and to register.

About the author: Jeff Stück, is Founder and President of Stück Wood Works, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, an AWI Manufacturing Member since 1995 and a member of the Project Management Institute. Mr. Stück has worked as a project manager for 35 years, 30 years of which as an owner of his own company. He believes that brilliant project managers are one of the best advantages a woodwork company can have. Mr. Stück has been a member of AWI’s Project Management seminar team for over 10 years.
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Dare, Dream, Discover at Executive Briefing Conference

Stiles Machinery and AWI challenge AWI members to "Dare to Discover" at the 8th Executive Briefing Conference (EBC) in Dallas, TX, February 28 to March 2, 2010. AWI members receive a discount on registration. 

A unique series of exclusive briefings designed for company decision makers, the 2010 EBC will provide information you can use today and tomorrow. The EBC will address pending regulations (i.e., dust, OSHA); social media and its impact on our industry; cost savings through sustainability; and automation and software developments. Case studies will offer keen insight into business challenges and best practices. The EBC will look at Custom Cupboards: RFID and software integration and JB Cutting: an EPP Downstream licensed facility. Finally, plant tours include visits to Continental Cabinets (automated rough mill processing line) and Shioleno Industries (high volume laminating press). 

On Sunday, February 28, an optional tour of the new Dallas Cowboy’s stadium is on the agenda along with networking opportunities and Art Turock’s opening keynote address. 

The registration fee includes shuttle service between the Omni hotel and the airport, hotel accommodations for Sunday and Monday night, keynote dinner and reception, all other meals, presentations, and plant tours. AWI members receive a $50 discount off the registration fee. Enter "AWI" in the promo code box when you register. 

The EBC will take place at the Omni Park West Hotel, located 10 minutes from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. 

For program details and online registration, visit www.stilesmachinery.com/ebc. See the attached flyer also.

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Did You Know...about the AWS?

Familiarity with the AWI Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated (QSI) can no longer be relied on in woodwork project specifications where the Architectural Woodwork Standards introduced in August 2009 supercede the QSI. Don’t assume the standards are the same. As a service to architectural woodworkers, we will report about some of the differences between the QSI and AWS in each issue of AWI e-briefs to help members educate themselves about the changes. Learn about cabinet shelf clip requirements.

Cabinet Shelf Clip Requirements

In the QSI, premium grade cabinets with bored shelf clips holes were required to have dual pin shelf clips, typically plastic. In the AWS, page 259 item, you can see that now there is a choice for shelf clips in premium grade. The woodworker has the option of using the plastic dual pin clips or single pin 5 mm metal shelf clips. These are the options for premium grade or for custom grade.

Are shelf standards and clips still allowed? Yes, see page 280, item However, while the QSI allowed surface mounted standards for custom grade, the AWS requires for premium and custom grade that standards be recessed into the cabinet side and must also extend the entire interior length of the cabinet body side member.

About the author: Shows Leary has been an AWI Quality Certification Program (QCP) inspector since 1996. He has served as QCP's Regional Representative and as a member of the Quality Certification Corporation Board of Directors and Board of Appeals. He is an alternate member of the AWI Technical Committee. Contact Shows Leary at shows@showsleary.com.

The Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) makes every effort to ensure that published information is accurate and current. Neither AWI, nor any content contributor, officer, or employee of AWI warrants the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information published in AWI NewsBriefs and/or AWI e-briefs, nor endorses any products, services or other information resources linked from AWI’s editorial content and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance on the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information. Portions of the information may be incorrect or not current. Any person or entity that relies on any information obtained from this system does so at their own risk.
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AWS Errata Web Site

Architectural woodworkers are reminded to check the Errata Web site for the Architectural Woodwork Standards for updated information which is posted as data changes.

Visit http://www.aws-errata.com/ for errors and corrections to the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) jointly produced and published by the three developers: AWI, the Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC) and the Woodwork Institute.
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Understanding & Marketing AWS: Upcoming Presentations

With the release of the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS), members of the AWI Speakers Bureau, AWI chapters, staff and others are/will be making presentations to architectural woodworkers, architects, designers and the contractors about the differences between the AWI Quality Standards Illustrated and AWS. Watch for news of special presentations in your area.

AWI & CSI Central PA Chapters
When: March 17, 2010
What: AWS & AWI Quality Certification Program
Presenter: Craig Elias, AWI Quality Certification Corporation Director
Where: Raddison Penn Harris, Camp Hill, PA
Information: See attached for this and other events on March 17
Questions: Garry Astles, gastles@northwayind.com, 717.503.6295 (p) 

The AWS is jointly produced by AWI, the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC) and the Woodwork Institute.
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AWI Speakers Bureau Training: March 25-27, 2010, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The AWI Speakers Bureau would like to equip AWI members with training and the resources needed to provide education to the design community. The release of the Architectural Woodwork Standards and AWI’s AIA-approved Design Pro Presentation series provides a great opportunity for AWI and our members to provide education and promote the use of architectural woodwork. 

AWI members are invited to participate in a training session on March 25-27 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. You will learn about and practice with the AWI Design Pro series that are based on the Architectural Woodwork Standards.  You will come away with the tools you need to present a professional educational program to architects and designers in your region of the country. 

This training is free to members; trainees are required to attend all scheduled functions and are responsible for their travel and hotel costs.

There are a limited number of seats available (only eight remain at press time) for this training and attendees will be accepted on a on a first-come, first-serve basis. To ensure your participation, please respond promptly via e-mail to kallen@awinet.org or call 571.323.3611 with your commitment to attend.  Meeting information is as follows:

Date:   March 25 – 27, 2010
Time:  Thursday, March 25th, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Dinner & Welcome 
            Friday, March 26th, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
            Saturday, March 27th, 8:00 am – 12:00 noon
Hotel: Hilton, Ft. Lauderdale Airport – Reservation information will be provided in your confirmation letter.
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Green Scene

California Announces First-in-the-Nation Statewide Green Building Standards Code

California is stepping up its efforts to fight climate change and protect the environment. On January 12, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that the "California Building Standards Commission (BSC) unanimously adopted the first-in-the-nation mandatory Green Building Standards Code (CALGREEN) requiring all new buildings in the state to be more energy efficient and environmentally responsible." The mandate takes effect January 1, 2011.

Among its requirements CALGREEN mandates that every new building constructed in California reduce water consumption by 20%, divert 50% of construction waste from landfills and install low pollutant-emitting materials. 

Upon passing state building inspection, California’s property owners will have the ability to label their facilities as CALGREEN compliant without using additional costly third-party certification programs. 

Click here to learn more about CALGREEN.

The mandatory code provisions will now become the baseline of regulated green construction practices in the country’s most populous state. In addition to the mandatory regulations, CALGREEN also includes more stringent voluntary provisions to encourage local communities to take further action to green their buildings.

Like California’s existing building code provisions that regulate all construction projects throughout the state, the mandatory CALGREEN provisions will be inspected and verified by local and state building departments. Many of the mandatory provisions in the code are already part of the statewide building code.

Click here for additional information about CALGREEN.
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100 Buildings Strong

The Green Building Initiative has reached a new plateau of 100 buildings certified through the Green Globes environmental assessment and rating system. The Green Globes system includes best practices guidance for green construction and operations.

For more details about the Green Globes certification system, click here.
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NYC Green Codes Task Force Released Report on Building Codes Analysis

Convened at the request of Mayor Bloomberg and Council Speaker Quinn in July 2008, the Task Force – led by Urban Green Council – was charged with recommending green changes to the laws and regulations affecting buildings in New York, bringing them to the next level. The final report of an extensive analysis was released on February 1.

The 111 recommendations largely impact new construction and renovations, many of them removing current impediments to green practices. One of the recommendations advises to "protect forests by using sustainable wood."

The proposals would affect building codes as well as other codes, such as zoning, health, consumer affairs, and environmental protection – resulting in greener, healthier buildings for all New Yorkers, according to the announcement. Visit the Web site of the Urban Green Council for an Executive Summary of the report.
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Skills Standards Project Seeks Volunteers

Think about the ramifications of the cost of an unskilled employee to your business. Then, think about the value of Skill Standards and a Credential. Then, consider how you can help the Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA) speed up its already-impressive delivery on this project that will give you a way to measure and recognize the competency of woodworking professionals. Do you have 10 minutes a day?

The WCA Board of Directors has selected the next set of tools and machines, and they are inviting volunteers with experience on these tools to be interviewed for their preferred "standards" for the industry, according to Greg Heuer, Secretary of the WCA. Check out the list of the working tools at http://skillstandards.wikispaces.com/Tool_Groups

There are a number of ways you can help advance the Skill Standards project.
Contact Greg Heuer at gheuer@umich.edu.

* Tell him you will fund a small part of this BIG project. 
* Or, tell him you are willing to TEST the Standards in your plant. 
* Or, tell him you have some experience with tools and machines, and will help WRITE or EDIT the Standards.

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SkillsUSA Competitions Locally and Nationally

AWI has learned that the AWI Arizona Chapter is involved in a SkillsUSA competition, and the AWI Ohio Valley Chapter supports the SkillsUSA regional contests in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

The Ohio Valley Chapter provides organization, materials, tools and machinery and judging for Indiana and Ohio. The chapter also provides travel scholarships for the winners of each state to help them get to the national contest. Good luck to all and keep up the good work.

If your chapter is involved in SkillsUSA in any way, let AWI Chapter Development Director Greg Bednar, gbednar@awinet.org, know about it.

AWI National is an Official Sponsor of the national SkillsUSA Cabinetmaking Competition.

The in-kind donations by AWI to the SkillsUSA National Leadership & Skills Conference have earned it the status of official sponsorship. As the organizer and developer of the national SkillsUSA Cabinetmaking Competition, AWI plays an impressive role in the entire contest process.

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Industry News

Unemployment Rate Going Down, But Construction Workers Lose More Jobs

The unemployment rate fell from 10.0 to 9.7 percent in January, according to figurers released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on February 5. That’s the good news. But employment fell in construction and in other sectors, according to the BLS. That’s the bad news.

Construction employment declined by 75,000 in January, with nonresidential specialty trade contractors (-48,000) accounting for the majority of the decline. Since December 2007, employment in construction has fallen by 1.9 million, BLS reported.
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Consumer Confidence Improves Moderately

Both December and January showed signs of improved consumer confidence, according to The Conference Board’s recent report. The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index® now stands at 55.9, up from 53.6 in December. The Present Situation Index increased to 25.0 from 20.2.  The Expectations Index increased to 76.5 from 75.9 last month.

Says Lynn Franco, Director of The Conference Board Consumer Research Center, "Consumer Confidence rose for the third consecutive month, primarily the result of an improvement in present-day conditions. Consumers' short-term outlook, while moderately more positive, does not suggest any significant pickup in activity in the coming months. Regarding their financial situation, while consumers were less dire about their income prospects than in December, the number of pessimists continues to outnumber the optimists." 

Consumers' assessment of present-day conditions was, on the whole, more positive than last month. Those stating business conditions are "good" increased to 9.0% from 7.5%; however, those stating business conditions are "bad" increased to 46.1% from 45.7%. Consumers' assessment of the labor market improved moderately. Those claiming jobs are "hard to get" declined to 47.4% from 48.1%, while those claiming jobs are "plentiful" increased to 4.3% from 3.1%, according to the Index.  

Consumers' short-term outlook, while overall more positive, was somewhat mixed. The percentage of consumers expecting an improvement in business conditions over the next six months decreased to 20.9% from 21.2%, while those anticipating conditions will worsen increased to 12.7% from 11.8%.

The Consumer Confidence Survey® is based on a representative sample of 5,000 U.S. households. The monthly survey is conducted for The Conference Board by TNS. TNS is the world's largest custom research company. The cutoff date for January's preliminary results was January 19th.
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Single Family Housing No Longer a Drag on the Economy

"After three-and-a-half straight years of reducing GDP growth by an average annual rate of roughly 1%, residential construction is no longer a drag on the economy," the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reported.

But, "nonresidential construction, which held up fairly well through most of the recession, has now fallen for six straight quarters, tumbling at a rate of 18.4% in last year’s third quarter and 15.4% in the fourth," NAHB’s Eye on the Economy reported.

NAHB is not forecasting any quick turnaround for multifamily production. All in all, however, the economy is slowing growing.

For more insights into inventory, home sales and prices, click here for the February 3rd edition of NAHB’s Eye on the Economy (free subscription).
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Federal Scene

USDOL Announced Updated Model Notices on Extension of COBRA Subsidy

The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL)has released three model notice packages that will enable group health plans and employers to provide notice on the availability of the extension of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) continuation coverage premium reductions under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act).

The Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 2010 amended the Recovery Act's COBRA premium reduction provisions extending the eligibility period for two additional months and the duration from nine to 15 months. Eligible individuals pay only 35% of their COBRA premiums, and the remaining 65% is reimbursed to the employer through a tax credit.

The department updated two of its existing models and developed a new model to cover various situations faced by dislocated workers and their families. They are: 

* An updated model general notice that includes updated information on the premium reduction as well as information required in a COBRA election notice.
* A new model premium assistance extension notice that includes information on the extension of the premium assistance from nine to 15 months and on the right to make retroactive, reduced premium payment(s).
* An updated model alternative notice for use by issuers of group health insurance coverage subject to state continuation coverage laws.

The model notice packages are available for download from the DOL Employee Benefits Security Administration’s (EBSA's) dedicated Web page at http://www.dol.gov/cobra/. The Web page also contains updated frequently asked questions, a fact sheet and a poster to help dislocated workers, their families and employers understand the requirements. A notice announcing the model notices appeared in the January 15th edition of the Federal Register.
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President’s FY 2011 Budget Includes ASA Job-Creation Priorities

President Obama’s proposed Fiscal Year 2011 budget includes several measures advocated by the American Subcontractors Association (ASA) as job-creators for the construction industry, ASA reported.

The key job-creating initiatives that ASA is encouraging include:

* Increasing infrastructure investments.
* Increasing incentives for energy-efficient construction and renovations.
* Making permanent the Build America Bonds program.
* Extending for one year increased small-business expensing limits.
* Extending bonus depreciation for equipment purchases by one year.
* Extending the shortened depreciation period for retail and leasehold improvements for an additional year.

The President’s budget also includes a payroll tax credit for hiring new workers, according to ASA. Now that the White House has unveiled its budget proposal, the U.S. Senate is expected to make public the details of a jobs bill. If you wish to support this effort, contact your Member of Congress or contact ASA for more information at 703.684.3450, x1333.
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Safety Matters

OSHA Proposes Record-keeping Change on Musculoskeletal Disorders

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is proposing to revise its Occupational Injury and Illness Recording and Reporting (record-keeping) regulation by restoring a column on the OSHA Form 300 to better identify work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

The rule does not change existing requirements for when and under what circumstances employers must record musculoskeletal disorders on their injury and illness logs.

Many employers are currently required to keep a record of workplace injuries and illnesses, including work-related MSDs, on the OSHA Form 300 (Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses). The proposed rule would require employers to place a check mark in a column for all MSDs they have recorded.

The proposed requirements are identical to those contained in the OSHA record-keeping regulation that was issued in 2001. Prior to 2001, OSHA's injury and illness logs contained a column for repetitive trauma disorders that included noise and MSDs. In 2001, OSHA separated noise and MSDs into two separate columns, but the MSD column was deleted in 2003 before the provision became effective. OSHA is now proposing to restore the MSD column to the OSHA Form 300 log.

"Restoring the MSD column will improve the ability of workers and employers to identify and prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders by providing simple and easily accessible information," said Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Dr. David Michaels. "It will also improve the accuracy and completeness of national work-related injury and illness data."

For more information, click here to review the OSHA proposal, which was published in the January 29th edition of the Federal Register.

Interested parties may submit comments on the proposed rule electronically at regulations.gov, the federal e-rulemaking portal; or by mail or fax. See the proposal for details. Comments must include the agency name and docket number for this rulemaking (Docket Number OSHA-2009-0044). The deadline for submitting comments is March 15. OSHA will hold a public meeting on the proposed rule March 9.
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Chapter News

Competition Opens for “Best Chapter Web Site”

Let the competition begin...AWI chapters are eligible to compete for the distinction of "Best Chapter Web Site." So, add some tweaking or redesigning to your "action list." Three AWI chapters have already announced that their Web sites have been updated.

The AWI Carolinas Chapter, AWI Great Lakes Chapter and the AWI Texas Chapter have unveiled their new sites. Good jobs by each.

For more details about the competition, contact AWI Chapter Development Director Greg Bednar at gbednar@awinet.org.

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Upcoming Chapter Events

What’s happening in your local AWI chapters and architectural woodwork communities?

Check out the informative AWI chapter programs sponsored in your area. Tap into your local AWI chapter for vital information that can help your business grow and put you in touch with fellow AWI architectural woodworkers and suppliers.

AWI New Jersey & Central Pennsylvania Chapters
When: February 25, 2010 (12:00 noon – 3:30 pm)
What: "Strategies for Success in Our Changing Economy"
Presenter: Stephan W. Waltman, VP of Strategic Sales & Marketing, Stiles Machinery
Where: Radisson Hotel Valley Forge, King of Prussia, PA
Information: See attached
Questions: Garry Astles, President, Central PA Chapter; gastles@northwayind.com; John Gehman, President, New Jersey Chapter, jgehman1@verizon.net  

AWI Carolinas Chapter
When: February 26, 2010 (9:00 am)
What: Chapter Membership Meeting & Social Media Presentation
Presenter: Boomer Sassmann, President & Digital Technology Director, Big Boom Design
Where: Inn on Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC
Questions: Kristine Cox, President, Carolinas Chapter, KCcox@awicarolinas.org; and www.awicarolinas.org

AWI Texas Chapter
When: March 1, 2010 (Revised Information - Correction) 
What: Chapter Meeting & LEED® Presentation held in conjunction with the 2010 Executive Briefing Conference
Presenter: John Rodriquez of Khoury
Where: Dallas, TX
Information: Contact Chapter Officers  

AWI Florida Chapter & CSI Night Tradeshow
When: March 3, 2010
What: Tradeshow
Where: Sarasota, FL
Information: Contact Chapter Officers 

AWI Florida Chapter
When: March 4, 2010
What: Plant Tour and Board of Directors Meeting
Where: Orlando, FL
Information: Contact Chapter Officers 

AWI Chicago Chapter
When: March 10, 2010
What: "LEED® & Sustainability"
Presenter: Margaret Fisher
Information: Contact Chapter Officers 

AWI Colorado Chapter
When: March 11, 2010
What: Chapter Meeting, "NHLA Lumber Grading Yield & Selection" and Product Fair
Where: Trustile Door
Information: Contact Chapter Officers 

AWI Central Pennsylvania Chapter – CSI
When: March 17, 2010
What: Central PA Chapter –CSI 35th Annual Exhibitor’s Show Seminar Series
1) Quality Management for Masonry by William D. Friedah, PE, ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC
2) Curtail Wall 1010 by Jeff Turicik, Architectural Sales Representative, YKK AP America
3) Architectural Woodwork Standards and Quality Assurance by Craig Elias, AWI Quality Certification Corporation
Where: Radison Hotel, Camp Hill, PA
Information: See attached
Questions: Garry Aestles, gastles@comcast.net 

AWI Heart of America Chapter
When: March 18, 2010
What: Chapter Meeting hosted by; CCM Countertop & Cabinet Manufacturing
Where: Wichita, KS
Information: Contact Chapter Officers 

AWI New England Chapter
When: March 24, 2010
What: Chapter Meeting and Presentation by Bill Mahens of Archer Corporation; Freeley & Driscoll
Where: Boston, MA
Information: Contact Chapter Officers 

AWI Arizona Chapter
When: April 6, 2010
What: Chapter Meeting
Information: Contact Chapter Officers 

AWI Carolinas Chapter
When: April 13, 2010
What: Involvement in SkillsUSA North Carolina Competition
Where: Greensboro, NC
Information: Contact Chapter Officers 

AWI Heart of America Chapter
When: April 15, 2010
What: Judging of SkillsUSA Competition by Chapter Members
Where: Wichita, KS
Information: Contact Chapter Officers 

AWI Carolinas Chapter
When: April 15, 2010
What: Involvement in SkillsUSA South Carolina Competition
Where: Columbia, SC
Information: Contact Chapter Officers 

AWI Ohio Valley Chapter
When: April 16, 2010
What: Chapter Meeting and "Sales and Marketing" Presentation
Where: Indianapolis, IN
Information: Contact Chapter Officers 

AWI Iowa/Nebraska Chapter
When: April 23, 2010
What: Chapter Meeting
Information: Contact Chapter Officers 

AWI Central Pennsylvania Chapter 
When: May 20, 2010
What "Growing Your Own: Investing in Your Most Valuable Asset," including an update on the Woodwork Career Alliance of North America, National Skill Standards, and WoodLINKS USA.
Presenter: L. Duane Griffiths, Professor, Author, Manager of Educational Services, Stiles Machinery
Where: Wildwood Conference Center, Harrisburg, PA
Information: Program/Registration
Questions: Garry Astles, President, Central PA Chapter; gastles@northwayind.com 

All chapters are encouraged to plan their events early to allow for ample promotion of your activities in this section of AWI e-briefs as well as through other avenues. Also, if your chapter is involved in local and regional SkillsUSA competitions, advise AWI. Contact Greg Bednar, AWI Chapter Development Services at gbednar@awinet.org.
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Next Issue of E-briefs

The next issue of AWI e-briefs will be published March 4, 2010.

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