A bi-monthly news publication for AWI Manufacturing & Supplier Members October 21, 2010

It’s National Forest Products Week – Celebrate Wood!

President Barack Obama has proclaimed October 17 through October 23, 2010, as National Forest Products Week. He is calling on "all Americans to celebrate the varied uses and products of our forested lands, as well as the people who carry on the tradition of careful stewardship of these precious natural resources for generations to come."

For full details about his regard for the importance of forests, click here for access to the White House news release issued on October 15.
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Green Scene

USGBC Wood Credit Ballot Due Week of October 25th

Members of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) should watch for the official ballot to vote on changes to the LEED® rating system’s Certified Wood Credit that has gone through four comment periods in the past two years. Industry sources advise us that the ballot should be e-mailed to the key contact of eligible USGBC member organizations sometime soon, during the week of October 25.

Make sure your USGBC contact doesn’t miss the opportunity to vote. The voice of architectural woodworkers should be heard.

The most recent draft elicited comments from 79 Members of Congress and nearly 6,000 petitioners identified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) calling for recognition of other sustainable forest certification programs. Currently, only the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) program is recognized for the LEED wood credit.
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FTC’s New “Green” Marketing Rules Warn against Sweeping Claims

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is reviewing its Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, also known as the "Green Guides." The proposed revisions to the Guides caution marketers not to make blanket, general claims that a product is "environmentally friendly" or "eco-friendly."

The FTC’s consumer perception study "confirms that such blanket claims are likely to suggest that the product has specific and far-reaching environmental benefits. Very few products, if any, have all the attributes consumers seem to perceive from such claims, making these claims nearly impossible to substantiate," according to the agency.

The Green Guides were first issued in 1992 to help marketers ensure that the claims they are making are true and substantiated. The Guides were revised in 1996 and 1998. The guidance they provide includes: 1) general principles that apply to all environmental marketing claims; 2) how consumers are likely to interpret particular claims and how marketers can substantiate these claims; and 3) how marketers can qualify their claims to avoid deceiving consumers.

Prior to releasing the new proposed revisions to the Guides, the FTC sought public comment on the Guides, hosted three public workshops, and conducted a consumer perception study. The FTC is seeking comments on the proposed revisions to the Guides by December 10, 2010.

The proposed changes to the "Green Guides" include new guidance on marketers’ use of product certifications and seals of approval, "renewable energy" claims, "renewable materials" claims, and "carbon offset" claims.

The agency expects to release a final version in the second half of 2011. For other information, including a summary of the proposed revisions, go to the FTC "green" home page here.
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New Overview Brochure about FSC and Forest Stewardship

The U.S. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has developed a new overview brochure to introduce people to forest certification and FSC.

Click here to access a copy on the FSC Web site. Look at "FSC by the Numbers" which notes statistics such as: 3900 companies certified in the U.S.; 39,000 U.S. families with certified woodlots; and more.
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New National Analysis on Forest Stewardship

Forest stewardship has increased on America’s family forests since the 2008 Farm Bill was established — when for the first time programs to improve forest conservation were included in the legislation.

A new study, Forest Conservation in 2009: A Farm Bill Progress Report, from the American Forest Foundation (AFF) was unveiled on September 30 at a briefing on Capitol Hill featuring national, state, and local forest leaders.

"Most Americans think our forests are owned by state and federal governments. But the greatest segment are actually owned by families and individuals," said Tom Martin, President and CEO of the American Forest Foundation (AFF).

Among the report’s findings:

  • Farm Bill programs helped 36,000 landowners conserve more than 1,019,000 acres of forest land just in 2009. 
  • The Forest Stewardship Program helped nearly 16,000 forest owners develop management plans that promote good stewardship and cover more than 2 million acres.

A copy of the report and more highlights from the study are available at www.forestfoundation.org.

About the American Forest Foundation
The American Forest Foundation (AFF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) conservation and education organization that strives to ensure the sustainability of America’s family forests for present and future generations.
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Five B.C. Local Governments Named “Exemplary Advocates for Wood”

WoodWORKS presented five Community Leader Awards to local governments for "specification of wood in a community project and through visionary initiatives that work toward building a community culture of wood."

WoodWORKS is a national industry-led initiative of the Canadian Wood Council. Find out more about the projects and the award winning districts or cities by clicking here for access to the Journal of Commerce of Western Canada, October 4th edition (subscription required).
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AWI News

AWI Manufacturing Member Study – We Have a Winner!

AWI is pleased to announce the winner of the participant drawing thanking all respondents to the 2010 AWI Membership Survey. Who is it?

John DeRosier, Director of Sales & Marketing of Wood Systems, Inc. is the lucky participant selected in a random drawing. The prize is a $300 American Express gift card. Congratulations John!

Thanks to all members who participated in the study. The survey ended September 21, 2010 and results are still being tabulated for review by the AWI Board of Directors. The study was conducted for AWI by Venture Allies, LLC.
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Watch for Annual Dues Declaration Request from AWI

Invoices for 2011 AWI membership dues will be going out on December 1 and they will reflect the gross annual sales of AWI Manufacturing Members. Make sure you confirm your 2010 sales to AWI.

On November 1, watch for an e-mail from AWI and make sure you respond as quickly as possible, and BEFORE December 1, to assure that your 2011 AWI membership renewal invoice is correct. Like clockwork, AWI membership renewal invoices will go out on December 1, 2010 reflecting the gross sales information that AWI has on file.
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What Are They Talking about Now?

What are the hotel topics among AWI members connecting on the AWI LinkedIn network? What are members saying about industry issues?

Click into the forums anytime to find out what’s important among architectural woodworkers. Click into the AWI LinkedIn home page here. See what your peers are saying.

Right now, more members are actively discussing the following issue than any other topic: 

 "Should Architects specify construction details in custom cabinetry or rather let the experts make those decisions?"

Get LinkedIn and receive notices of new discussions. Join in, Learn, Share, Connect! If you’re not yet registered with LinkedIn, do it when you check out the article. It’s free and it’s a useful networking tool among AWI members.
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AWI Welcomes More New Members

Membership keeps on growing. AWI welcomed another nine new members to the architectural woodwork community. Who are they?

Able Architectural Woodworks, Phoenix, AZ, www.commercialcabinetsphoenix.com
All Custom Cabinets & Furniture, Phoenix, AZ
Asmar Custom Cabinets, Inc., Dallas, TX, www.asmarcabinets.com
Creative Associates, Inc., Springfield, MO, www.creativeassociatesinc.com
JAH Woodworking, LLC, Blomingdale, OH
JC Huffman Cabinetry, Fairfield, IA, www.jchuffman.com
Morgan Keller Construction, Inc., Frederick, MD, www.morgankeller.com
Wood Concepts, Inc., Cleveland, OH , www.woodconceptsinc.com

Interlam, Inc., Claudville, VA, www.interlam-design.com

Use the online Directory of AWI Manufacturing and Supplier Members at www.awinet.org for contact information and access to the Web sites of these and other AWI members. The resource is open 24/7 for use in seeking manufacturers and suppliers of architectural woodwork.
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Industry News

The Employment Situation: Getting Somewhat Better

Employment edged down (-95,000) in September, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 9.6%, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported on October 8. Private-sector payroll employment continued an upward modest trend (+64,000), while construction employment edged down a bit.

Employment in construction declined (-21,000) over the month, partly offsetting an employment gain in August. Both the August and September changes were concentrated among nonresidential specialty trade contractors. Construction employment has shown little net change since February.
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August 2010 Construction Spending at $811.8 Billion Annual Rate

The U.S. Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce announced on October 6 that construction spending during August 2010 was estimated at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $811.8 billion, 0.4% above the revised July estimate of $808.6 billion. The August figure is 10.0% below the August 2009 estimate of $901.8 billion.

During the first eight months of this year, construction spending amounted to $539.4 billion, 11.2% below the $607.5 billion for the same period in 2009, the bureau reported.

Spending on private construction was at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $498.2 billion, 0.9% below the revised July estimate of $502.6 billion. Residential construction was at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $238.5 billion in August, 0.3% below the revised July estimate of $239.1 billion. Nonresidential construction was at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $259.7 billion in August, 1.4% below the revised July estimate of $263.5 billion.

In August, the estimated seasonally adjusted annual rate of public construction spending was $313.6 billion, 2.5% above the revised July estimate of $306.0 billion. Educational construction was at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $74.0 billion, 0.8% below the revised July estimate of $74.6 billion.
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Skill Standards Being Released for 65 Tools and Machines – Almost Done!

The 50+ Skill Standards’ authors and editors have almost completed their work. The Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA) has specific machine and skill needs that it is still working on. What are they?

"We are so close, it would be a shame not to use the collected wisdom of our industry to cross the finish line," WCA Secretary Greg Heuer said.

What are the Skill Standards you'd expect from your employees for...?

  • Multiple-spindle Horizontal Boring machine
  • Dowel Bore and Insert machine
  • Random Orbital Sander
  • Duplicating Lathe
  • Back Knife Lathe
  • Roll Coater Finishing machine
  • Curtain Coating Finishing machine
  • Robotic Sprayer Finishing machine

If you know even a little about any of these machines, please drop Greg Heuer a line at gregh@woodworkcareer.org to say you can help for one hour.

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3D Digital Measurement Expert Needed

AWI member firms that use 3D digital measuring systems can help write the industry standards. Little time and some talent needed. Can you help the Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA)?

The Skill Standards Board needs one or two 3D digital pros to volunteer to help author and edit the actual skills expected and required of a worker doing 3D digital measuring.

No meetings or travel are required. The total time commitment will be less than three hours. The project ends on November 19, 2010. Contact Greg Heuer via e-mail at gregh@woodworkcareer.org to learn more.
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About QCP

AWI Quality Certification Corporation Announces Availability of Q-certified Doors

The AWI Quality Certification Corporation (QCC) has announced the implementation of Q-certification for doors.

Under this new certification initiative, doors will be evaluated according to the Architectural Woodwork Standards for Faces and Finishing and the Wood Door Manufacturer’s Association (WDMA) Standards for Performance. This is the QCC’s first-ever product-certification initiative, in which the doors themselves are certified, rather than the project.

The need for a single, national standard for the fabrication, finishing and installation of doors was identified by members of the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI), who were previously required to meet both the AWI and WDMA standards separately, often resulting in additional time, expense and confusion due to conflicting specifications.

"This joint initiative between the AWI QCC and WDMA is truly ideal for door manufacturers and distributors," said QCC Executive Vice President Craig Elias. "It streamlines the fabrication process for door manufacturers and it allows the door distributors to meet the quality assurance requirements. The customer thus receives a quality product that has undergone the most rigorous testing and inspection processes for architectural doors in the nation. Distributors and customers should not risk using an alternative product."

Under the new initiative, Q-certified doors will be provided by Q-qualified manufacturers. To qualify, Q-representatives will verify that:

1.  The certified products have been tested per WDMA test methods and fulfill the performance duty requirements.

2.  Systems are in place to ensure the fabrication methods used produce certified products: 

  • The manufacturing processes utilized conform to the documented systems presented.
  • The appropriate systems are in place to select the specified veneers per the required AWS Quality Grades. 

Q-certified doors fulfill the AWI Quality Certification Program (QCP) label requirements.

Another benefit of Q-product certification for doors is the availability of dispute resolution services. By utilizing Q-standardized RFQ and order forms, dispute resolution, when required, is simple, effective and quick.

About the Q
Established in 1995, the Q verifies compliance with the Standards and the project specifications, giving design professionals an increased level of quality assurance in custom interior architectural woodwork. The AWI QCC, an independent 501(c)(6) corporation, administers the Q. It is endorsed by the General Services Administration (GSA) and the American Subcontractors Association (ASA.) Visit them at www.awiqcp.org.

About DHI
Established in 1975, DHI is the only professional association dedicated to the Architectural Openings Industry. With the purpose of advancing life safety and security within the built environment, DHI represents the North American openings marketplace as the advocate and primary resource for information, professional development and certification. With the focus on our members, DHI strives to be the indispensable resource for industry trends, best business practices and advanced education. DHI remains a powerful advocate for creating a favorable code environment in the life safety and security industry.  Visit them at www.dhi.org.
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QCP Shop Drawing Requirements for Woodworkers

The AWI Quality Certification Corporation (AWI QCC) has released some helpful hints designed to assist woodworkers in meeting the Quality Certification Program (QCP) shop drawing requirement set forth by the Architectural Woodwork Standards.

For Certified Projects Requiring an Inspection:

1.  Send shop drawings, including documentation of any deviations from the standards or specifications, to your Q-representative for review prior to the inspection. 

2.  Deviations from the standards and specifications must be individually approved by the design professional (or the owner’s representative) in writing, prior to fabrication (or inspection by a Q-representative where applicable). General acceptance of shop drawings does not qualify as acceptance of individual deviations.

Deviations may be acknowledged in the form of a clouded detail on a shop drawing with space for initials or signature by the design professional to approve that particular detail.

3.  Place the project certification label on the shop drawings to confirm that the project will comply with the AWI Quality Certification Program requirements. This label is made available to Q-accredited woodworkers upon payment for project labels and/or certificates of compliance.

Additional questions regarding shop drawing requirements or other QCP policies may be directed to celias@awiqcp.org.
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Business Tools

AWI Award of Excellence Winners Leverage for Business

Need a reason to stay in touch with your past and present customers? Tell them you earned an AWI "Award of Excellence" (AOE). How do you start the easy application process? Featured this week – Hillcraft, Ltd. of Madison, WI.

Visit the AWI Web site for information about submissions. They are now being accepted for the winter 2010 program. The deadline is December 1st.

Use an AOE award to market your excellence and gain a competitive edge during these challenging times when others are seeking entry into your markets. All Manufacturing Members are eligible to participate. Gain exposure among the outstanding projects of AWI Manufacturing Members who are featured in Design Solutions Magazine, AWI’s official quarterly journal.

Visit awinet.org for submission forms. The next deadline for submissions for the AOE honors program is December 1, 2010. Benefits to AOE honorees include exposure in the online issue of Design Solutions Magazine which is open for business 24/7, plus distribution to more than 25,000 industry professionals.

Pictured is one of the award-winning AWI Manufacturing Member projects featured in a recent AWI "Award of Excellence" quarterly competition. The $120.5 million Microbial Sciences Building at the University of Wisconsin-Madison features millwork manufactured by Hillcraft, Ltd. of Madison. Shown here are Beech bookcases in a reading area. The firm provided countertops and shelves in 74 rooms, cabinets and countertops in the 19 faculty kitchens, a zinc-clad reception desk in the lobby, wall paneling, display cases, curved wall panels and more throughout the 330,000 square-foot facility. Other views of this project can be seen in the summer issue of Design Solutions.

Photo Credit: Keith Rosenau, Madison, WI 

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Nominations Sought for Southeast Wood Design Awards Use of Your Products

If you have a building project or know of a practitioner deserving of a WoodWorks Wood Design Award, nominations are being sought for awards in the Southeast region.

WoodWorks is asking its partners and allies to get involved by nominating projects or passing the information along to design and building professionals.  Eight wood design awards will be presented to architects and engineers who demonstrate innovation and excellence in the design of wood buildings. To be eligible, designers, firms and/or projects must be based in North Carolina, South Carolina or Georgia. 

Click here for full details, including eligibility criteria, the nomination process, and the project categories, including many of interest to architectural woodworkers: Institutional, Commercial, and Multi-Family Wood Design, Interior Beauty of Wood, Green Building, and Traditional Use of Wood. Visit the award page for contact information, should you have questions.

Deadline: Nominations will be accepted from November 2, 2010 through January 7, 2011.  The awards will be presented at the Raleigh Wood Solutions Fair on February 15, 2011.

WoodWorks is an initiative of the Wood Products Council, which is a cooperative venture of all the major wood associations in North America, as well as research organizations and government agencies.
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What Are 10 Steps to Adopting LEAN Building?

Implementing the principles of LEAN in home building can cut waste and save money. Find out what they are and if they are applicable universally?

See the October 18th edition of Professional Builder (free subscription) for the article by Scott Sedam dated October 10, 2010.
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Safety Matters

National Safety Video Competition Announced by SkillsUSA

SkillsUSA is partnering with CareerSafe for a National Safety Video Competition. The organization is challenging teens across the country to create a video demonstrating safety in the workplace. Is there a role for AWI chapters who work with local SkillsUSA chapters and vocational and high schools?

Check it out. Perhaps you can help woodworking instructors with applications, projects, etc. Check out the contest rules, and more details by clicking here. For registration and other information, visit: www.careersafeonline.com/index.k2?did=551601 

Three prizes will be offered ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 scholarships for winning students/groups and from $2,000 to $5,000 cash prize to the student’s/group’s school.

The deadline for all entries is March 1, 2011 at 5:00 pm CST.
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Upcoming CNA School of Risk Control Webinars

Check out the ongoing series of risk control Webinars in November and December hosted by AWI’s safety insurance partner, CNA.

NOVEMBER TECHNOLOGY FOCUS TECHNOLOGY                                     

Theft and Security Risks
Date: November 9, 10:00 am EST
Presenter: Stephen Douglas, CNA

Managing Technology Risks—Liability, Errors & Omissions and Privacy
Date: November 16, 10:00 am EST
Presenter: Stephen Douglas, CNA


Wind Energy: From Europe to the United States
Date: December 7, 10:00 am EST
Presenters: Hector Raymond, Marcus Robson, CNA

Hydropower: Hundreds of Years of Energy
Date: December 10, 10:00 am EST
Presenter: Greg Luce, CNA

Solar Power: Photo Voltaic Energy
Date: December 14, 10:00 am EST
Presenter: Stephen Douglas, CNA 

To register for a CNA School of Risk Control Excellence Webinar, visit www.cna.com/riskcontrol.
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AWS Errata Web Site – Check for Latest Changes

The AWI Technical Committee reminds members about Errata published – and changing continually – for the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS). See the latest changes.

AWI members are reminded that the Errata List is a living document and should be checked frequently for changes in the AWS. Don’t be caught using outdated information on your next project that specifies the AWS.

Many changes have been made since October 1, 2009 following publication of the First Edition of the AWS in August 2009. The Errata Web site is the ultimate source of information which is posted as AWS data changes.

Visit http://www.aws-errata.com/ for errors and corrections to the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) jointly produced and published by the three developers: AWI, the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC) and the Woodwork Institute (WI).

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Companion Books to Architectural Woodwork Standards

As use of the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) becomes more widespread, superceding the Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated, AWI members need ready reference resources to simplify fabrication and installation of architectural woodwork according to the Standards.

Make sure you have a copy of the two companion books to the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) developed by the Joint Standards Committee.

The companion books are available at the reduced AWI member rate in the AWI Store online at www.awinet.org. Click on the "AWI Store" and login using your AWI member access codes to purchase copies at the discounted member prices.

  • AWS Installation Handbook, Edition 1 (2009)
    An installation companion to the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS).
    Price: $5.00
  • AWI Cabinet Fabrication Handbook, Edition 1 (2009)
    A cabinet fabrication companion to the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWI).
    Price $5.00

The price of each publication for non-members is $40, available only through the AWI storefront at www.Amazon.com.

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    Federal Scene

    IRS Releases Draft W-2 Form for 2011; Announces Relief for Employers 

    On October 12, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a draft Form W-2 for 2011, which employers use to report wages and employee tax withholding. "The amounts reportable are not taxable," the agency said.

    Also, in 2011, employers will get a break about reporting requirements for employer-sponsored group health plans. The IRS announced that it will defer the new requirement for employers to report the cost of coverage under an employer-sponsored group health plan, making that reporting by employers optional in 2011.

    The draft Form W-2 includes the codes that employers may use to report the cost of coverage under an employer-sponsored group health plan.  The Treasury Department and the IRS have determined that this relief is necessary to provide employers the time they need to make changes to their payroll systems or procedures in preparation for compliance with the new reporting requirement.

    The IRS will be publishing guidance on the new requirement later this year.

    Although reporting the cost of coverage will be optional with respect to 2011, the IRS continues to stress that the amounts reportable are not taxable. Included in the Affordable Care Act passed by Congress in March, "the new reporting requirement is intended to be informational only, and to provide employees with greater transparency into overall health care costs," IRS stated.
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    Expanded Form 1099 Reporting Requirements Would “Greatly Increase” Paperwork Burden

    On September 29, the American Subcontractors Association (ASA) filed comments warning the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that expanded Form 1099 reporting requirements would "greatly increase the paperwork burden for businesses of all sizes."

    The expanded 1099 reporting requirements, enacted in March as part of the America's Affordable Health Choices Act (H.R. 3200), will require all firms to prepare and file 1099 forms for each vendor to which they pay more than $600 during a calendar year, beginning with payments made in 2012.

    In its comments, ASA shared the results of a membership survey that showed, "60 percent of respondents expect to file more than 200 1099 forms under the expanded reporting requirements." With firms having to file more forms, this would "strain the administrative operations of most firms, and increase costs for additional paid time to existing staff, hiring and paying a new employee, and/or outsourcing the task," ASA said.

    ASA recommended that the IRS, which is responsible for implementing the new requirements, ease the burden on businesses by:

    • Providing exemptions for payments made using credit or debit cards, which will be separately reported by the credit card companies and banks. 
    • Providing precise definitions, unambiguous explanations and sufficient examples that clearly describe businesses’ data collection and reporting responsibilities.
    • Providing exemptions for payments between affiliated corporations.
    • Extending the deadline for submitting 1099 forms to vendors until March 15 each year. Upgrading and providing additional guidance on how to use the Filing Information Returns Electronically system, which firms are required to use if they file more than 250 1099 forms per year.
    • Maintaining and providing access to a directory of Taxpayer Identification Numbers for users of the FIRE system.
    • Providing specific and clear guidance on the backup withholding process.

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    Chapter News

    Upcoming Chapter Events

    What’s happening in your local AWI chapters and architectural woodwork communities?

    Check out the informative AWI chapter programs sponsored in your area. Tap into your local AWI chapter for vital information that can help your business grow and put you in touch with fellow AWI architectural woodworkers and suppliers.

    AWI Chicago Chapter
    When: November 10, 2010
    What Chapter Meeting
    Information: Contact Chapter Officers   

    AWI Heart of America Chapter
    When: November 18, 2010 (12:00 noon – 2:00 pm)
    What: Chapter Meeting
    Host: Woodwork Manufacturing & Supply, Hutchinson, KS
    Information: Contact Chapter Officers   

    AWI Ohio Valley Chapter
    When: December 3, 2010
    What: Chapter Meeting & Program
    Presentation: "LEED / FSC / CARB – Where Do We Stand as of Now?"
    Information: Contact Chapter Officers   

    AWI Arizona Chapter
    When: December 7, 2010
    What: Chapter Meeting 
    Information: Contact Chapter Officers   

    AWI Georgia Chapter
    When: December 7, 2010
    What: Board of Directors Meeting
    Where: InsiDesign 
    Information: Contact Chapter Officers   

    AWI Texas Chapter
       December 9 (Happy Hour & Dinner at Aldacos Sunset Station Restaurant)
       December 10, 2010 (Program)
    Presentation: "Introducing the New Architectural Woodwork Standards to Your Clients"
    Information: Contact Chapter Officers   

    All chapters are encouraged to plan their events early to allow for ample promotion of your activities in this section of AWI e-briefs as well as through other avenues. Contact Greg Bednar, AWI Chapter Development Services at gbednar@awinet.org. 

    Members are encouraged to check chapter event listings in the most recent issue of AWI e-briefs, as well as with chapter officers and chapter Web sites for program changes. As plans become finalized, dates and presentations may change for chapter programs previously listed. This issue of AWI e-briefs contains the most current information available to AWI National.

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    Next Issue of AWI E-briefs

    The next issue of AWI e-briefs will be published November 4, 2010.

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    Founded in 1953, AWI is a nonprofit organization representing over 3,500 manufacturers, suppliers, and design professionals in the architectural woodwork industry.

    AWI Mission:
    The authoritative resource for excellence in architectural woodwork.

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