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July 21, 2011

Lessons Learned from the 2011 CODBS Report: Next Steps, Take Action

Did you know? The 2011 Cost of Doing Business Survey and Compensation Study found high profit firms are 11.25% more profitable that average profit firms. How do they do it?

Find out on the AWI e-Learning site. The drivers for the higher Gross Margin for the high-profit companies are lower raw material costs, direct labor, and direct overhead factors affected by pricing effectiveness and production efficiency. To view the "Income Statement Comparison" click here. Visit AWI eLearning to learn more about what high profit firms are doing differently than average profit firms.

All AWI Manufacturing Members may view the entire 2011 Cost of Doing Business webinar on the AWI e-Learning site. The webinar was initially a complimentary benefit to all those who participated in the 2011 CODB Survey. The insightful session was developed and presented by Sebastien DesMarais, Business Development for Hollywood Woodwork, Inc., Hollywood, FL, and Marc Sanderson, President and Owner of Wilkie Sanderson, Sauk Rapids, MN. The presenters’ thorough review of the CODBS Report and their business management expertise is now available to all AWI Manufacturing Members. Find out what lessons were learned from the big changes that occurred in 2011 CODBS compared with the 2010 CODBS. Then, as the presenters advise in their webinar, take action to improve your bottom line.

AWI members may enter the AWI e-Learning site through the "Members Only" portal on the AWI Web site.

Here’s what you need to do to access the webinar.

 1. Go to www.awinet.org.

2. Login FIRST with your AWI member access codes.

3. Once you are in the "Members Only" section, scroll down on the left menu column and click on "Educational Offerings" to find the "eLearning" tab. Click on that tab.

4. You will come to a home page of the AWI eLearning site. Click on "e-learning Portal" at the bottom of that page.

5. If you have not previously established an account, you must register the first time, creating a new account and password of your choice. It is a one-time effort. Registration is free and available exclusively to AWI members.

6. If you haven’t visited the site previously, we recommend that you take the tutorials at the top of the inside home page.

7. To locate the CODBS webinar, click on the "Woodwork Professional" portal. It will open a page with various grouped offerings under sections.

8. Click on the words "Business Management" and scroll down to the bottom and click on "Cost of Doing Business Webinar Archives." Click on the title "7 July CODB Webinar" to start the program.

9. Allow your computer to Download the necessary software – Java Web and Elluminate Live! – to unleash the full capabilities of the eLearning system.

10. Follow the prompts to hear the webinar and view the charts and graphs referenced throughout the presentation.

For first-time users, it takes a bit of time to get set up, but it is a one-time effort. Thereafter, you can enter easily and quickly to find what you need. If you have difficulties registering or accessing the site, please contact AWI Chief Learning Officer Greg Heuer at gheuer@awinet.org for assistance.

AWI e-Learning: Always On

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Business Tools

Now Available – FREE ConsensusDOCS 200 Document Index

To assist the design and construction industry, ConsensusDOCS has released an Index to the ConsensusDOCS 200 – Agreement and General Conditions Between Owner and Contractor.

You can view the free Index by clicking here. The Index will help you find the location of common terms throughout the document. The Index includes references to articles, sections, subsections and page numbers.

ConsensusDOCS contracts are the only contracts written by 34 leading design and construction industry organizations. Offering a catalog of 90+ contract documents addressing all methods of project delivery, ConsensusDOCS incorporate fair risk allocation and best practices to represent the project’s best interests. Coalition members represent designers, owners, contractors, subcontractors and sureties (DOCS).

AWI members receive a 20% discount on all ConsensusDOCS purchases. Please use Partner Code "AWI" and Promotion Code "100" when prompted during the purchase process.

Questions about ConcensusDOCS may be directed to info@consensusdocs.org and 866-925-DOCS (3627).

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In Compliance with All Business License Requirements?

Here’s a resource about all kinds of licenses, permits and tax registrations required of businesses.

Click here for an online resource.
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Instant Purchase Capability to Provide & Control Employee Spending

If your employees need to make purchases for your business and you want to avoid some of the hassles of credit and charge cards, explore this resource.

It’s called a PEXcard™. It functions as a prepaid card that allows you to distribute funds to employees with built-in cost controls. Click here to explore.
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Be a Winner! Quality Sells Woodwork

Need a reason to stay in touch with your past and present customers? Tell them you earned an AWI "Award of Excellence" (AOE). See the project of one of the AOE winners – Millerblaker Woodworking – featured in the spring edition of Design Solutions.

Shown here is one of the rooms of the Daniel Island Country Club featuring a rustic elegance reflected in the millwork fabricated and installed by Low Country Case and Millwork, Inc. of Ladson, SC. The firm’s work includes The Grille dining room, men’s lounge and locker room, the lobby, game room and restrooms. Pecky Cypress and clear Cypress were used to create a semi-rustic look.Other views of the architectural woodwork throughout this project can be seen in the spring 2011 issue of Design Solutions.
Photo Credit: Pamela Brooks, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Visit the AWI Web site for information and submission forms for the upcoming (fall 2011) AWI "Award of Excellence" (AOE) program. The deadline is August 1, 2011.

Use an AOE award to market your excellence and gain a competitive edge during these challenging times when others are seeking entry into your markets. All Manufacturing Members are eligible to participate. Gain exposure among the outstanding projects of AWI Manufacturing Members who are featured in Design Solutions Magazine, AWI’s official quarterly journal.

Benefits to AOE honorees include exposure in the online issue of Design Solutions Magazine which is open for business 24/7, plus distribution to more than 25,000 industry professionals. Design Solutions showcases, quality, professionalism and creativity among architectural woodworkers.
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What Are They Talking about This Week?

Check out the hot topics this week among AWI members connecting on the AWI LinkedIn network.  Conversations have shifted to new topics.

What are AWI members talking about?

  • Sales Promotion Methods
  • Horizontal Matching of Veneer Grain
  • Employment Opportunities
  • FSC Requirements for Wood Edgebanding

Click into the forums anytime to find out what’s important among architectural woodworkers. The AWI LinkedIn home page is here. See what your peers are saying. If you’re not yet registered with LinkedIn, do it when you check out the current discussions. It’s free and it’s a useful networking tool among AWI members and now over 1100 participants strong.
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AWI Learning Forum

Outlook for Manufacturing: The Race for Revitalization

Will manufacturing continue to lead the growth and prosperity of our nation? What policies will allow U.S. manufacturers to be competitive in the global marketplace?

AWI convention speaker J. Cliff Johnson, Vice President of Membership Marketing at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), will dig into the microeconomic issues that are important for revitalizing manufacturing in the United States. He recently enumerated for AWI e-briefs three key factors needed to drive changes.

1. We must make the United States the best country in the world for manufacturers to locate their headquarters and to attract direct foreign investment.

2. We want to be the best place in the world to innovate.

3. We want the United States to be a great place to manufacture.

"If we enact the right policy reforms, we could create up to 11 million jobs. At this point, 12 million Americans are employed directly in manufacturing in the United States, and that represents about 9% of our total workforce,"  Mr. Johnson said. 

"There are some positive developments on the horizon," Mr. Johnson said. "Some manufacturing is returning to the United States because of quality control issues and rising transportation costs" The United States still retains the largest manufacturing base in the world. We produce 21% of all manufactured products in the world. By comparison, China produces 15% and Japan ranks third with 12%. Will we remain in first place? Will manufacturers speak out and drive public policy changes? Do policymakers have the will to legislate new business-oriented policies?

Find out what he has to say about the key factors that will drive change in the August edition of AWI NewsBriefs coming to your mailbox in mid-August. And, plan to attend Mr.Johnson’s thought-provoking presentation on October 27 during the AWI 59th Annual Convention in Charlotte, NC.

About the Speaker:
Cliff Johnson is Vice President for Membership Marketing at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). In this capacity, he is responsible for driving the NAM’s growth in the small and medium-sized manufacturing segment, which comprises more than 65 percent of NAM membership. Prior to joining the NAM, Mr. Johnson was a research director at the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), a membership-based best practices research consultancy. Mr. Johnson holds an M.B.A. from The McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and a B.A. in law and society from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Learn More...                                                        

"Outlook for Manufacturing: The Race for Revitalization"
October 27, 2011
10:45 am – 11:45 am
J. Cliff Johnson, III, Vice President, National Association of Manufacturers

America’s prosperity and strength are built on a foundation of manufacturing.  As this country emerges from a challenging recession, some are asking if manufacturing will continue to lead the growth and prosperity of our nation.  The answer is a resounding yes, but only if we make the right decisions as a nation and embrace the policies that allow us to be competitive in the global marketplace. How will the architectural woodwork industry adapt to the race for success? Are you prepared to innovate to meet the future?

Register by September 2 and Save! www.awinet.org.


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Upcoming Online AWI “Talk” Forums

Hosts of AWI’s "Talk" forums will answer your questions about the AWI Quality Certification Program, the Architectural Woodwork Standards, and sustainability issues. Space is limited.

Register today!  The sessions are growing in popularity.

"QCP Talk"
July 27, 2011
2:00 pm EDT, Online
Presenters:  Ashley Goodin and Wayne Hintz
Unfortunately, our scheduled host, Joe Sorrelli will be unable to join us due to an unforeseen conflict. However, we welcome co-hosts Wayne Hintz, QCP Inspections Manager, and Ashley Goodin, QCP Compliance Auditor. Both have extensive experience with the QCP and will share their expertise in answering your certification questions.

Total number of seats: 45
Cost: Free to AWI members
Registration: Click here

"AWS Talk"
August 24, 2011
2:00 pm EDT, Online
Presenter: Randy Jensen
Total number of seats: 45
Cost: Free to AWI members
Registration: Click here

"Green Talk"
September 21, 2011
2:00 pm EDT, Online
Host: Rob Ziegelmeier
Total number of seats: 45
Cost: Free to AWI members
Registration: Click here
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AWI News

Last Chance to Nominate an Honorary Life Member

AWI is currently inviting nominations for the high distinction of Honorary Life Member. Do you know someone who should be recognized?  July 31st is the deadline for nominations. 

Honorary Life Members are individuals who have contributed exemplary service to the association, its’ members, and AWI’s Mission as deemed by his/her peers.

Any current or retired owner or employee of an AWI Manufacturing or Supplier Member in good standing is entitled to nominate an individual for the distinction of Honorary Life Member. Nominations will be made and presented to the AWI Board of Directors. A majority vote by a quorum of the AWI Board of Directors is required for election to the position of Honorary Life Member.

Nominees must meet the following qualifications:

  • A current or retired AWI member in good standing.
  • 25 years of membership in AWI.
  • 15 years of voluntary service to AWI.
  • All Past Presidents 10 years removed from office are automatically nominated.
  • An individual who may not have met above qualifications but has demonstrated superior leadership and championed the Mission of AWI.
  • All Rinehimer Award recipients are automatically elevated to the distinction of Honorary Life Member.

An Honorary Life Member of AWI shall receive the following:

  • Gratis Lifetime Individual Membership entitling recipient to all regular Manufacturing Membership mailings, meeting announcements, electronic communications and other benefits as might be determined by the AWI Board of Directors.
  • Recognition in the roll of AWI members.
  • Continuous Honorary Life Membership until death.
  • Entitlement to attend AWI events where attendance fees are charged at a reduced rate. (Discount equal to 50% or maximum $200.00 attendance fee for Honorary Life Member. This same discount can be used to bring a spouse/guest.)
  • The Honorary Life Members will be awarded at the AWI Annual Convention.

The deadline for nominations is July 31, 2011. Click here to complete a nomination form.

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New AWI Members

Who are the 18 new members that joined AWI in recent months?

A.A.E. Manufacturing Company, Inc., Rio Hondo, TX, www.aaemanufacturing.com 
Casework, ETC., Wilmington, NC
Clark's Lumber & Millwork, Inc., Ruther Glen, VA, www.clm-inc.com
Crestwood, Inc., Salina, KS
Eastern Millwork, Inc. Jersey City, NJ, www.eastern-millwork.com
Fairfax Woodworking, Inc., Lorton, VA, www.fairfaxwoodworking.com
F. DeFrank & Son Custom Cabinets, Inc., Smock, PA
K & G Artisan Builders, Inc., DBA Historic Restorations, Lancaster, PA, www.historicrestorations.com
KS Wood Products, Inc., Springfield, MO, www.kswoodproducts.com
Lamtech, Inc., Florence, AL, www.lamtechinc.com 
NR Wood Design, Brooklyn, NY, www.nrwooddesign.com
Peragine Millwork, Patchogue, NY, www.peraginemillwork.com
Pin Manufacturer, Irving, TX, www.pin.com 
Quality Millwork Installing, Terrell, TX
Saudi Lebanese Architectural Woodwork, Riyadh, K.S., Saudi Arabia
Trademark Surfaces, Indianapolis, IN, www.trademarksurfaces.com 
Viacon, Inc., Stockbridge, GA, www.viaconinc.com 

Bath/Kitchen & Tile Supply Company, Wilmington, DE, www.bathkitchenandtile.com

Use the online Directory of AWI Manufacturing and Supplier Members at www.awinet.org for contact information and access to the Web sites of these and other AWI members. The resource is open 24/7 for use in seeking manufacturers and suppliers of architectural woodwork.
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Green Scene

27 Motions Passed at FSC General Assembly

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) reported that among the 27 motions passed by its membership during the group’s Sixth General Assembly, one seeks to enhance the integrity of FSC’s Controlled Wood system. 

FSC called attention to Motion 51 relating to the Controlled Wood system which was unanimously accepted. See the FSC General Assembly Web site for an overview of actions taken. The FSC Motions Web site contains details about all of the motions passed.
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Salem North High School Gives Troubled Youth Hope at Workbench

In June, The AWI Oregon Chapter learned from shop teacher Dean Mattson about his 400 students in four grades who do not fit the usual profile of a classmate. Seventeen percent of the students live in cars.

"They are troubled young people trying to succeed," said AWI Chief Learning Officer Greg Heuer who was present at the chapter meeting to talk about "connecting and networking." He recently relayed a gripping story that "completely overshadowed" his presentation, he said.

Teacher Dean Mattson spoke about a young man crying as he assembled a beautiful walnut side table on display at the meeting. Mr. Mattson asked the student what was wrong. "Mr. Mattson," he answered through his tears, "nothing good has ever come from my hands before this." "The work of the students is beautiful," Mr. Heuer said.

Mr. Mattson conducts the class like an employer managing a business. He lays out the ground rules at the beginning of the year and those who do not follow them, including showing respect and control of language in class, get "fired." With word spreading that he means business, classroom comportment has improved. The shop teacher shared many success stories, heartwarming stories of kids with no hope of a successful future finding a skill and realizing accomplishments. The teacher has carved the names of his top performers into a Walnut plaque which he posted on the classroom wall.

"Oregon Chapter member Carol Grant volunteered to purchase a Skill Standards manual for the school," Mr. Heuer reported. The teacher is eager to use it to help write curriculum for next year, according to Mr. Heuer.

Here’s a school that needs help. The newly formed AWI Oregon Chapter is going to work to help the teacher realize his dream of scholarships for outstanding performers. It’s a worthy goal; one that we hope comes true to change the lives of those students.
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About QCP

The QCP Threshold for Reasonable Compliance Provides for Factors Beyond Woodworker Control

No matter how carefully a project is planned and managed, sometimes "real world" factors or plain old jobsite chaos can intervene to dictate the end result, even after a woodworker has done everything possible to assert control.

Where that project is required to be inspected and certified, QCP Policies recognize that occasionally circumstantial factors cannot be ignored when determining compliance. This was the case for two large university projects: The University of Wisconsin Institute for Discovery and the Texas A&M New Music Building.

Click here to read the rest of the article, published in the spring edition of the AWI QCC Quality Times online newsletter.
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Chapter News

Upcoming Chapter Events

What’s happening in your local AWI chapters and architectural woodwork communities?

Check out the informative AWI chapter programs sponsored in your area. Tap into your local AWI chapter for vital information that can help your business grow and put you in touch with fellow AWI architectural woodworkers and suppliers. To reach any of the chapter officers for more information, visit the AWI Web site chapter page here.

AWI Heart of America Chapter
When: July 21, 2011
What: Chapter Meeting
Host: Technique Manufacturing, Inc. 

AWI New England Chapter
When: July 25, 2011 (7:30 am start)
What: Annual Golf Outing|
Where: Blackstone National Golf Club, Sutton, MA
Information: Click here.
Questions: Kevin Barlow – (p) 978-462-7193, kevin@keiver-willard.com
; Tye Waller – (p) 617-858-1615, tyewaller@msn.com

AWI Ohio Valley Chapter
When: July 29, 2011 (8:00 am start)
What Annual Golf Outing
Where: Legendary Run Golf Course, Cincinnati, OH
Registration & Contact Details: See attached
Golf Game Form: See attached   

AWI New England Chapter
When: August 12, 2011
What: Chapter Meeting & Annual Fishing Outing 
Where: Plum Island, Newberryport
Information: Click here
Questions: Kevin Barlow; (p) 978-462-7193, kevin@keiver-willard.com 

AWI Wisconsin Chapter
When: August 16, 2011
What: Board of Directors Meeting & Program
Where: Milwaukee, WI 

AWI Oregon Chapter
When: August 17-19, 2011 (Change)
What: August 17 - National AWI Board Hosted Reception
Where: Hilton Downtown Portland
What: August 18 - National AWI Board meeting
Where: Hilton Downtown Portland
What: August 19 - Tour of Christen Shipyard
Guests: AWI National Board of Directors members
Where: Vancouver, WA
Information: Sean McConeghy, sean@mcconeghy.com

AWI Oregon Chapter
When: August 18, 2011 (7:30 am start)
What: First Annual Golf Classic
Where: Stone Creek Golf Club, Oregon City, OR
Presenter: Stiles Machinery
Beneficiaries: Woodwork Career Alliance, North Salem High Woodshop Program, WoodLINKS USA
Registration & Information: See attached  

AWI Arizona Chapter
When: August 29, 2011
What: Annual Golf Outing
Where: White Mountain Country Club
Information: Carlos Castillo, castillomc@hotmail.com

AWI Central PA Chapter
When: September 1, 2011 (1:00 – 3:00 pm)
What: Lunch, Presentation, Tabletop Exhibit
Program: "Business Relationships in an Electronic Age" Program
Presenter: Herb Meldahl, Meldahl Consulting Services
Where: C. Ted Lick Wildwood Conference Center, Harrisburg, PA
Information/Registration: See attached
Contact: Garry Astles, gastles@northwayind.com; (p) 717-503-6295 

AWI Virginia & Carolinas Chapters
When: September 14, 2011
What: Joint Chapter Meeting & "Finishing 101" program
Where: High Point, NC
Host: Stiles Machinery
Hotel Accommodations: Contact Joni Oligmueller at joligmueller@stilesmachinery.com
Table Top Displays: contact Owen McGee at mcgee@stilesmachinery.com by September 8

AWI Wisconsin Chapter
When: September 14, 2011
What: Annual Golf Outing & Chapter Meeting
Where: The Bog-Saukville, Madison, WI

AWI Heart of America Chapter
When: September 16, 2011
What: Golf Outing & Chapter Meeting
Host: Salina Planing Mill

AWI Iowa / Nebraska Chapter
When: September 16, 2011
What Chapter Meeting
Where: DMAC
Sponsor: Hafele America / Shawn Svoboda

AWI Arizona Chapter
When: October 4, 2011 (5:00 – 8:30 pm)
What: Chapter Meeting

AWI Florida Chapter
When: October 7-9, 2011
What: Chapter Meeting and Changeover Program of Officers and Board of Directors Meeting
Where: South Seas Island Resort, Captiva Island, FL

AWI Wisconsin Chapter
When: October 18, 2011
What: Chapter Board of Directors Meeting
Where: Milwaukee, WI

AWI Oregon Chapter
When: October 19, 2011 (12:00 noon)
What: Chapter Meeting

AWI Central PA Chapter
When: November 3, 2011
What: "LEED® & FSC Certification" Programs (1:00 – 3:00 pm); Lunch (12:30 – 1:30 pm); Tabletop Exhibits
Speakers: Garry A. Astles, Northway Industries; Keith Atherholt, Lewis Lumber Products
Where: C. Ted Lick Wildwood Conference Center, Harrisburg, PA
Registration: $35 (Chapter / AWI Members); $70 (Nonmembers); $10 (Students)
Information: See Attached

AWI Virginia Chapter
When: November 9, 2011
What: Chapter Meeting & Plant Tour in Ashland
Host: Rex Lumber
Where: Richmond, VA

AWI Heart of America
When: November 17, 2011
What: Chapter Meeting
Host: Woodwork Manufacturing & Supply

AWI Iowa / Nebraska
When: November 18, 2011
What: Chapter Meeting
Where: DMAC
Sponsor: Blum/Kevin Voit

AWI Arizona Chapter
When: December 6, 2011 (5:00 – 8:30 pm)
What: Chapter Meeting

AWI Oregon Chapter
When: December 9, 2011 (5:00 pm)
What: End of the Year Meeting / Celebration

AWI Virginia Chapter
When: January 19, 2012 (12:30 – lunch; 1:00 - 3:00 pm – program)
What / Presenters:
1) "LEED® for New Construction," Speaker – Garry A. Astles, Northway Industries, Inc.; 2) "FSC Certification and Carbon Footprint of Forest Products," Speaker – Keith Atherhold, Lewis Lumber Products, Inc.
Registration Fees: $35 pp, Chapter / AWI Members; $70 pp, Non AWI Members; Tabletop Exhibits - $200
Questions: Garry A. Astles, gastles@northwayind.com

All chapters are encouraged to plan their events early to allow for ample promotion of your activities in this section of AWI e-briefs as well as through other avenues. Contact Greg Bednar, AWI Chapter Development Services at gbednar@awinet.org.

Members are encouraged to check chapter event listings in the most recent issue of AWI e-briefs, as well as with chapter officers and chapter Web sites for program changes. As plans become finalized, dates and presentations may change for chapter programs previously listed. This issue of AWI e-briefs contains the most current information available to AWI National.
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Next Issue of E-briefs

The next issue of AWI e-briefs will be published August 4, 2011.

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