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August 18, 2011

Innovative Companies Lead the Pack: A Look at Eastern Millwork

Innovators are cut from a different cloth. How has a heavily automated, high tech company excelled in the tactile architectural woodwork industry?

Andrew Campbell, President of Eastern Millwork, Inc. in Jersey City, NJ, is a keen observer and analyst of process. Years ago while on a Stiles Machinery technology tour, he learned about European practices in the wood industry and the revelations fueled his interest in providing a precisely manufactured high quality product while downsizing the labor footprint in a unionized plant. The result was the marriage of technology and craft.

When Mr. Campbell founded Eastern Millwork in 1992, he couldn’t fight the labor situation except by reducing the number of employees needed. He also sought to gain maximum capacity out of the machinery. This led to controlling information and machinery by focusing on automating the company’s processes.

"This blending reduced human error; removed the repetitive (dumb labor) aspect of manufacturing; and reduced the personnel footprint," Mr. Campbell said. Fourteen years ago, he looked for people who not only knew technology but also millwork. In Europe, he found a solution. The company’s first two engineers came from Germany, where after completing a cabinet apprenticeship they completed an engineering course of study receiving a degree specific to millwork engineering.

Design Technology

"A big part of our company’s story is that we design our projects in 3-D scripts," Mr. Campbell said. The complexity of jobs requires robotics to survey the site conditions and script writing to develop the drawings and information needed to machine the parts. All of this is assembled in a 3-D model to facilitate dynamic communication and vet the production process virtually.

"For example, a seven story wood sculpture project in a building atrium presented a unique challenge. The base design called for an elliptically shaped hourglass metal frame spanning the seven stories have a solid wood louver set level every six inches. Our solution was to design an all wood structure, panelize it and set it in floor to floor sections. We used a laser to measure space and shoot finite points for the software program and scripts to connect modeled information parametrically to the machining process. Fabricating the sculpture entirely out of wood saved the client over $1 million," Mr. Campbell noted.

Automated Processes

Eastern Millwork incorporates a heavy level of automation into its operations. The company’s tech staff worked for years developing AutoCAD® 3-D capabilities. "Our team employed skills in script writing and mathematics to create a drawing that translates specifications to machinery. This reduces time and allows us to quickly move from drawing to process," Mr. Campbell said.

They also developed a program for bar coding of materials and tracking time from fabrication to installation, all the way through the status of the completed work. "Our goal was to improve the production processes, considering the high costs of real estate and labor in a union shop. Using technology to reduce labor per part also led us to reduce the factory footprint. We tightened the processes to keep machines running at full capacity," Mr. Campbell said. The system of stacking and racking materials is done using robotics. A robot goes back and forth to build bunks of materials feeding the machine in the correct order (i.e., backwards). The robot can also distinguish between veneers vs. unfinished core. (When the factory moves to expand machine capability, the robot will be programmed to put leftover materials back into inventory.)

An employee inputs the size and weight of the material and the machine measures and records dimensions of the materials. When panels are cut, they are labeled manually. When the project is assembled it has a product label, which includes all parts of the product, and is stacked and prepared for shipment on pallets. The products on the pallets are shrink-wrapped, thereby leaving the factory clean, reducing the handling labor, and producing a smaller footprint on the jobsite, according to Mr. Campbell.


What about long-term personnel needs? The company has partnered with Stevens University to help them understand the engineering skills of students and promote the architectural woodwork industry as a career path.

"What enables your company to remain so competitive with less costly labor and products from China?" AWI e-briefs asked. "Proximity to market plays a big role," Mr. Campbell said quickly. "Our products are competitive globally because of shipping prices and reduction of ‘hands on’ costs to a minimum. We can produce a lot more product with less."

Mr. Campbell said his company is expanding. "We can deliver value through automation and technology," he said. He expects to build a new factory in about a year, and will employ some features seen in a Volkswagen plant in Germany and in a Ferrari plant in Italy.

"It’s about rethinking what you do. And, we didn’t do it a vacuum. Our first consultant was Ebhard Reyer, President of Lignum Consulting (www.lignum-consulting.net). Another consultant, David Grubb of David C. Grub Associates (dcg@grubbassoc.com), is an AWI member who worked on processes. We videotaped our operations and then watched them and refined them to reduce waste and needless steps. It can be a revelation," Mr. Campbell said.

To learn more about the evolution of Eastern Millwork, plan to attend the "Innovation Forum: Companies That Lead the Pack," session during the 59th AWI Annual Convention, October 26-28, 2011.

About the Speaker
Andrew Campbell is President of Eastern Millwork, Inc., which he founded in 1992. He began his career in the millwork industry in1988 as a carpenter. The company employs aautomation, technology and lean manufacturing principles. Europe has forged a path in the development of machinery and methods for the production of high quality architectural woodwork. Recognizing this Eastern Millwork has recruited European trained personnel to implement manufacturing and technology advances and has forged global partnerships. The firm produces woodwork for office space, hotels, theatres and performing arts centers. The company has been an AWI Manufacturing Member since May 2011. Visit them at www.easterncompanies.com

Learn More...                                                        

"Innovation Forum: Companies That Lead the Pack"
October 28, 2011
2:00 – 3:30 pm

Moderator: Steve Waltman, Stiles Machinery

Forum Participants:

   Andrew Campbell, President, Eastern Millwork, Inc.
   Robert Pirrotti, President, Hollywood Woodwork, Inc.
   Greg Porfido, Chief Operating Officer, Mark Richey Woodworking 

These companies finished strong in the race for success. How have economic conditions and new business realities driven them to innovate during challenging times? What incremental or radical choices did they make? Was it sustainability, BIM, automation, and/or technological investments, diversification, or more? Find out more about their strategic decisions.

Register by September 2 and Save! www.awinet.org

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AWI Learning Forum

Experience the Race with AWI Members

Thrill to the excitement of working with your team members and professional drivers at the AWI 59th Annual Convention in Charlotte, NC. "Drive to Success!" October 26-28, 2011.

Here's a link, describing one of the special fun filled events that kicks off the convention. Participate in a Richard Petty Driving Experience team-building race event. 

Photo courtesy of Richard Petty Driving Experience
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What’s Going on in the AWI e-Learning Web Site?

What will you find inside? Click on subject areas that interest you ... like a "members only" CODBS webinar or take a "Fundamentals of Estimating" course online.

AWI members may enter the AWI e-Learning site through the "Members Only" portal on the AWI Web site.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Go to www.awinet.org.

2. Login FIRST with your AWI member access codes.   

3. Once you are in the "Members Only" section, scroll down on the left menu column and click on "Educational Offerings" to find the "eLearning" tab. Click on that tab.                                                                     

4. You will come to a home page of the AWI eLearning site. Click on "e-learning Portal" at the bottom of that page.

5. If you have not previously established an account, you must register the first time, creating a new account and password of your choice. It is a one-time effort. Registration is free and available exclusively to AWI members.

6. If you haven’t visited the site previously, we recommend that you take the tutorials at the top of the inside home page.

For first-time users, it takes a bit of time to get set up, but it is a one-time effort. Thereafter, you can enter easily and quickly to find what you need. If you have difficulties registering or accessing the site, please contact AWI Chief Learning Officer Greg Heuer at gheuer@awinet.org for assistance.


AWI e-Learning: Always On

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Upcoming Online AWI “Talk” Forums

Hosts of AWI’s "Talk" forums will answer your questions about the Architectural Woodwork Standards,  sustainability issues, and the Quality Certification Program. Space is limited.

Register today!  The sessions are growing in popularity.

"AWS Talk"
August 24, 2011
2:00 pm EDT, Online
Presenter: Randy Jensen
Total number of seats: 45
Cost: Free to AWI members
Registration: Click here

"Green Talk"
September 21, 2011
2:00 pm EDT, Online
NEW Hosts: Kevin Mortensen, Chris Stapleton and Rob Ziegelmeier
Total number of seats: 45
Cost: Free to AWI members
Registration: Click here.

"QCP Talk"
October 19, 2011
2:00 pm EST, Online
Speaker: Joe Sorrelli
Cost: Free to AWI Members
Registration: Click here 
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AWI News

AWI Announces Annual Membership Meeting Details

AWI President Robert Stout is pleased to announce the AWI annual membership meeting will be conducted on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 8:30 am and will be held at the Westin Charlotte Hotel, 601 South College Street Charlotte, NC 28202.

AWI Bylaws state, "ARTICLE X, CONVENTIONS AND MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS, Sec. 2...Written notice of the time and place of each membership meeting shall be sent by the Executive Vice President to each member not less than 20 (twenty) or more than 60 (sixty) days prior to the business meeting. In the case of a special meeting, the notice shall include the purpose(s) for which the meeting is called."
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Business Tools

Attend the AWI Speakers Bureau Training!

As a speaker, you have 30 seconds to win your audience.  Your introduction could be the most important part of your presentation. 

Our morning interactive workshop will take you through the process of creating an introduction that will capture your audience, making the information you share memorable. In the first afternoon session, you will be introduced to the new Design Pro presentations and receive tips and suggestions for giving powerful presentations. Finally, we will discuss the power of humor and look at techniques for incorporating humor effectively into your presentation.

WHEN: September 14 -15, 2011

  • September 14th - 7:00 pm Dinner
  • September 15th - 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, includes Continental Breakfast & Lunch

The Port Hotel (www.theporthotel.com/
101 E. Main Street
Port Washington, WI 53074
Phone:  262-284-9473

COST: No fee for AWI National or Chapter member.

INFORMATION: Contact Teresa McCain at 571-323-3622, tmccain@awinet.org for more information on the training.

REGISTRATION: To register, e-mail Lucy Wesson at lwesson@awinet.org by September 2


AWI Wisconsin Chapter Golf Tournament, September 14th
The Bog - Saukville, WI (3121 County Hwy I, Saukville, WI 53080)
$125 per player includes Golf, Cart, Lunch, Beverage and a Team Skins Game (Cash payout). Door prizes, fun and fellowship! Contact Sarah Williamson with questions on the golf tournament: williamson@back2design.com
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Lessons Learned from the 2011 CODB Survey

Did you know that the most recent Cost of Doing Business Survey confirmed what all of you knew? It was a tough year! In fact, average sales decreased from $6.2M in 2009 to $5.4M in 2010, a 13% drop.

Average Operating Income also decreased, from 0.98% in 2009 to 0.37% in 2010. However, High Profit companies (as defined by the top quartile of CODB participants) averaged an Operating Income of 13.54% in 2009 and 10.88% in 2010.

Find out how they did it by participating in the CODB Survey next year.

You can also learn more on the AWI e-Learning site. The drivers for the higher Gross Margin for the high-profit companies are lower raw material costs, direct labor, and direct overhead factors affected by pricing effectiveness and production efficiency. Visit AWI eLearning to learn more about what high profit firms are doing differently than average profit firms. 

1. Go to www.awinet.org.

2. Login FIRST with your AWI member access codes.

3. Once you are in the "Members Only" section, scroll down on the left menu column and click on "Educational Offerings" to find the "eLearning" tab. Click on that tab.

4. You will come to a home page of the AWI eLearning site. Click on "e-learning Portal" at the bottom of that page.

5. If you have not previously established an account, you must register the first time, creating a new account and password of your choice. It is a one-time effort. Registration is free and available exclusively to AWI members.

6. If you haven’t visited the site previously, we recommend that you take the tutorials at the top of the inside home page.

7. To locate the CODBS webinar, click on the "Woodwork Professional" portal. It will open a page with various grouped offerings under sections.

8. Click on the words "Business Management" and scroll down to the bottom and click on "Cost of Doing Business Webinar Archives." Click on the title "7 July CODB Webinar" to start the program.

9. Allow your computer to Download the necessary software – Java Web and Elluminate Live! – to unleash the full capabilities of the eLearning system.

10. Follow the prompts to hear the webinar and view the charts and graphs referenced throughout the presentation.

For first-time users, it takes a bit of time to get set up, but it is a one-time effort. Thereafter, you can enter easily and quickly to find what you need. If you have difficulties registering or accessing the site, please contact AWI Chief Learning Officer Greg Heuer at gheuer@awinet.org for assistance.

AWI e-Learning: Always On

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Small Businesses Still Growing but Continued Economic Uncertainty Tempers Plans

Although small business owners are slowly proceeding with growth plans in 2011, 40% are now delaying their expectations of an economic rebound to the first quarter of 2012 or later, according to the most recent Business Confidence Survey released by Insperity, Inc. (NYSE:NSP).

Here are highlights of the survey by Insperity, Inc., a leading provider of human resources and business performance solutions to America’s best businesses.

  • 70 % are meeting or exceeding 2011 performance plans
  • 52 % expect a year-over-year sales increase in 2011
  • 32 % plan to add new employees this year
  • 40% delay economic rebound expectations to 2012 or later 

Only 12% expressed a belief that an economic recovery is currently under way versus 23% in May. In summary, over 82% of respondents either delayed their expectations of an economic recovery to 2012 or later, or are unsure. Business owner sentiment returned to a wait-and-see tone similar to the November 2010 Insperity survey compared with last quarter’s somewhat optimistic note.

InsperityTM also announced compensation metrics from its base of more than 5,700 small and medium-sized businesses. Compared with the 2010 second quarter data, average compensation is up 4.2%, bonuses are down 3.9%, and average commissions received by worksite employees reflected a drop of 2.8% versus an increase of 5.4% as reported in May 2011. Overtime pay is still low, running 8.5% of regular pay, under the 10% level that generally indicates a need for additional employees, but up slightly from 8.0% in the first quarter of 2011.

In the survey conducted July 12-14, when asked how they are managing the number of company employees, 32% said they are adding new positions, down from 37% previously; 62% are maintaining current staffing levels, up from 57%; and 6% are laying off employees, unchanged from the prior quarter.

The economy was again listed as the leading short-term concern by 79% of business owners, up from 68% in May; followed by 47% specifying rising health care costs, versus 46% previously; 46% citing government health care reform and 39% listing controlling operating costs. For the longer-term, the top responses were led by 74% saying they were either very concerned or had elevated concerns about the federal deficit and the total national debt; 70% designated the economy, up from 61% in May; 63% cited government expansion and its effect on business; and 61% listed potential tax increases, according to Insperity.

When asked about their pipelines for new business for the balance of 2011, 52% of survey respondents said that they expect a sales increase, versus 53% in May but only 38% last fall; 32% predicted it will stay the same; 11% anticipated decreasing sales; and 5% were unsure.

In addition, 70% of owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses said that they are either meeting or exceeding their 2011 performance plans, down from 76% in the last survey; while the remaining 30% reported that they are doing worse than expected, higher than the 24% reported in May.

The survey also said that 63% of participants expected to maintain employee compensation at current levels throughout 2011, versus 54% last quarter; 24% planned increases, down from 31% in the last survey and even down from the 26% last fall; 4% expected decreases; and 10% were unsure.

Concerning their current profit-generating activities, 70% of respondents named both increased service to clients and selling new accounts as the leading strategies. This was followed by 49% who said they were adding new services or products, 32% who listed negotiating with vendors and 27% named investing in new improvements, Insperity reported.

Insperity, a trusted advisor to America’s best businesses for more than 25 years, provides an array of human resources and business solutions designed to help improve business performance. Insperity Business Performance Advisors offer the most comprehensive Workforce OptimizationTM solution in the marketplace that delivers administrative relief, better benefits, reduced liabilities and a systematic way to improve productivity.  Additional offerings include MidMarket SolutionsTM, Performance Management, Expense Management, Time and Attendance, Organizational Planning, Recruiting Services, Employment Screening, Retirement Services, Business Insurance and Technology Services. Insperity business performance solutions support more than 100,000 businesses with over 2 million employees.  With 2010 revenues in excess of $1.7 billion, Insperity operates in 56 offices throughout the United States.  For more information, visit www.insperity.com.

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Gain Honors, Get Recognition, Gain Customers

Looking for business exposure and opportunities to promote wood as a beautiful, sustainable component of building projects?

Showcase your projects in Design Solutions Magazine and win recognition as an Aware of Excellence honoree. Here is an example of a spring AOE winner – Richard E. Stephenson II Construction Management.

Shown here is the entry of the Ave Maria University Oratory in Naples, FL, featuring ornate, richly stained White Oak fabricated by Richard E. Stephenson II Construction Management. The firm used rift cut White Oak to complete the confessionals, Stations of the Cross, frieze assemblies, narthex wall and stairways. The firm was also responsible for the custom bronze entry doors. The Oak was stained with a five-step dye Italian urethane finish. Other views of the architectural woodwork throughout this project can be seen in the spring 2011 issue of Design Solutions.
Photo Credit: New York Focus, LLC, Miami Beach, FL: Creative Sources Photography, Inc., Grand Island, NY

Visit the AWI Web site for information and submission forms for the upcoming (winter 2011) AWI "Award of Excellence" (AOE) program. The deadline is December 1, 2011.

Use an AOE award to market your excellence and gain a competitive edge during these challenging times when others are seeking entry into your markets. All Manufacturing Members are eligible to participate. Gain exposure among the outstanding projects of AWI Manufacturing Members who are featured in Design Solutions Magazine, AWI’s official quarterly journal.

The Cornerstone article in the summer edition of Design Solutions explains why you should publish your projects in the magazine.

Benefits to AOE honorees include exposure in the online issue of Design Solutions Magazine which is open for business 24/7, plus distribution to more than 25,000 industry professionals. Design Solutions showcases, quality, professionalism and creativity among architectural woodworkers.
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What Are They Talking about This Week?

Check out the hot topics this week among AWI members connecting on the AWI LinkedIn network.  Conversations have shifted to new topics.

What are AWI members talking about?

  • Horizontal Matching of Veneer Grain
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Gluing Stainless Sheets to Wood

Click into the forums anytime to find out what’s important among architectural woodworkers. The AWI LinkedIn home page is here. See what your peers are saying. If you’re not yet registered with LinkedIn, do it when you check out the current discussions. It’s free and it’s a useful networking tool among AWI members and now over 1100 participants strong.
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Adopt-A-Shop SPOT

By Stephen W. Waltman, Chairman, AWI Supplier Committee

I’m pleased to announce a new feature in AWI NewsBriefs and AWI e-Briefs. AWI is an association that is dedicated to improving the educational opportunities of our members and of future woodworkers.

One of our very successful programs has been the assistance of schools that promote the science and craft of woodworking. Whether we label that activity as Adopt-A-Shop or not is irrelevant. What’s important is that the experiences of those teachers and students are enhanced through these relationships with an AWI member(s).

In this forum I intend to feature a school program that is successfully beating the odds with the help of AWI. In each article I’ll highlight the benefits of partnering with AWI members and promote our success as we embrace our Adopt-A-Shop ideals. Feel free to send me information at swaltman@stilesmachinery.com about any of your stories.

About the Presenter
Stephen W. Waltman is also a member of the AWI Board of Directors. Mr. Waltman is Vice President – Sales & Marketing of Stiles Machinery Inc.
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About QCP

The Q Helps Provide the Best Millwork in Years at Byron Public Library

By Kara Thorp, AWI Quality Certification Corporation Communications Specialist

The Byron Public Library in Byron, IL, is yet another example of how the Q helped provide top-notch millwork and adherence to specifications.

The project included premium-grade Red Oak window casing, baseboard, column surrounds, wall rails, and borrowed lites. Also featured was an angled, stain grade circulation desk, along with a book return, children's desk, and cubbies. Plastic laminate work included cabinets, countertops and lockers. Overall, the project garnered sincere satisfaction from the architect. 

To read more, go here. For the latest information about the Quality Certification Program, visit www.awiqcp.org.
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Green Scene

Does LEED® Discourage / Diminish Use of Wood?

Rebuttal by Kevin Mortensen, AWI Sustainability Resources Committee

In the July edition of AWI NewsBriefs, Rob Ziegelmeier responded to an interesting question regarding wood’s role in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED green building rating system. Like Rob, I was asked the same question – "Does the LEED building rating system inherently or unintentionally (or intentionally) discourage/diminish the use of wood in construction?" My response, however, was somewhat different.

The question is itself slanted towards the assumption that LEED does discourage wood’s role in a sustainable building project; it’s asking whether it’s purposeful or not. I think that before we can approach an answer, we first need to take a step back and examine "Why LEED?" and "Why FSC?".

See the attached for my full statement in rebuttal.

About the Author
Kevin Mortensen is the Sustainability Officer with Montbleau & Associates, Inc., San Diego, CA, a professional team of approximately 120 craftsmen, project managers and engineers established by Ron Montbleau in 1979. The company manufactures architectural woodwork, corporate furniture and casework for large hospitality and commercial projects. Mr. Mortensen manages FSC-COC certification for multiple enterprises. He can be reached atamountainbiker@gmail.com. Montbleau & Associates has been an AWI Manufacturing Member since 2008.
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Second Public Comment Period for Update of LEED® Green Building Rating System

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has announced that the comment period for the proposed 2012 update to LEED will close on September 14, 2011.

The organization reported that the first public comment period elicited "just under 6,000 constructive comments and recommendations." Feedback from project teams that have been pilot testing draft credits in the LEED pilot credit library have been integrated as well, according to USGBC.

For a summary of some of the changes reflected in the rating system, click here for the news release. You’ll also find a list of webinars for USGBC members for 2012.
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FSC Offers Summary of Key Outcomes from 2011 General Assembly

The 26 motions passed at the 2011 Forest Stewardship Council General Assembly (GA), June 25 – July 1, 2011, are likely to have profound impacts on the FSC program worldwide and in the U.S., according to the organization.

To view the full report of outcomes and key decisions, click here.
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Safety Matters

New Comprehensive OSHA Web Page on Preventing Work-related Hearing Loss

Check out the information for businesses and workers.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) launched a new Safety and Health Topics page on Occupational Noise Exposure to provide resources to prevent noise-related hearing loss, which has been listed as one of the most prevalent occupational health concerns in the United States for more than 25 years.

Approximately 30 million people in the United States are occupationally exposed to hazardous noise and thousands of workers every year suffer from preventable hearing loss due to high workplace noise levels, the agency said. The new Web page provides information on the health effects of hazardous noise exposure and comprehensive information on controls to prevent hearing loss.
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Chapter News

Upcoming Chapter Events

What’s happening in your local AWI chapters and architectural woodwork communities?

Check out the informative AWI chapter programs sponsored in your area. Tap into your local AWI chapter for vital information that can help your business grow and put you in touch with fellow AWI architectural woodworkers and suppliers. To reach any of the chapter officers for more information, visit the AWI Web site chapter page here.

AWI Great Lakes 
When: August 25-27, 2011
What: Gold Outing, catamaran ride, plant tours, education forum, winery tour
Where: Park Place Hotel, Traverse City, MI
Sponsorships: Available, contact Tyle Cerny, (p) 231-929-2140; Debra Behring, (p) 586-468-4765
Guest: Steve Waltman, Stiles Machinery, AWI National Board of Directors
Information: www.awigreatlakes.org 

AWI Arizona Chapter
When: August 29, 2011
What: Annual Golf Outing
Where: White Mountain Country Club
Information: Carlos Castillo, castillomc@hotmail.com 

AWI Central PA Chapter 
When: September 1, 2011 (1:00 – 3:00 pm)
What: Lunch, Presentation, Tabletop Exhibit
Program: "Business Relationships in an Electronic Age" Program
Presenter: Herb Meldahl, Meldahl Consulting Services
Where: C. Ted Lick Wildwood Conference Center, Harrisburg, PA
Information/Registration: See attached
Contact: Garry Astles, gastles@northwayind.com, (p) 717-503-6295

AWI Virginia & Carolinas Chapters
When: September 14, 2011
What: Joint Chapter Meeting & "Finishing 101" program
Where: High Point, NC
Host: Stiles Machinery
Hotel Accommodations: contact Joni Oligmueller at joligmueller@stilesmachinery.com 
Table Top Displays: contact Owen McGee at mcgee@stilesmachinery.com by September 8 

AWI Wisconsin Chapter
When: September 14, 2011 (Correct Date)
What: Annual Golf Outing & Chapter Meeting
Where: The Bog-Saukville, Madison, WI
Information: Click here

AWI Heart of America Chapter 
When: September 16, 2011
What: Golf Outing & Meeting
Host: Salina Planing Mill 

AWI Iowa / Nebraska Chapter
When: September 16, 2011
What Chapter Meeting
Where: DMAC
Sponsor: Hafele America / Shawn Svoboda 

AWI Oregon Chapter
When: September 20, 2011
What: Chapter Meeting & Plant Tour
Questions: Jack M. Ragan, III, jackmragan@yahoo.com (new e-mail address)

AWI Minnesota Chapter
When: September 22, 2011
What: Sporting Clays Shooting Event
Where: Horse & Hunt Club
Special Presentation/Guest: Steve Waltman, Stiles Machinery & AWI Board of Directors member

AWI Colorado Chapter
When: September 22, 2011 (7:30 – 9:30 am)
What: AGC Quarterly Breakfast & Program, "QCP & a Project’s Bottom Line"
Speaker: Ashley Goodin, QCP Compliance Auditor
Where: Green Gables Country Club
Information: Click here
Questions: Angela Sauffer, (p) 303-946-3342

AWI New Jersey Chapter
When: September 23-24, 2011
What: "Intermediate Project Management" Seminar
Speakers: Scott Nelson, AWI Past President and Jeff Stück, AWI Seminar Presenter
Where: American Millwork & Cabinetry, Emmaus, PA
Cost: $250
Information: John Gehman, 908-996-7866; jgehman1@verizon.netAWI New England
When: September 28, 2011
What: Fall Program – Fairfield County Millwork Plant Tour; LEED® Seminar
Presenters: Bruce Chapin, Atlantic Plywood; Briana Capra, FSC; Rob Ziegelmeier, AWI Sustainability Resources Representative
Information: Tye Waller at tyewaller@msn.com 

AWI Arizona Chapter
When: October 4, 2011 (5:00 – 8:30 pm)
What: Chapter Meeting

AWI Florida Chapter
When: October 7-9, 2011
What: Chapter Meeting and Changeover Program of Officers and Board of Directors Meeting
Where: South Seas Island Resort, Captiva Island, FL 

AWI Wisconsin Chapter
When: October 18, 2011
What: Chapter Board of Directors Meeting
Where: Milwaukee, WI 

AWI Oregon Chapter
When: October 19, 2011 (12:00 noon)
What: Chapter Meeting
Questions: Jack M. Ragan, III, jackmragan@yahoo.com (new e-mail address) 

AWI Central PA Chapter
When: November 3, 2011
What: "LEED® & FSC Certification" Programs (1:00 – 3:00 pm); Lunch (12:30 – 1:30 pm); Tabletop Exhibits
Speakers: Garry A. Astles, Northway Industries; Keith Atherholt, Lewis Lumber Products
Where: C. Ted Lick Wildwood Conference Center, Harrisburg, PA
Registration: $35 (Chapter / AWI Members); $70 (Nonmembers); $10 (Students)
Information: See Attached

AWI Virginia Chapter
When: November 9, 2011
What: Chapter Meeting & Plant Tour in Ashland
Host: Rex Lumber
Where: Richmond, VA 

AWI Heart of America
When: November 17, 2011
What: Chapter Meeting
Host: Woodwork Manufacturing & Supply 

AWI Iowa / Nebraska
When: November 18, 2011
What: Chapter Meeting
Where: DMAC
Sponsor: Blum/Kevin Voit 

AWI Arizona Chapter
When: December 6, 2011 (5:00 – 8:30 pm)
What: Chapter Meeting 

AWI Oregon Chapter
When: December 9, 2011 (5:00 pm)
What: End of the Year Meeting / Celebration
Questions: Jack M. Ragan, III, jackmragan@yahoo.com (new e-mail address)

AWI Virginia Chapter
When: January 19, 2012 (12:30 – lunch; 1:00 - 3:00 pm – program)
What & Presenters: "LEED® for New Construction," Speaker – Garry A. Astles, Northway Industries, Inc.; "FSC Certification and Carbon Footprint of Forest Products," Speaker – Keith Atherhold, Lewis Lumber Products, Inc.
Registration & Details: See attached
Fees: $35 pp, Chapter / AWI Members; $70 pp, Non AWI Members; Tabletop Exhibits - $200
Information: Garry A. Astles, gastles@northwayind.com

All chapters are encouraged to plan their events early to allow for ample promotion of your activities in this section of AWI e-briefs as well as through other avenues. Contact Greg Bednar, AWI Chapter Development Services at gbednar@awinet.org.

Members are encouraged to check chapter event listings in the most recent issue of AWI e-briefs, as well as with chapter officers and chapter Web sites for program changes. As plans become finalized, dates and presentations may change for chapter programs previously listed. This issue of AWI e-briefs contains the most current information available to AWI National.

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Next Issue of E-briefs

The next issue of AWI e-briefs will be published September 1, 2011.

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