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January 24, 2013
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AWI News

AWI Refocuses Online Publications, Adjusts Deliveries

Beginning February 1, AWI will roll out a new schedule for its online publications.  Mark your calendars for Thursdays – the first, second and third Thursdays of each month.

  1. The new schedule will necessitate some revision of the content of AWI e-briefs, along with a once-a-month delivery instead of twice monthly.  E-briefs’ tracking statistics gave the editors insight into readers’ preferred subject matter that will guide us in bringing you news you most want to read.  E-briefs will incorporate changes that enhance the quick readability of the articles while enabling readers to dig deeper for more details.

  2. Finally, we introduce a new monthly ePublication that builds on the AWI BeneFacts introduced a few years ago will feature more insights about the value of a different AWI membership service, publication, product or program each month. It will also highlight recommendations from members about how various AWI offerings can be used to benefit their businesses.  The goal is to help AWI members better understand how AWI services can help boost their bottom line. The expanded AWIBenefits eBlast will be delivered on the third Thursday of the month. 

  3. Next are AWI Education eBlasts, which will be delivered monthly, as in the past, but on the second Thursday of the month.  These eBlasts will alert you to the wealth of AWI education opportunities that include webinars offered on the national level as well as Education Outreach programs hosted by AWI chapters on the local level.

Delivery Schedule

    AWI e-briefs (monthly), 1st Thursday of the month

    AWI Education eBlasts (monthly), 2nd Thursday of the month

    AWI Benefits eBlasts (monthly), 3rd Thursday of the month

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Business Tools

Ten Tenets to Live by for Business Success … from Robert Stevenson

AWI 2012 Convention Speaker Robert Stevenson shares words of wisdom about business and success on Twitter.  Here are 10 more Success Tweets.

  1. Integrity is a quality that a person gives to him/herself, so guard it, protect it, value it, respect it and associate with those who have it.
  2. Be known as the one they can count on to be early, prepared and excited to be there, and you will have everyone wanting you on their team.
  3. A positively charged, enjoyable work environment produces superior profits. If you want to fire-up your profits, then fire-up your people.
  4. If a person will lie, cheat, deceive, or belittle others for their own personal gain, the question is not will they do it to’s when.
  5. Hang out with respectful, diligent, flexible, positive, caring, consistent, passionate, trustworthy, inspirational, and focused people.
  6. People perform better when they feel better about themselves. If you want to reap more profits, then sow more compliments.
  7. Complain, find fault, and whine or take the initiative and look for solutions, develop actions, and seek opportunities ... Success is a choice.
  8. There isn’t enough time in your life to learn it all yourself, so read about exceptional people at least 30 minutes per day.
  9. Today, little, annoying and frustrating issues occurred - then I saw a man struggling to get out of his car into his wheelchair. Enough said.
  10. Getting things done fast is great, just as long as they are done right. Remember the 5 P’s – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Robert Stevenson spoke about “Manufacturing at the Speed of Change” at the 2012 AWI Annual Convention. He is the author of the best-selling books: How to Soar Like an Eagle in a World Full of Turkeys and 52 Essential Habits for Success.  Mr. Stevenson is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and a former All-American athlete. He started his first business at 24 and has owned several companies.  Mr. Stevenson has international sales experience dealing in over 20 countries and his client list reads like a Who's Who in Business.  You can follow him on Twitter at Mr. Stevenson’s books are available for sale at Amazon or on his Web site at

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ConsensusDocs Releases a New Agreement for Design Professionals for Subcontracts

ConsensusDocs has released its first standard agreement for a lead architect or engineer to subcontract certain design work to other design professionals and consultants. The agreement makes it easier for architects and engineers to contract with other consultants providing a portion of design services work. In light of increasing design collaboration to achieve green design and through tools like building information modeling (BIM), this is an important document to round out the family of standard contract documents offered by ConsensusDocs.

The consensus industry-approved document allocates risk fairly between the “in responsible” design professional and its consultants.  “This document addresses risk consistently with the prime agreement, while addressing particular concerns attendant to the relationships between architects, engineers and their consultants, in a balanced way for all project stakeholders,” states Charlie Rogers, chair of the working group who drafted the document and partner at Smith, Currie and Hancock LLP in Atlanta, Georgia. “The ConsensusDocs 250 is a helpful new contract tool to encourage design professionals and consultants to collaborate on the management of risk on the design side of a project,” he added.

The newly-published agreement furthers the coalition’s goal improving the design and construction industry through better contracts. The coalition efforts are gaining traction.“While less construction contracts were signed in 2012, more of the contracts being signed are using ConsensusDocs,” states Brian Perlberg, Executive Director and Counsel for ConsensusDocs. “Usership in ConsensusDocs grew 15 percent last year, because we provide fairer contracts that help owners and all project participants get better project results.”

ConsensusDocs are the only standard contracts written and endorsed by 38 leading design and construction industry associations, including AWI. For more information, visit

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Managing Data in Construction; It‘s Growing

Collaboration in commercial construction is growing and so is the need for “Big” data which will have a compounded annual growth rate through 2018, according to Transparency Market Research.

BIM (building information modeling) and other collaborative processes are driving the need for efficient tools to manage the deluge of information. 

An article in ConstrucTech CT Today (free subscription) draws upon examples of how some companies are coping.

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Learning Forum

Business Building Ideas from AWI

Join AWI members for the complimentary webinars offered monthly by AWI as a benefit of your membership.  Tap into the upcoming one-hour sessions featuring AWI specialists on topics affecting your business bottom line.

February 6, 2013

2:00 – 3:00 pm EST

“Project Certification - A Thorough but Fair Process”

Ashley Goodin, AWI Technical Manager

This webinar will focus around the expectation of quality and conformance of a QCP Certified project. We will discuss communication with the project architects, documentation, and the inspection assessment. We will also discuss reasonable assessment of the final product vs. absolute conformance with the architectural standards. This will be an interactive webinar with polls and discussions throughout so that we can gather your input and listen to your concerns.

Cost: Free for AWI Members

Register Here

(Make sure you are logged in and scroll down on the page to register.)

Questions? Contact Ilaria Buffalo,

February 13, 2013

2:00 – 3:00 pm EST

AWI e-Cost Book

Bruce Spitz, Classic Millwork & Products Inc.

The online AWI e-Cost Book provides a labor calculator to compute time required to process materials through over 400 woodwork labor operations at your fingertips — online, anytime, anywhere you need them. This online tool replaces the previous paper Cost Book. Learn how to sign on to the e-Cost Book site and walk through a live session displaying all of its capabilities. Join Bruce Spitz, AWI Treasurer and Past Education Committee Chair, to find out more about this new online resource.

Free for AWI Members

Register Here

(Make sure you are logged in and scroll down on the page to register.)

Questions? Contact Ilaria Buffalo,

March 13, 2013

2:00 – 3:00 pm EST

WEBINAR: AWI Cost of Doing Business Survey
“Why and How to Participate in the CODBS”

  Sebastien DesMarais, Hollywood Woodwork

Join us as presenter Sebastien DesMarais, CFO of Hollywood Woodworking, Inc. highlights the benefits of the AWI Cost of Doing Business Survey and explains the steps to completing the survey.

The CODBS is a premier financial tool for measuring your operating costs, compensation levels and benefits packages for use in improving your company’s financial performance.  The financial data and industry benchmarks you receive are unique to the architectural woodwork industry and are not available from other sources.  Check out this webinar to hear about all the benefits of the CODBS and the tips and tricks to completing the survey.

Register Here

(Make sure you are logged in and scroll down on the page to register.)

Cost: Free for AWI Members

Questions? Contact Ilaria Buffalo,

March 20, 2013

2:00 – 3:00 pm EST

Risk Controls
“Risk Controls: How to Best Protect & Grow Your Business”

 Bradley Hutson, CIC, Sterling Risk Advisors

Risk is reality that every business owner faces. Greater success and fewer headaches are the rewards for those who manage their risk effectively. This program is designed to inform business owners and managers of various tools and programs available to help manage and minimize their risk. While many risk management principles apply across all industries, there are also principles and tools specific to those in the woodworking industry. We will cover both general risk management principles as well those specific to the woodworking trades.

About the Speaker and the Company

 Bradley Hutson has been providing risk management and insurance solutions for businesses since 2002. Bradley’s extensive industry knowledge and strong relationships with professionals in multiple industries position him as a strategic advisor to his clients. In order to provide superior service to his clients, Bradley maintains his Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation.

Sterling Risk Advisors is a full-service insurance and risk management firm located just north of Atlanta. As one of the fastest growing risk management and insurance firms in Atlanta and the Southeast, Sterling Risk Advisors works in partnership with our clients to provide services and solutions customized to today’s dynamic marketplace. Expertise, Integrity and Client Service form the cornerstones of our success.

Free for AWI Members

Register Here

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Questions? Contact Ilaria Buffalo,

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AWI Education Outreach

AWI Hosts Free Education Webinar for Chapters

January 30, 2013
2:00 – 3:00 pm EST

Chapter Development Series #1 (GPS)
"Rockin' It with the AWI G.P.S. Manual”

Speaker: Greg Bednar, AWI Chapter Development Services
Join us as we explore the ultimate field guide for chapter success, the AWI G.P.S. Manual.  Now newly revised for 2013, you'll find this the ultimate resource and an indispensable aid in driving your chapter to new heights.  From A to Z, it's all here... tips, suggestions, references, and more, on how to start, develop, manage, and grow a chapter, as submitted by countless numbers of AWI Distinguished Chapters and their Chapter Members.  Tap into the best ideas from across the county compiled into one quick resource guide.  Expand your chapter’s presence in the marketplace as we explore and review this guide.

Free for AWI Members

Click Here
(Make sure you are logged in and scroll down on the page to register.)

Contact Ilaria Buffalo,

AWI Chapters are encouraged to tap into the AWI Education Outreach Program to host quality education programs for their members and guests.  Questions about the program may be directed to Ilaria Buffalo at

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What is the WCA Green Credential?

Woodworkers ask, "How do we start earning the Green Credential?"

As WCA President Scott Nelson visits with industry members they are asking for a suggested "path" to the first Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA) Credential – the Green Award. Here is what was approved on January 20 at the board meeting:

Green Credential Suggestions –

Under the direction of WCA Accredited Skill Evaluator(s) [ASE] . . .

1. Candidate enrolls in the Passport and Credential program.
2. Candidate passes the BASIC Measuring and Layout criteria.
3. Candidate obtains 30 Assessment Credits in his/her account.
4. Candidate earns 30 Tool Stamps as suggested below:

* A recommended minimum of 6 Tool Stamps from Area #2 Sawing; suggest Table Saw as one

* A recommended minimum of 4 Tool Stamps each from Areas #3 Milling, #4 Shaping, and #7 Sanding

* The remaining 12 Tool Stamps as electives from any Area in the current Skill Standards

5. Candidate accumulates 800 shop hours, as attested by an ASE or Regional Chief Evaluator.
6. Candidate responds to e-mail from WCA Registry to apply for Green Credential, pays $35 processing fee.
7. Candidate receives Green Credential Certificate, signed by WCA President; Green Patch; and Green Pin in the mail.

*Suggestions . . . subject to company workflow:

* for the #3 Milling Area would be Jointer > Face Jointing; Edge Jointing First Edge and/or Planer > Planing for Thickness

* for the #4 Shaping Area would be Spindle Shaper > Rabbeting; Edge Shape Profiles and Portable Router > Edge Profile

* for the #7 Sanding Area would be Random Orbital Sander > Sanding Flat Pieces, veneered or solid; Portable Belt Sander > Sand Solid Wood Panels.

To learn more about all five credentials, visit:

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Chapter News

AWI Washington Chapter in Growth Mode

Chapter President Jim Mammina recently shared good news about the membership of the AWI Washington Chapter. 

What an achievement!  “Just an example of what can be accomplished by having a good plan, executing it well, and having follow through,” said Greg Bednar of AWI Chapter Development Services.

  • 50% increase in Manufacturing members
  • 30% increase in Supplier members
  • 100% increase in Teachers

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Upcoming Chapter Events — Don’t Forget Local Programs

Check out the informative AWI chapter programs sponsored in your area. Tap into your local AWI chapter for vital information that can help your business grow and put you in touch with fellow AWI architectural woodworkers and suppliers. To reach any of the chapter officers for more information, click here.

AWI Washington Chapter
When: January 26, 2013
What: Chapter Celebration Dinner
Questions: Kirsten Ingham,

AWI Washington Chapter

When: February 13, 2013
What: Port Angeles High School Presentation to Woodwork Students
Questions: Contact Kirsten Ingham,

AWI Washington Chapter

When: February 20, 2013
What: Chapter Meeting with Supplier Member, Contact Industries
Questions: Kirsten Ingham,

AWI Carolinas Chapter

When: February 22, 2013 (8:30 am – 3:30 pm)
What: Chapter AWI Membership Meeting (morning business program)
Presentation: “Hardwood Checkoff and Hardwood Resources” (afternoon program)
Speaker: Tom Inman, President, Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers
Where: High Point Chamber of Congress, NC
Information/Registration: Click here
Questions: Kristine Cox,, (p) 336-887-0700 x24

AWI Washington Chapter

When: February 27, 2013
What: Chapter Meeting & Presentation
Presenter: Duane Roth, Contact Industries,
Information/Registration: Kirsten Ingham,

AWI Washington Chapter

When: March 20, 2013
What: Chapter Meeting with Supplier Member, Flexible Materials
Questions: Kirsten Ingham,

AWI Central PA Chapter

When: March 21, 2013 (1:00 – 3:00 pm)
What: Plant Tour (Free)
Where: Beam’s Custom Woodworking, Morgantown, PA
Host: Bill Beam, Owner & President
Information/Registration: Click here
Questions: Garry Astles,, (p) 717-503-6295

AWI Central PA Chapter
When: April 4, 2013
Program: “Exploring Obamacare and Its Impact on Woodworking Businesses”
Questions: Garry Astles,, (p) 717-503-6295

AWI Central PA Chapter
When: June 6, 2013
Program: “Your Most Valuable Asset”
Presenter: Duane Griffiths, Stiles Machinery
Questions: Garry Astles,, (p) 717-503-6295

All chapters are encouraged to plan their events early to allow for ample promotion of your activities in this section of AWI e-briefs as well as through other avenues. Contact Greg Bednar, AWI Chapter Development Services at

Members are encouraged to check chapter event listings in the most recent issue of AWI e-briefs, as well as with chapter officers and chapter Web sites for program changes. As plans become finalized, dates and presentations may change for chapter programs previously listed. This issue of AWI e-briefs contains the most current information available to AWI National.

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Funny Bone Department

More Professional Woodworkers?

“What happens when you ask woodworkers if they could be “more professional,” Margaret Fisher of Lange Bros. Woodwork Co. pondered.

In jest...Rudolph (Rudy) Lange V. (blue suit) and Brian Rotgers (grey sportcoat) demonstrated their “professionalism” by their business-like garb.  Don’t they look nice?

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Coming Up

AWI e-briefs Schedule

The next issue of AWI e-briefs will be published February 7, 2013. Commencing with the upcoming issue, e-briefs will no longer be published semi-monthly.  Watch for the new e-briefs once a month on the first Thursday of the month.

Depend on e-briefs to bring you news of AWI publications and programs and other pertinent information that impacts your architectural woodwork business.

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Upcoming Education
February 6, 2013
2:00  – 8:00 pm (ET)

“Project Certification - A Thorough but Fair Process”

Register Today!

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