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Design Solutions Online New Benefit for AOE Honorees, Advertisers, AWI Members!

The gorgeous, glossy print edition of AWI Design Solutions, AWI’s official quarterly journal, is available for the first time online at  AWI Members can access quarterly issues 24/7 for use in showing off the capabilities of architectural woodworkers. Learn about the benefits.

The spring edition of Design Solutions is the first quarterly issue of AWI’s full color journal featured online using flash technology.  Check it out.  Benefits include:

  • Featured AOE honorees gain added exposure beyond the 25,000 architects and design professionals who receive the print publication.
  • AWI Manufacturing Members listed in each edition receive added exposure to additional online readers.
  • Readers can easily reach the Web sites of advertisers with a click of a mouse.
  • Readers can print out articles for show-and-tell about award-winning architectural woodwork projects.
  • While visiting potential customers, anyone can access the current edition of Design Solutions online to show off examples of fine architectural woodwork.

Features of Design Solutions Online include a “search” function for easy look-ups, a “zoom” function to examine woodwork features, archives of back issues that will start with the spring 2008 edition when the summer issue is published, and much more.  While most viewers have browsers that include “flash” technology, some members may have to load Adobe Flash Player technology to enter the online magazine.  Take a test drive.

Design Solutions will continue to be distributed in print format to most current recipients.  This new online edition is a supplement to the membership benefits offered to AWI members in good standing. Watch for the June issue of AWI NewsBriefs for full details about the print and online publication policy.
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