AWI e-briefs - 05/22/2008 (Plain Text Version)

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Prevent the "Shocks" of BIM and Electronic Documentation

With each passing month, building information modeling (BIM) technology is being incorporated into construction project planning, execution and documentation more and more. Industry research even forecasts that BIM could become the norm and not the exception for commercial and industrial construction projects as early as 2009.

In anticipation of this trend, the Foundation of the American Subcontractors Association (FASA) produced “Shock Prevention: Mitigating the Contractual Risks of Building Information Modeling and Electronic Documents,” to help subcontractors understand the potential risks – and navigate the possible pitfalls – associated with BIM and other forms of electronic documentation and data exchange.

Available on multimedia CD-ROM through the ASA Contractors’ Knowledge Depot, “Shock Prevention” is $65 for ASA members and $95 for nonmembers. Visit or call toll-free 888.374.3133.  [Return to top]