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AWI CODBS Report I Would Not Do Business Without It

Need convincing that the 2008 AWI Cost of Doing Business Survey is a unique financial tool for measuring your operating costs, compensation levels and benefits packages that will help you improve your company’s financial performance?  Discover why Dean Rummel of TMI Systems Design Corporation will not do business without the final CODB report.  Learn how Bruce Spitz of Classic Millwork and Products uses the report.

What does Dean Rummel of TMI Systems Design Corporation say about the final report he receives as a CODBS participant?  “I would not do business without it.”  For insight into how easy Dean thinks participation is, click here for a two-minute video.  He comments on the simplified reporting system incorporated into the 2008 CODBS and believes it will reduce time spent completing the survey to about 30 minutes for his company.  

Bruce Spitz of Classic Millwork and Products, Inc. says, “The AWI-specific personnel compensation benchmark information allows me to examine pay rates and measure our structure against them.”  He encourages smaller companies to take the time to participate. The data is held in strict confidence by Inverra, the survey company. 

Isn’t your bottom line, important enough to participate?  You will receive a CD-ROM with your company’s financial data pre-loaded for use immediately for comparing your firm’s profits, sales, profits, salaries, costs and more with regional and national industry averages. Click here for more details and instructions about data submission.  The 2008 CODB survey period closes on June 1, 2008.  [Return to top]