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CSI Webinar Series Links BIM to Integrated Project Delivery and the Jobsite

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) will present a two-part Webinar series in May on linking Building Information Modeling (BIM) to Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) projects and the construction site.

The Web-based educational sessions will provide an inside view of IPD as a collaboration model, address how the combination of IPD and BIM interacts with other trends, and discuss using BIM to create new efficiencies in construction delivery.

The interactive telephone/Internet sessions for the BIM Beyond Design: Enabling IPD and Field Applications series are scheduled between 2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. EDT on May 14 and May 26. Participants can view the session materials and ask questions of the instructors in real time during each of the 90-minute classes:

* Thursday, May 14 – “Integrated Project Delivery: Theory and Reality.” This first session provides an inside view of IPD as a model of collaboration from the perspectives of an owner, architect and contractor, using the case study of the Autodesk Trapelo Road project. The session will discuss the way the specifications process may be affected in an IPD environment. Participants will learn how IPD differs from traditional delivery and the potential benefits and risks of IPD delivery approaches (with respect to project cost, schedule and quality). Additionally, the session will address how the IPD+BIM combination interacts with other trends in the industry.

* Tuesday, May 26 – “BIM for Construction.” The second session will address how BIM can be "linked" to the field during the construction phase. This connection, called "Field BIM," will be explored through case studies such as the Autodesk Trapelo Road and New Meadowlands Stadium projects. Field BIM facilitates collaboration to optimize field operations during construction. Then, the owner and operator can use that information post-handover for warranty management, facilities management and more. In this session the speakers will demonstrate how software for field process automation can be used to leverage the data in BIM to create new efficiencies in construction delivery and new potential for collaboration. Participants also will learn about connecting BIM to field information, technologies that enable field software to work in disconnected Internet environments and more.

For more information on the instructors and the sessions, please visit the Webinars section of the CSI Web site.  To register for the entire series, or an individual session, please visit CSI's Event Registration Web page.
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