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Sustainable Retrofits Building Conference, October 20-21, 2009

A new Sustainable Retrofits Building Conference will address the costs, savings, finance, investment and informational needs for the industry. The Sustainable Building Series: Retrofits, will take place October 21-22 in San Francisco with four (4) pre-conference workshops on October 20.

You’ll discover over 20 educational sessions, 10 case studies, and much more. Some of the topics to be covered include:

* Understanding the available rewards that can be secured through green lending programs
* Taking advantage of cost savings available to energy retrofits
* Realize how you can enhance portfolio returns with investment in green retrofits
* Finding the best way to finance retrofits
* Turn an environmental and economic crisis into an opportunity
* And much more!

Presenters include representatives from several leading companies including: Cushman & Wakefield, Simon & Associates, Jones Lang LaSalle, Pacific Gas & Electric, New Resource Bank, Charles Pankow Builders, Building Wise and many more!

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