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AWI Cost of Doing Business Survey Report Coming July 15

If you participated in the 2009 AWI CODB Survey, you will receive your full copy by July 15th.

AWI Manufacturing Members who did not participate will receive an executive summary. If you would like to purchase a full copy, visit or contact AWI at 571.323.3636 to order a full report after July 15.

This year’s annual AWI Cost of Doing Business Survey and Compensation Study Report reflects the current economic trends within the industry and will be valuable for adjusting your business model as the industry returns to what will not be business as usual after the market turns around, according to economist Alan Beaulieu. For more insight about his forecast for the construction market, look for the July issue of AWI NewsBriefs mid-month. And, don’t miss the workshop he will deliver at the AWI Convention in October.

To use the results of the CODBS to evaluate your business operations, consult the May, June and July issues of AWI NewsBriefs for the series, "Putting the AWI COBDS Report to Work," authored by AWI Past President Scott Nelson, President of Central Plains Millwork.  [Return to top]