AWI e-briefs - 12/17/2009 (Plain Text Version)

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Discover & Participate in Online Standards Discussions

The discussions surrounding the new Architectural Woodwork Standards are heating up. While it's an imperfect solution, AWI has started a set of Wiki pages to capture these discussions, share ideas, and offer support to both the construction and design community. 

The pages have a "notify me" tab which allows users to set certain pages or the whole Wiki to broadcast an e-mail anytime there is a change made. It's a useful way to stay up to date about an on-going discussion or technical point, according to AWI Chief Learning Officer Greg Heuer.

The Wiki also includes a hot link to an online area to submit suggestions for improvement to the Architectural Woodwork Standards directly to the AWI Technical Committee.

To be part of this virtual office, go to this URL:  [Return to top]