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Cost of Doing Business Webinar & Report: Your Future Lies in the Numbers

How do your financials and bottom line look for weathering the brutal business environment in 2009? The tata for the 2010 AWI Annual Cost of Doing Business Survey (CODBS) reveals the vital trend data you need for developing effective financial strategies. As an exclusive benefit for CODBS Member participants only, AWI will host a free one hour Webinar presented by Marc Sanderson, Owner and President of Wilkie Sanderson, on August 5 at 11:00 am EDT. Take a deeper look at the numbers.

The 2010 AWI Cost of Doing Business and Compensation Study Report will be distributed the last week of July to AWI Manufacturing Members who participated in the survey. Watch for your copy in the mail.

All other AWI Manufacturing Members will receive the Executive Summary, and non-participating AWI membership may purchase the report for $500. Visit the "Members Only" section of the AWI Web site,, for a copy of the Executive Summary.

Don’t miss the Webinar for an opportunity to see what the numbers show and what they mean to individual member companies.  Marc Sanderson, President of Wilkie Sanderson, will be the Webinar presenter. He’s a firm believer and practitioner of putting the CODBS trend data to work.

All 2010 CODBS participants should mark their calendar for the complimentary AWI Webinar, Thursday, August 5th at 11:00 am EDT.  To register, click here.  [Return to top]