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Manufacturers Association Launches Election Center

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has introduced a resource for employers to educate their employees about participation in elections. The NAM Election Center is aimed at building a better informed constituency about actions that "impact manufacturers’ ability to do business in an increasingly competitive global marketplace."

"If every person working in manufacturing goes to the polls to vote for pro-jobs, pro-manufacturing candidates," NAM said it will make a strong impact in November.

The NAM Election Center provides access to the following resources:

Education and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Resources

• GOTV Resource Center to help employees prepare to vote.
• Sample messages to employees on the importance of voting.
• "Manufacturing Matters" messaging documents to educate employees on the top issues.
• GOTV posters for the workplace to remind employees that "Manufacturing Means Jobs!"

GOTV Tools and Information Resources

• EZ Vote buttons for information on voter registration and obtaining absentee ballots.
• Election information, such as primary dates, to make sure your employees get to the polls.
• Congressional profiles and voting records to see where candidates stand on manufacturing issues.
• Election and polling insight and analysis from NAM Executive Vice President Jay Timmons.

Visit the NAM Election Center here.

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