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QCP Shop Drawing Requirements for Woodworkers

The AWI Quality Certification Corporation (AWI QCC) has released some helpful hints designed to assist woodworkers in meeting the Quality Certification Program (QCP) shop drawing requirement set forth by the Architectural Woodwork Standards.

For Certified Projects Requiring an Inspection:

1.  Send shop drawings, including documentation of any deviations from the standards or specifications, to your Q-representative for review prior to the inspection. 

2.  Deviations from the standards and specifications must be individually approved by the design professional (or the owner’s representative) in writing, prior to fabrication (or inspection by a Q-representative where applicable). General acceptance of shop drawings does not qualify as acceptance of individual deviations.

Deviations may be acknowledged in the form of a clouded detail on a shop drawing with space for initials or signature by the design professional to approve that particular detail.

3.  Place the project certification label on the shop drawings to confirm that the project will comply with the AWI Quality Certification Program requirements. This label is made available to Q-accredited woodworkers upon payment for project labels and/or certificates of compliance.

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