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January 19, 2011
Volume 17, Issue 1
San Francisco City Hall News
UPDATE: SFDPH Secondhand Smoke Prevention and Enforcement Program


UPDATE - January 4, 2011

Please click here for an updated fact sheet outlining the requirements of the San Francisco Department of Public Health Secondhand Smoke Prevention and Enforcement Program related to those building owners whose properties fall under the definition of a Multiple-Unit or Multi-Unit Housing Complex: a public or private building, or portion thereof, containing 2 or more dwelling or other housing units including, but not limited to, a building with live/work units, apartment buildings, condominiums, senior citizen residences, nursing homes, housekeeping room/units, residential or single room occupancy hotels, and other multiple unit residential dwellings, group housing, or boarding facilities.  

If you have any questions or concerns about meeting the requirements of the program, please contact Janine Young at or call her at (415) 252-3903.


UPDATE - October 19, 2010

Please click here for a fact sheet outlining the general requirements of the San Francisco Department of Public Health Secondhand Smoke Prevention and Enforcement Program.  

If you have any questions or concerns about meeting the requirements of the program, please contact Janine Young at or call her at (415) 252-3903.


UPDATE - August 4, 2010

The BOMA San Francisco Government and Public Affairs Committee (GAPAC) welcomed Janine Young, San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) Program Coordinator to discuss the Secondhand Smoke Prevention and Enforcement Program.  

Please click here to view her presentation.  

If you have any questions or concerns about meeting the new requirements of the code, please contact Ms. Young at or call her at (415) 252-3903.  


UPDATE - July 26, 2010

We've been informed by the San Francisco Department of Public Health that BOMA San Francisco members are to start implementing all requirements of the Smoking Ordinance (San Francisco Health Code, Article 19F).  Click here for more detailed information on the new code.

The requirements are summarized as follows:

  • Post clear and prominent signs at each entrance to the premises no higher than 8 feet and no lower than 5 feet; and within 10 feet of the door or most appropriate place for visibility from outside.
  • Building entrances sign must include all of the following:
    • Read "Smoking only 1) at the curb, or 2) if no curb, at least 15ft. from exits, entrances, operable windows, and vents” in letters no less than 0.5 inch high.
    • The international "No Smoking" symbol, consisting of a pictorial representation of a burning cigarette enclosed in a circle, with a diameter of at least 3 inches with a bar across it 15 feet--language may be substituted for greater distances.
  • Post clear and prominent “no smoking” signs in any area on the premise where smoking is prohibited.
  • Request any patron to refrain from smoking in prohibited areas when appropriate. 
  • Remove any ashtray or ash receptacles from inside the premises.


Original Post - July 19, 2010

We have recently posted information on the blog in regard to new law that has amended the San Francisco Health Code to prohibit smoking in certain enclosed areas, certain unenclosed areas and sports stadiums.

The San Francsico Board of Supervisors have passed a 'clean-up' measure that finalized necessary language changes to the the original ordinance.  Please click here to read the Smoking Prohibition Signage Requirement Ordinance and here for the Legislative Digest.  The changes affect the signage language that will now require posted signs at the entrances of all buildings to read:

  • "Smoking only 1) at the curb or 2) if no curb, at least 15 ft. from entrances, exits, operable windows, and vents."

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ken Cleaveland, Director of Government and Public Affairs for BOMA San Francisco at and John Bozeman, Legislative Assistant for BOMA San Francisco at with your comments.

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