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BOMA | Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco
Advocate: An Update on Legislative, Regulatory, and Political Issues Affecting Commercial Real Estate
March 31, 2016
Volume 22, Issue 3
San Francisco's Transportation Sustainability Program and Transportation Sustainability Fee
Mayor Ed Lee Blocks Fee Increase on Commercial Development
BOMA and Business Community Advocacy At Work for The Industry
Recently, Mayor Ed Lee vetoed legislation that would have increased the Transportation Sustainability Fee (TSF) on commercial developments.
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DUE: San Francisco Regulatory Licence and Permit & Secured Property Tax Bill
An Important Message from the San Francisco Office of Small Business
The San Francisco Office of Small Business wants to remind you of a few important due dates that may pertain to your business.
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Homelessness in San Francisco
BOMA Welcomes Panel to Discuss The Issue
Resources for BOMA Members Forthcoming
BOMA San Francisco's Government Affairs Policy Advisory Committee (GAPAC) welcomed a panel from various City and County of San Francisco departments recently.  The purpose of the meeting was to help our industry understand how they are helping those who are, unfortunately, without a home in San Francisco.
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UPDATE: San Francisco Stormwater Design Guidelines
Your Feedback is Needed
Following up on the Open House presentation last fall, the Stormwater Management Ordinance has been introduced and is making its way through the legislative process at San Francisco's City Hall.
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Bay Area Buildings Get Wired: Raising the Bar for Superior Connectivity
The Following Bay Area Buildings are Raising the Bar

To ensure San Francisco’s booming tech scene is able to continue to flourish, commercial buildings need to offer the strong connectivity that companies rely on. Tech capabilities are increasingly a top priority for all tenants, with nearly every business depending on the Internet in order to function.

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Service to Begin in May 2016
BOMA San Francisco's Energy and Environment Committee members met recently to discuss, among other items, San Francisco's CleanPowerSF program. 
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BOMA California Advocacy Update
Net Energy Metering & Right to Rest Act
Please take a moment to review this advocacy update from our partners at BOMA California. 
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UPDATE: BOMA Protects the Commercial Real Estate Industry
Proposition 13/Split Roll Property Tax Signature Campaign Stopped
Will Try Again Another Year
A proposition to change Proposition 13 in a manner that would allow an almost doubling of state property tax has suddenly been stopped.  
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UPDATE: California Proposes New Elevator Maintenance Rules
Costs to BOMA Members Could Significantly Increase
This ongoing issue needs requires your careful review.
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About Wired Certification

Wired Certification is a certification program launched by Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Economic Development Corporation that identifies and certifies buildings with the fastest and most reliable internet connections.

What Wired Certification Measures

Wired Certification's methodology is highly robust and accurate because it considers a number of factors associated with the best internet connections. Because we ask the right questions during our preliminary survey and followup analysis, Wired Certification can accurately assess the connectivity of buildings.

The factors measured include:

Building Connectivity

The number of internet service providers, the quality and speed of connections, and the access to provider cabling in the building. The choice and quality of service providers is highly correlated with the overall quality of the building's connectivity, because the more high-quality internet options a building has, the more likely tenants can access the internet services that meet their specific needs.


Factors specific to the building's physical internet infrastructure (i.e., number of entry points, designated utility spaces, and risers). The underlying infrastructure of the building impacts access to redundant connectivity and level of protection from outages caused by potential damage to equipment.


How ready a building is to improve its connectivity. The readiness of a building to improve on its connectivity is predictive of its current connectivity options' quality. Readiness is also correlated to a building's future connectivity quality, which is why it's a significant factor in our rating system. If a building has some disappointing scores in other sections but is ready to work effectively with new carriers, its score can improve.

Click here to learn more about WiredScore.



•  Government Affairs Policy Advisory Committee (GAPAC) Meeting
April 6, 2016
235 Montgomery Street (Russ Building), 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA
Please click here for more information.
Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting
April 12, 2016
Location 225 Bush Street, Montgomery Burns Boardroom, San Francisco, CA
Please click here for more information.
Codes and Regulations Committee 
March 27, 2016
201 California Street, 2nd Floor Conference Room, San Francisco, CA
Please click here for more information.
•  Energy & Environment Committee Meeting
May 11, 2016
Ferry Building, Port Commission Hearing Room, San Francisco, CA
Please click here for more information.
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