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October 26, 2017
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BIA Fall Meetings Update
October Board and Councils Meetings a Success


The BIA Board of Directors, Distributor and Manufacturer Councils, Executive Committee and Audit & Finance Committee convened at the Brick Industry Association’s Annual Fall Meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 17 and 18, 2017 at the Hyatt Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX.  The governing bodies made many decisions and heard about many programs that will all have a significant impact on the industry.

Greg Manns of Industry Insights, the company that put together the industry’s Annual Brick Report, was the keynote speaker at the General Session.

Here is a brief recap of major decisions approved by the Manufacturer Council, Distributor Council and/or both:


I)   Decisions
A New Slate of Board & Council Officers Take Over.
Distributor Council:

  • Chair: Kenny Thompson of South Alabama Brick Co., Inc. succeeds Mike Ludden of L. Thorn Company, Inc.
  • Vice Chair: Jim Stradley of Division 4 Inc. takes over from Mike Wray of Riverside Brick & Supply Co., Inc.
  • Past Chair: Mike Ludden will now be the Immediate Past Chair
  • Replacement Seat on Council: Drew Mueller, Brick Tec., Inc. fills a vacant seat
  • Members of the Council: Scott Parechenian, Spaulding Brick Company, Inc., Dennis Thomas, Clay Structures and Tom Harwood, Coastal/Harwood Brick
  • Executive Committee Representative: Brett Packer, Packer Brick, Inc.

Manufacturer Council Elections:

  • Chair: Lincoln Andrews of The Stiles & Hart Brick Company succeeds Rodney Paseka of Hebron Brick Company
  • Vice Chair: Ryan Parker of Endicott Clay Products Company takes over from Charles Smith of General Shale, Inc.
  • Past Chair: Rodney Paseka of Hebron Brick Company is now assumes the post of Immediate Past Chair from Davis Henry of Henry Brick Company, Inc.
  • Elected Board Seats: Davis Henry, Henry Brick Company, Inc., Ryan Parker, Endicott Clay Products Company, and Butch McAvoy, The McAvoy Brick Company
  • Majority Board Seats: Ed Milliken of Bowerston Shale Company and Dave Carter of Brampton Brick Inc.


Board of Directors:

  • Chair: Davis Henry of Henry Brick Company, Inc. will take over from Sam Strang of Alley-Cassetty Brick
  • Vice Chair: Charles Smith of General Shale, Inc., replaces Davis Henry of Henry Brick Company, Inc.
  • Secretary: Jim Stradley of Division 4 Inc. succeeds Joe Rice of Belden Tri-State Building Materials
  • Past Chair: Sam Strang of Alley-Cassetty Brick is now the Immediate Past Chair


2018 National Budget and Program of Work.
BIA National anticipates that it will finish 2017 very close to budget with a $2.5 million program of work that turns out to be a $138,113 net loss ($119,240 was budget).  From an over-arching and consolidated perspective, the 2018 budget factors in several challenges and considerations that have taken place or are taking place in all of BIA’s entities.

  • The MNR net assets were disbursed to members
  • SWR suspended dues; using reserves to fund councils
  • HBR considering changes after Aaron Steele resignation
  • SER considering changes; Bryan Light going part-time
  • Members and staff working to find optimal organizational structure
  • Advocacy spending is reduced but still spending $210,000




After taking the aforementioned developments into account, the 2018 National budget of $2.495 million budget was approved and assumes revenues of $2.44 million.  To put this in perspective, the consolidated revenues for BIA National and all BIA regions and councils are $4.29 million and expenses are $4.12 million.

  • Advocacy: $442,763 from $574,536
  • Compliance: $158,105 from $157,269
  • Landscaping & Paving: $42,396 from $50,201
  • Market Research: $185,794 from $206,200
  • Research: $298,072 from $258,325
  • Sales, Education & Training: $193,484 from $161,975
  • Market Positioning: $315,230 from $375,962
  • Program Support: $859,267 from $811,412


Under this budget scenario, the BIA National is slated to have the following at the end of next year.

  • $710,000 in cash, reserves and investments
  • $481,000 in the Manufacturer's Trust


II)    Program Committee Initiatives
Over the course of the meetings, members were updated and/or discussed several programs that impact the industry.  Here is a listing of the items that were discussed broken out by the appropriate segment in BIA’s mission statement.


Safeguard the Clay Brick Industry:  

  • Brick MACT: Compliance due on December 26, 2018.  EPA agreed to BIA’s request for compliance reconsideration on 10/3/17. BIA’s advocacy attorney has been nominated for Assistant Administrator for Air & Radiation at EPA.
  • Silica Rule: Compliance due on June 22, 2018.  Industry taking a two-pronged approach of exempting the industry and raising the PEL
  • NFPA 285 Fire Testing of Thin Brick: Testing scheduled to be done in 2018, and BIA along with Jensen Hughes and EIMA successfully appealed changes so that all previous 285 tests will remain valid.
  • ASHRAE 90.1 Thermal Bridging.  BIA successfully increased the size of steel support penetrating insulation behind stand-off shelf angles.  Change is now in new draft ASHRAE 90.1, so changes are not finalized but this is a step in the right direction.
  • Brick PAC for a Stronger America: Cash balance as of 10/3/17 is $29,331 with $20,000 approved for five Senate and eleven House campaign contributions.
  • Trucking: Electronic Logging Devices have a compliance date of December, 2017.  Training costs associated with new rules are estimated at $5.6 billion over a ten year period, which could force some drivers into other occupations.


Promote the Clay Brick Industry:

  • Web Site Update: New website is underway and includes a user-friendly interface with enhanced appeal to homeowners.
  • Members Only Product Sheets: Found on the members’ only section of www.gobrick.com, new sheets include fiber cement, vinyl siding and glass curtain wall.
  • Brick In Architecture Award Winners: Will be featured in the December issue of Architect magazine.
  • Consumer Survey: Show a disturbing development that brick has lost ground to manufactured stone and concrete brick.  Consumers even think fiber cement protects homes from the elements as much as brick.
  • Architect Survey: Brick is a well-regarded material, and the factors that matter to architects are ones that play well to brick’s strengths.
  • RS Means Residential Cost Study Update: This year’s update replaces anchored stone veneer with manufactured stone.  Interestingly, manufactured stone is still significantly more expensive than brick, and fiber cement and stucco have both risen in cost faster than brick has.
  • Video created by the members of the BIA North Texas and South Texas Brick Councils: Featuring 5 time Super Bowl winner, Charles Haley, this campaign is running now in Dallas Fort Worth and Houston.
  • Video created by BIA as part of the Sales, Education and Training Committee efforts: An “evergreen” material that can work at any time, the plan is to publicize this video in a coordinated fashion with both members and the re-launch of www.gobrick.com


National Brick Research Center:  John Sanders, PhD., Director of NBRC, discussed the hotbox and thermal research and gave examples of testing data that demonstrated that the thermal performance of brick veneer was better than competitive cladding materials due to brick’s inherent thermal mass properties.  Additionally, Sanders presented a compelling case that brick’s energy efficiency had benefits far beyond R-value because of its thermal mass properties.  Please contact BIA if you would like a copy of his presentation.




III)    General Session

Greg Manns, Senior Vice President of Industry Insights, Inc. went over BIA’s Annual Report.  This is the second year in a row that Industry Insights has compiled this report for the industry.   In short, while the industry is continuing to improve, we are still shipping significantly fewer brick than we have.  The chart below summarizes brick shipments, permits, starts, and construction put in place spending since 1983.






BIA would once again to thank the following Premium Contributing Associate Members whose support enriched the Sponsored Reception and enhanced the entire experience in San Antonio.

  • Argos USA Corporation
  • Harrop Industries, Inc.
  • J.C. Steele & Sons
  • PROSOCO, Inc.
  • Signode Industry Packaging Systems
  • South Atlantic Masonry Products
  • Trebnick Systems, Inc.


IV)  Future Meetings: The next BIA National Meetings will be the Spring Meetings on May 8-10, 2018 at the Hyatt Place Hotel, Charleston, SC.  For questions, please contact Trish Mauer at 703-674-1539.

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