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Volume 17, Issue 7
July 19, 2018
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Engineering Updates

ASTM Committee Meetings and Symposium; ASHRAE 90.1 Summer Conference – Thermal Bridging Provisions Approved


BIA Staff attended the recent ASTM C12 and C15 Committee Meetings on June 25, 27 and 28 of 2018 in San Diego with the associated 2018 Masonry Symposium occurring on June 26, 2018.  Chip Clark, Cortney Fried and Glen Clapper represented BIA and Mike Walker and Nate Huygen represented NBRC.  

Notable topics discussed in the subcommittees and task groups included the following:

  • C12.03.01 – Revisions to C270 Specification for Mortar
  • Additional test data on increasing the allowable air content for mortar cement mortar was presented and discussed. The data showed the effect on strength and water penetration was minimal. Language to increase the allowable air content for mortar cement mortar will be prepared for a future ballot.
  • C15.02.03 – Appearance
  • For C216, clarified finishes that qualify as FBS Rough and reviewed negative on angle for viewing. Also discussed and agreed to ballot adding a new row to tolerance table for units longer than 16 inches.
  • C15.02.06 – Scope and Definitions
  • A chart depicting the sections in each ASTM standard was presented and discussed. It was clear that many of the standards shared a majority of the sections and reorganization seems feasible. Where a unique section exists, it will be moved to the end of the standard.  This work will be coordinated with C15.02.38.
  • C15.02.12 – Thin Brick
    • Reviewed negatives from previous ballots and agreed in concept to modifications. All will be reballoted.
  • Much discussion regarding back surface texture and finished surfaces.
  •  C15.05.07 – Revisions to ASTM C1780
  • Overview of TMS 402/602 activities related to adhered masonry veneer was presented. Currently modifying the prescriptive and engineered approach within TMS 402/602 for fall 2018 ballot. Considered the requirements in ASTM C1780, IBC and TMS 402/602 and will consider separating structural and environmental aspects of installation. Address structural aspects within TMS 402/602 and reference the building code for environmental aspects. ASTM C1780 separates responsibility of installer and design professional. Current ASTM C1780 requirements need to be reviewed relative to its use with ASTM C1088 thin clay veneer units.
  • Review of current ballot items to ASTM C1780. Discussed ballot item proposing to require only one layer of WRB instead of two.
  • C15.05.11 – Adhered Manufactured Stone Masonry Veneer Installation
  • Much discussion on bond failures observed in the field and how to address them. Discussion included adding back texture requirements, the existing bond test requirements, and poor field practices that contribute. Chair will research this issue further for the next meeting.


The 2018 Masonry Symposium co-chaired by Norbert Krogstad and Mark McGinley included presentations on nine of the eleven papers submitted. The papers will be published under ASTM STP1612: Masonry 2018 Symposium: Innovations in Collaborative Research, Development and Applications. Of note were two papers presented by BIA and two made by NBRC staff. Cortney Fried and Chip Clark of BIA each presented on cold-formed steel framing as a backing for brick veneer - Fried on the history of recommendations, testing and wind loads since the 1960’s and Clark on maximum design deflection recommendations. Nate Huygen of NBRC presented two papers on the hot box research conducted at NBRC on the thermal properties of non-homogenous masonry materials and the thermal performance of common residential wall systems. For a complete listing of all the papers that will be included ASTM STP1612, click PROGRAM.


The next ASTM C12 and C15 Meetings will be held December 4 - 6, 2018 in Washington, D.C.



ASHRAE 90.1 Summer Conference – Thermal Bridging Provisions Approved


Cortney Fried of the Engineering & Research Department (E&R) represented BIA at the ASHRAE 90.1 Summer Conference held in Houston, Texas on June 22-25, 2018.  

As noted in previous Brick News Online articles in February 2018, and October 2017,  BIA participated in the task group responsible for the development of an addendum of thermal bridging provisions to incorporate into the standard and has continued to participate as the provisions move through the ASHRAE committee system.   


During this conference, despite heated discussion at the Envelope Subcommittee and Main Committee level, the thermal bridging addendum was approved and will proceed towards publication in the 2019 version of ASHRAE 90.1.  The provisions will apply to new commercial and multi-family residential buildings in Climate Zones 4 and higher, per the map below.



Prior to publication, the addendum will be released for public review.  The public review period is tentatively scheduled for August 3, 2018 to September 17, 2018.  Although the use of stand-off shelf angles for brick veneer was not one of the contested provisions, other elements in the thermal bridging provisions will impact the masonry industry in general.  BIA is encouraging its members to review the addendum and provide formal comments as well as notify architects and engineers to encourage their participation as well.  

Arrangements are underway to set up webinars that will help familiarize people with the proposed changes and provide background and context.  When the webinar schedule is finalized, links with access to the webinar and the addendum text will be released.  

For additional information regarding this topic, please contact Cortney Fried at cfried@bia.org or 703-674-1546.


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