June 2013
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Quality at Work
Telegram from Uncle Sam
Facility opens doors to national research project on prevention of infections in nursing homes
There's an App for that!
Seniors shine in Ms. Northwest Florida Senior Pageant
Late at Night, in Rehab, My Anxious Mom, & "A Woman Named Wendy”
Florida tops nation in Quality Award recognition
Tracking Trends
Is it dementia, mental illness or just plain bullying?
AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative
News You Can Use
QAPI offers data-driven, proactive approach to improving the quality of life, care and services
Resource guide for dementia care
National conference makes culture change resources available
Critical questions - just how prepared are you for a hurricane?
Nurse leaders honored for excellence in care delivery
FHCA members earn national recognition for advocacy efforts
Celebrating caregivers on the frontline
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FHCA Quality Foundation
The FHCA Quality Foundation promotes mentorship and collaboration among long term care providers and stakeholders through a shared commitment to communicate best practices, share resources, promote educational activities and advocate for continuous quality improvement. The Foundation offers scholarships to assist long term care employees in meeting their continued educational goals. In addition, the Foundation hosts an annual awards program recognizing leadership in nursing and quality performance. For more information about the FHCA Quality Foundation, visit the FHCA Web site.
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News You Can Use
QAPI offers data-driven, proactive approach to improving the quality of life, care and services

The Nursing Home Quality Assurance and Performance Program (QAPI) is designed to take many nursing homes into a new realm in quality—a systematic, comprehensive, data-driven, proactive approach to performance management and improvement. QAPI is the merger of two complementary approaches to quality: Quality Assurance (QA) and Performance Improvement (PI).  Both involve seeking and using information, but they differ in key ways.

QA is a process of meeting quality standards and assuring that care reaches an acceptable level.  Nursing homes typically set QA thresholds to comply with regulations.  They may also create standards that go beyond regulations.  QA is a reactive, retrospective effort to examine why a facility failed to meet certain standards.  QA activities do improve quality, but efforts frequently end once the standard is met.

PI (also called Quality Improvement - QI) is a pro-active and continuous study of processes with the intent to prevent or decrease the likelihood of problems by identifying areas of opportunity and testing new approaches to fix underlying causes of persistent/systemic problems. PI in nursing homes aims to improve processes involved in health care delivery and resident quality of life.  PI can make good quality even better.

QAPI is a data-driven, proactive approach to improving the quality of life, care, and services in nursing homes.  The activities of QAPI involve members at all levels of the organization to: identify opportunities for improvement; address gaps in systems or processes; develop and implement an improvement or corrective plan; and continuously monitor effectiveness of interventions. 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has now made introductory materials available on its QAPI website. Materials include: QAPI at a Glance – a guide for understanding and implementing QAPI in nursing homes; QAPI Tools – process tools (within QAPI at a Glance) to help providers establish a foundation in QAPI; QAPI News Brief - a newsletter describing basic principles of QAPI; and a Nursing Home QAPI Video – What’s in it for you, which introduces QAPI, its value to residents, their families and caregivers and explains what is in it for nursing homes that embrace QAPI.

To access the website for additional information about QAPI and the above-mentioned resources, click here.
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