December 1, 2007

HIVMA Offers Fact Sheet on HIV/TB Coinfection

The HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA), IDSA, and the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research have published a fact sheet on HIV and tuberculosis coinfection for policymakers and the media.

The fact sheet includes basic information about the dual epidemic, including diagnosis and treatment challenges, special considerations for pediatric populations, and the threat of drug resistance. The fact sheet makes the case for integrating HIV prevention, treatment, and care activities into TB services, including support for TB care and treatment. It also calls for operational research to assess different approaches to the care of HIV-TB coinfected patients. 

HIVMA and the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research are providing the fact sheet, along with a recent supplement from the Journal of Infectious Diseases on HIV/TB coinfection, to members of Congress who are responsible for the reauthorization of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). 

The 15 countries that receive U.S. aid under PEPFAR account for 21 percent of the global TB burden and 24 percent of the world’s annual TB deaths. In Botswana, 70 percent of new adult TB cases are HIV-positive; in South Africa, 58 percent; and in Zambia, 55 percent.

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