February 1, 2008

CMS Requires NPI on Claims Starting March 1

NPIBeginning March 1, physicians submitting claims to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) must use their National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers or their claims will be rejected.

CMS has been accepting legacy identification numbers, such as Unique Physician Identification Numbers (UPIN), or others during the transition to NPI, but as of March 1 claims must include NPIs in order to be processed.

Private plans are not required to switch until May 23, but William Rogers, MD, director of the CMS Physicians Regulatory Issues Team, told Part B News, “That date really means nothing to practices.” Even many private plans already are rejecting claims without NPIs.

More information on the NPI and how to get one is available on the billing and coding section of our website.

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