February 2008
Volume 18, Issue 2

Welcome, New IDSA Members!


Bhardwaj, Nina, MD, PhD
Collins, Adriane, MD
Hennessy, Thomas, MD
Kircher, Lorence, MD
Nowbahar, Vahid, MD
Parta, Mark, MD
Perlroth, Joshua, MD
Teixeira Johnson, Lucileia, MD
Yuan, Wen, PhD

Associate Members

Vasquez, Emily, PA-C
Weiksner, Lizanne, PA-C


Akinyemi, Emmanuel, MD
Al Raiy, Basel, MD
Alkhatib, Mohammad, MD
Carpenter, Robert, DO
Desai, Shalini, MD
Kessler, Jason, MD
Khan, Shameen, DO
Naidu, Latasha, MD
Onunkwo, Charles, MD
Park, Sun, MD
Pereira, Marcus, MD
Rusieki, Ronald, MD
Salvani, Jerome Keith, MD
Sen, Ajanta, MD
Sharma, Rohini, MD
Sydnor, Emily, MD
Tran, Maryann, MD
Uhlemann, Anne-Catrin, MD, PhD

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Welcome, New IDSA Members!
Calendar of Future Meetings and Events
CMS Requires NPI on Claims Starting March 1

Dates to Remember

Oct. 25-29, 2008
IDSA/ICAAC Joint Meeting
Washington, DC
Abstract submission deadline: May 19, 2008

June 3-4, 2008
Fellows' In-Training Exam

Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2009
47th Annual Meeting of IDSA
Philadelphia, PA


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