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20 November 2013
Your bi-weekly report on jobs, education, management, and the engineering workplace, from the editors of IEEE Spectrum.
1. The No. 1 Reason Employers Can't Find the Right Talent

According to workplace columnist Anita Bruzzese, it’s “because they’re lazy.” Bruzzese says that a talent shortage isn’t the problem; letting software automatically weed out most candidates’ resumes with nary an eyeball having viewed them, then disqualifying workers that look too old or don’t have some indefinable quality—without having asked the kinds of questions that will reveal people who are experienced, smart, creative, and driven—is what’s wrong.  Read more.

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2. The Advent of Work-Life Balance Laws

Come January, any company that does business in San Francisco will be required by a city ordinance to talk to all workers about workplace flexibility so any given employee will not have to wonder whether it is safe to broach the subject. Other cities are watching closely to see how things shake out in the City by the Bay.  Read on.

3. Creating a Resume or CV That Doesn't Broadcast Your Age

Start by removing any direct references to your age, such as your graduation date. You should also lop off the part of the long tail of your employment history that stretches back more than 15 years. That, says a article, will leave ample room to focus on what’s relevant: recent experience, coursework, or seminars that “demonstrate your ability to do the job you are applying for [and] highlight your willingness to learn.”  Read more.

4. Software Developer Salaries on the Rise After Two-Year Stagnation

An upswing in the economy and a host of new mobile start-ups in search of talent have made employers willing to pay more to snare workers already employed at competitors.  Read more.

5. Brazil's Homegrown Tech Firms Take Center Stage After Spying Scandal

In the wake of revelations that the U.S. government spied on Brazilian government officials, state-owned Telecomunicacoes Brasileiras has balked at purchasing foreign products it fears may have back doors providing access for NSA spying as well as other security vulnerabilities. The move will be a boon to local telecom equipment and software makers. Read on.

Job Spotlight
1. Post-Doctoral Associate - Broad Institute, Massachusetts, USA

2. Senior Optical Engineer at Sports Technology Company - BSX Athletics, Texas, USA

3. Software Developer, Embedded - MED Institute, Indiana, USA

4. Electrical Engineer - National Security Technologies, LLC, New Mexico, USA

5. Systems Engineers (Talent Pool) - Ontario Public Service, Ontario, Canada

6. Optoelectronics Design Engineer - CyOptics, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA

7. Spacecraft Engineer II - EchoStar, Wyoming, US

8. Faculty Member, Department of Computer Science - IT University Innopolis, Kazan, Russia


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