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18 December 2013
Your bi-weekly report on jobs, education, management, and the engineering workplace, from the editors of IEEE Spectrum.
1. Are Your Company's Hiring Tactics Unethical?

An Inc. article shines a light on how some hiring managers are treating job candidates—multiple rounds of interviews followed by silence if they’re not selected—and asks them to take stock of how this reflects on their companies before their hiring practices come back to bite them. Read more.

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2. Fired Isn't Final (Or At Least It Shouldn't Be)

Here’s a story that all hiring managers should read: the one about the guy who was fired from one job but staged a career comeback and is now CTO at a successful Internet company. It reminds us that companies forego a lot of great talent when they view those who have been let go or who have been out of work for a while as damaged goods.  Read on.

3. Career Options at a Glance

CareerBright has boiled down a host of information about trends in tech careers into a nice infographic titled, “How to Break Into the Tech Industry.” But people already in the midst of tech careers can greatly benefit from the insight it provides—including the reminder that hackathons are still a regularly used hiring vehicle for some tech firms.  Read more.

4. Irish Need Apply

The good news: A SiliconRepublic article reports that Ireland derives 40 percent of its GDP from its technology sector. The bad news: Homegrown companies have had a hard time hiring the nation’s best and brightest because of stiff competition from multinational companies such as Google and Facebook. According to the Irish Software Association, there are currently about 7000 unfilled ICT positions at indigenous firms—this despite Enterprise Ireland’s “IT's Happening Here” campaign encouraging skilled professionals to consider working for Irish companies.  Read more.

Job Spotlight

1. Principal Mechanical Design Engineer - Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc., Tennessee, USA

2. Assistant/Associate Professor Networking/Cybersecurity - Champlain College, Vermont, USA

3. Electrical Engineer - SMRT, Massachusetts, USA

4. Tenure Track Assistant Professorship in Neuroelectronics - Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany

5. Computer Software Technologist (Interactive Systems Simulation), Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico, USA

6. Lecturers/Associate Professors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Jiangsu, China

7. System Support Engineer - Kongsberg Maritime, Inc., Louisiana, USA

8. ELEC Electric Motor Drives, UBC, Okanagan Campus, School of Engineering, Kelowna, Canada



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