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22 January 2014
Your bi-weekly report on jobs, education, management, and the engineering workplace, from the editors of IEEE Spectrum.
1. Jobs Open Up in Automotive Mechatronics

The U.S. auto industry—hit hard by the global economic downturn that was the final push sending two of the Big 3 automakers spiraling into bankruptcy—is staging a comeback. According to the industry-sponsored Center for Automotive Research, the retirement of a cohort of baby boomers and the rebound in General Motors’ and Chrysler’s fortunes means that these companies are likely to add 35 000 jobs over the next few years. (Auto suppliers will add another 44 000.) Most of these hires, says the industry group, will be technical professionals. An IEEE Spectrum article notes that Detroit is increasingly seeking people with backgrounds in “‘mechatronics’—a combination of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering required for the integration of increasingly sophisticated electrical and mechanical equipment found in automobiles.” As cars become packed with an ever-expanding array of electronic systems that must cooperate, the demand for engineers with hands-on experience building high-tech vehicles or subsystems has outstripped capacity of existing pipelines such as engineering competitions. Now automakers are casting a wider net and perhaps being more flexible in how they view candidates’ training and experienceRead more.

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2. Beware "BYOD" Arrangements at Work

An increasing number of people, charmed by the freedom and convenience of bring-your-own-device setups, are finding themselves free of data—both personal and work related—after their devices are wiped clean by employers in the name of digital security.  Read on.

3. Schedule Regular Resume Checkups

You may feel comfortable in your current position and confident that you’re on track for advancement through the ranks at the firm where you work. But a Brazen Careerist article advises that you should still pull out your resume every now and then and give it a once over. Why? The article points out seven good reasons, including taking the opportunity to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned, identify areas that could stand improvement, give yourself a confidence boost, and prepare yourself just in case you actually need to undertake a job search in the near future Read more.

4. Don't Resign With an Ulterior Motive in Mind

In the world of sports, bidding wars over free agents have become almost de rigueur. But in the business world where your “stats” don’t go on the back of a card that comes with bubble gum, ploys aimed at getting your current employer to boost your salary in order to keep you from bolting to the competition have a much greater chance of backfiring. If they want you, they’ll sweeten the pot accordingly. The HR Capitalist blog points out three situations in which job candidates fail in their attempts to extract counteroffersRead more.

5. Indian Workers Are Asia's Happiest
According to a recent survey by recruiting firm Ranstad Group, 70 percent of Indian workers feel “challenged, motivated and mentored.” Workers in Singapore, where there has been an increasing emphasis on work-life balance, have the lowest job satisfaction in the region. Nearly two-thirds said they wished they could quit their jobs within the next year.  Read more.
Job Spotlight
1. Energy Storage Engineer (ENG3) - Southern California Edison, California, USA

2. Research Engineer-Cyber Security - Transportation Research Center Inc., Ohio, USA

3. Director of Research Computing Services - Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA

4. R&D Engineer, Advanced/Hardware Engineer - Agilent Technologies - California, USA

5. Research Associate - London Centre for Nanotechnology - London, United Kingdom

6. RF / Microwave Test Engineer - Micro-Coax, Pennsylvania, USA

7. Faculty Position - Data Science Methodology - NYU Shanghai, Shanghai, China

8. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Visiting Scientist Program - ORAU/ORISE, Virginia, USA


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