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19 March 2014
Your bi-weekly report on jobs, education, management, and the engineering workplace, from the editors of IEEE Spectrum.
1. Where Green Tech Jobs Grow

There’s an international focus on growing renewable energy and cutting back on emissions. With government funding and private sector investment, the green energy is quickly growing to satisfy global requirements—and so are the job opportunities. Regardless of whether you’re a new grad or a seasoned veteran of the workforce, employers are looking to hire tech talent to innovate the clean energy sector. Start your search in these three states for your best chance at landing a green job.  Read more.

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2. Coding Is Fundamental

The ability to read and write are basic to any hope of landing a decent job. But these days, the ability to code is so in demand by employers that some are equating it to basic literacy. It used to be that only a tiny subset of schoolchildren tinkered with programming languages. They became the people who built websites and created apps or filled other IT roles. But now, online classes are making a broader cohort of kids—and an ever-growing group of adults looking to gain the skills that will make them marketable in the tech sector. "Programming teaches logic, higher-level math and learning concepts that make you smarter and are useful no matter what," says Jake Schwartz, co-founder and CEO of General Assembly, a for-profit education startup that offers coding and design courses. "The vast majority of our students are those who, later in life, realize that this is a really interesting career and also one where there are a lot of jobs," says Schwartz. And companies are more frequently sending employees, including executives, to short courses designed to give them at least a rudimentary understanding of what lies beneath the programs and websites they use.  Read more.

3. Avoiding Buzzword Overkill

If you’ve ever responded to an interview question by saying that you’re “a go-getter who thinks outside the box and a proactive thought leader,” or put such a scattershot spray of buzzwords on a resume, it’s a good guess that you didn’t get the job. If you did, then you’re not alone. To get a better sense of how to tell your story without making hiring managers cringe, check out the new CareerBuilder survey that lists some of the best and worst resume terms.  Read more.

4. Indian Firms Benefit from "Intrapreneurships"

Giving workers time to pursue passion projects, up to and including company-funded independent ventures, is all the rage in Bangalore, as companies seek to boost their profitability through innovation.  Read more.

Job Spotlight
1. Electronics Design Engineer - University College London, London, United Kingdom

2. Operations Architect - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, Pennsylvania, USA

3. Principal Development Engineer - Sagetech Corporation, Washington, USA

4. Electrical Engineer - Tesla Motors Inc., California, USA

5. Transformer Insultation Engineer - DuPont, Virginia, USA

6. Engineer (Computing) - CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland

7. Postdoctoral Researcher - IMDEA Materials, Madrid, Spain

8. Data Center Facility Operations Electrical Engineer - Facebook, CA, USA



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