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9 April 2014
Your bi-weekly report on jobs, education, management, and the engineering workplace, from the editors of IEEE Spectrum.
1. Landing a Job When You Don't Know It All

If companies regularly make job offers to college students who are close to graduation but have yet to don their caps and gowns, why wouldn’t they give a job seeker a shot if that person lacks a sought-after skill but has a plan in place for obtaining it? A article reasons thusly, urging job hunters not to let one item on an employer’s wish list scare them away.  Read more.

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2. Are You a Job Seeker or an Opportunity Magnet?

There are millions of job seekers out there trying valiantly, but ultimately failing, to land their dream jobs. What are they missing? On 23 April, at 1:00 p.m. EST, the IEEE Job Site help will host a Webinar aimed at providing the answers that will help turn run-of-the-mill candidates into people who stand above the rabble. The 45-minute seminar will be led by Michael B. Junge, author of Purple Squirrel: Stand Out, Land Interviews, and Master the Modern Job Market. Among the topics Junge will discuss are: why most job seekers waste huge amounts of time and what you can do differently; and where top companies hunt for talent and what you can do to help catch their attention. Attendees will even receive a free, downloadable digital edition of Purple Squirrel. Read more.

3. Finding a Sponsor for Your Career Ambitions

If you aspire to make it to the executive ranks, finding a sponsor who will school you on the finer points of what it takes to inhabit that arena and make sure that you don’t toil away in obscurity is an absolute necessity. A Harvard Business Review article discusses how to avoid squandering your talent and hard work on leaders who won’t sponsor you even after you’ve demonstrated that you’re sponsor worthy.  Read more.

4. French Law Prohibits Sending Work E-mails to Tech Sector Workers After Hours

French tech professionals no longer have to make the angst-inducing decision of whether to interact with their families during the evening hours or field post-workday e-mails from the boss. A law enacted in 1999 demands that companies maintain a strict maximum 35-hour working week. But seeing that smartphones were making it easy for employers to sidestep that rule, a union representing most of the country’s tech workforce urged its members to ignore any digital communication received after the 6pm deadline. Read More.

5. Tech Startups Come to New York City Looking for the Best and Brightest

If you're looking for work, a tech start-up might be for you. But it can be hard to find out which of these up and coming firms are in need of your skills and talents. Wakefield Media's Uncubed conference series makes that task much easier by bringing dozens of new firms—most seeking developers, engineers, and other tech talent—under one roof. The next event will take place on Thursday, 17 April. You can get more details and register for the event at: (IEEE Members get a 30% discount with promo code IEEE30). Even if you can’t make it to New York, Wakefield's got you covered. You can sign up for its daily email covering start-ups.’” 

Job Spotlight
1. Director of Engineering - Aurora Flight Sciences, Virginia, USA

2. Sr. Staff SW Engineer - Continental Automotive Systems Inc., Illinois, USA

3. Assistant Professor - Tenure Track, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium

4. System Control Center Electrical Engineer II/III - Portland General Electric, Oregon, USA

5. Electrical Engineer - Bridgers & Paxton Consulting Engineers, Inc., New Mexico, USA

6. Instrumentation Engineer - UES, Inc., Ohio, USA

7. SIEMENS Trained CT or MRI Field Service Engineer - Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology, New York, USA

8. IS / Engineering Business Partner - AREVA Inc., North Carolina, USA




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