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22 June 2016
Your bi-weekly report on jobs, education, management, and the engineering workplace, from the editors of IEEE Spectrum.
1. Why Should I Hire You?

That’s another way to say, “What sets you apart?” A article advises job seekers—whether in an interview or on a resume—not to rattle off a list of the things that are basic to the positions they’re currently in. “Write about the things you did that no one ever dreamed possible,” the article says. You can also bolster a hiring manager’s confidence in you by making it clear that you know yourself. How so? “When hiring managers ask you in an interview what your weakness is, they already know.” Better to be realistic about any issues with your candidacy ahead of time so you address them head on.  Read more.

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2. Navigating the Narrow Straits of Non-Disclosures and Non-Competes
Chances are good that you can’t flatly refuse to sign a non-compete or a non-disclosure agreement and expect to be hired. But if the terms of the agreement are onerous, that calls for a negotiation. A blog post says that, “If you agree not to go work for a competitor for a year (by signing [a non-compete agreement]), then don’t agree to work ‘at will,’ whereby the company can let you go any time it wants.” Instead, ask for an employment contract that obligates the company to keep paying you through the end of the period during which you’re barred from joining any of its rivals. Read on for more on how to deal with such restrictive covenants. Read more.
3. Five Practices That Accelerate Your Career Advancement

A new crop of college graduates has just been minted. Good for them that people who think a lot about careers have reverse engineered the process of going from neophyte to established professional. Among the steps a Forbes article recommends is finding a mentor who’ll be a sounding board, a fount of information about the company and the industry, and a source of new contacts. Just as important, says the article is learning to communicate clearly—“whether you’re writing a department-wide email or leading a small meeting.”  Read more.

4. Space Jobs Taking Off in Ireland

A thousand jobs in the space sector are coming to Ireland in the next four years. According to, revenues in Irish companies involved in the space industry are expected to skyrocket. The Tyndall National Institute and the European Space Agency recently reported that they to establish a Space Business Incubator in Ireland. The aim is to help set up 25 space-related Irish start-ups by 2020.  Read more.

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