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27 July 2016
Your bi-weekly report on jobs, education, management, and the engineering workplace, from the editors of IEEE Spectrum.
1. How Will Brexit Affect the United Kingdom's Tech Employment Picture?

Now that the people of the U.K. have spoken, choosing to part ways with the European Union, it’s time to deal with the devil over the details. One such concern: changes in immigration policies that could affect the circumstances under which foreign nationals from EU-member nations can legally live and work there. Recruiting tech talent may soon be tough for U.K. firms accustomed to the current rules allowing European Economic Area nationals to move to the UK for three months, and stay in the country as long as they’re employed or actively looking for work.  Read more.

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2. More Job Automation But More Jobs for Humans Too, Say U.S. Tech CEOs
Three-fourths of tech CEOs who responded to a survey by consulting firm KPMG expect to increase the size of their workforces over the next three years. That’s despite the fact that automation and machine learning tools are likely to replace at least 5 percent of their sales, marketing, technology, and manufacturing staffs. Read more.
3. Google Needs to google, "How to Hire Women, Minorities, and People Over 40"

Google just released numbers related to the makeup of its workforce. And they ain’t good. Fewer than 1 in 5 members of its technical workforce are women. The ethnic minority presence at the firm is even more minuscule. Roughly 1 in 20 tech workers at Google is black or Latino. What will one of the world’s most innovative companies come up with in order to remedy its lack of diversity?  Read more.

4. India Invests in Its Tech Future

The national government has proposed a plan to use the classrooms at its technical colleges during off hours to train a million young people in basic engineering skills by 2019.  Read more.

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