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April 30, 2012
Streamlined Application Process for Conference Organizers Coming Soon with ICX
Maintaining Conference Revenue Momentum
Forecast for 2012 POCO: Lively Discussion

The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.

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Streamlined Application Process for Conference Organizers Coming Soon with ICX

IEEE is continually striving to improve its services for conference organizers. Beginning in late May, conference submitters will experience a streamlined process for registering conferences with the launch of IEEE Conference Exchange, or ICX.

ICX is a state-of-the-art information infrastructure built on the IEEE Business Platform (IBP), and is meant to directly support the IEEE conference business.

For conference organizers, using ICX will be a simple, intuitive process that begins with on-line registration. For IEEE Conference Services, the new platform will result in better quality and enable delivery of more personalized service to conference organizers.

A Guide to the New Process

ICX will launch in May with a new registration form. On the first page of ICX, conference organizers have the choice of submitting a new application, completing an application still in progress, or checking on the status of an application already submitted.

Information is gathered in an intuitive, seven-step process. ICX takes in a lot of information at the beginning, but conference organizers shouldn't worry about having to provide it all at once. ICX saves data already entered in an application, and allows organizers to come back to it later.

By the time an application is complete, the organizers will have provided the following: submitter information, basic event information, location details, sponsor information, facts about the technical program, conference contacts, and comments. A progress bar will help users keep track of which stage they have reached.

Benefits for Conference Organizers

In addition to allowing conference organizers to save applications before they are completed, ICX also offers the following benefits:

  • Organizers can search or find status on their conferences immediately, at any time through ICX.
  • Once an application is submitted, ICX performs a duplicate check on all information entered, to ensure there is only one submission per conference.
  • Common web-form tools, such as calendars, editors, and a "Google-type" search system will be integrated into the platform, reducing entry errors and speeding the application process.
  • Once entered, data is reused as necessary, such as for the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), so you enter information only once.
  • The review and approval process will be streamlined with the MoU integrated into ICX. An electronic review and approval approach speeds the process of obtaining comments and signatures.

When to Expect the Changes

Conference organizers will begin using ICX in late May, followed by Conference publications Fall 2012.

The following one to two years will be focused on optimizing back-end operations while gathering and incorporating feedback from users. After this stage, new services on the ICX platform will be developed and made available to conference organizers.

For more information see the ICX Overview Webpages, or contact IEEE Conference Services.

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Maintaining Conference Revenue Momentum

To keep pace with inflation and rising costs associated with producing quality events, IEEE Conference Services suggests that organizers budget for a minimum revenue increase of 4%.

Conference Best Practices include the use of many sources of revenue to fund your conference, including exhibits, patronage and registration fees, so be sure to explore all options in building the budget.

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Forecast for 2012 POCO: Lively Discussion

An exciting and useful program agenda for 2012 POCO has been finalized. POCO will continue to provide the ‘hands on, nuts and bolts’ information and resources you need to manage your IEEE conference. For 2012, you will find practical and applicable skills and techniques that will enhance your conference now, and now and in the future. Plus, we have added more ‘big picture’ topics to provoke conversations on emerging conference models, reaching new audiences and ensuring long term growth.

Content will be offered in various tracts and delivery methods – from general session, break out, small group and one-one discussion. Speakers will include IEEE Volunteers, Conference Organizers, Staff and Industry Experts, to ensure appropriate expertise and range of ideas.

POCO is the perfect place for conference organizers and OU thought leaders to learn, discuss, explore and share best practices, ideas, issues and visions for a robust future.  Lively discussion, interesting topic and the opportunity to meet old friends and make new connections are assured. But, you have to join us in Budapest, as participants are a critical source of ideas and learning! 

Review the 2012 POCO Agenda.   

POCO registration is open through 28 June 2012.  

Reminder - There is no registration fee for the 2012 Panel of Conference Organizers. Many IEEE organizational units (OU's) will reimburse travel and lodging expenses for attendees. Potential attendees seeking funding should obtain OU approval before registering.

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