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November 2012
Year-End Processing Deadline for Contracts: 30 November 2012
Important Action Year End Items for IEEE Conference Organizers
You Can Learn More About Your Conference Attendees
Best Practice Tips for Working With On-Site Volunteers
2013 US Airline Capacity Expected to Decrease

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Year-End Processing Deadline for Contracts: 30 November 2012

Please be aware that any contract submitted on a vendor's contract template or an IEEE contract template with modifications will require review by the IEEE Legal Department.  Please allow enough time for subject matter expert (SME) and legal review and further negotiations.

Please contact Vita Feuerstein if you have any concerns or questions.

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Important Action Year End Items for IEEE Conference Organizers

IEEE Meetings & Conferences is seeking the assistance of all organizers involved with currently open conferences to achieve the following three goals prior to the end of 2012:
  • Timely Closure of All Financially-Sponsored Conferences - IEEE policy requires all financially sponsored conferences to submit all documents and close within six months of the conference’s conclusion.  The Finance team hopes to work with all conference organizers to ensure that all conferences that ended 6 months ago or more are closed by the end of2012. 
  • Updated Financial Information - To report the most up-to-date and accurate financial information possible, the Conference Finance Services team requests an updated financial forecast from all conferences prior to the end of the year.
  • Submission of 1099/1042 Reportable Payments for Tax Compliance - To meet regulations imposed on companies doing business in the United States, IEEE must report payments made to individuals that would be classified as income (expense reimbursements should not be included). 

Conferences taking place in the US should report all such payments made to US citizens and resident aliens (1099) and non-US persons (1042).  Conferences taking place outside the US should report payments made to US citizens and resident aliens only.  All conferences should submit updated 1099/1042 payments by the end of the year. IEEE is subject to penalties if payments are not submitted on time, and those penalties will be charged back to the conference.

IEEE Conference Finance Services is eager to assist organizers in reaching these goals.  If you have any questions about what is required or how to submit it, please contact<

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You Can Learn More About Your Conference Attendees

If your conference is interested in understanding the needs and preferences attendees have regarding conference article publication you will want to contact Deborah Graffox, Business Manager-IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing who is planning an upcoming study of conference authors.

All that is required is to forward your conference registration lists (attendee family and given names, plus email addresses) to Deborah no later than 15 January 2013. Attendee lists will not be shared and used only for the purpose of this study.

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Best Practice Tips for Working With On-Site Volunteers

Most IEEE conferences rely on on-site volunteers to make sure the event goes smoothly. From stuffing attendee bags, manning the information or registration desks or merely directing attendees or authors, these folks fulfill an invaluable role - one that conferences could not afford to have paid staff perform.

Regardless if they are students or local OU members, there are some simple 'best practices' to ensure success and satisfaction for all parties:

  • Set good expectations - Be clear and specific in what tasks and for how long you want volunteer support. General and open ended requests are less likely to be successful in filling your needs.
  • Requests for help should be personal and direct - Communicate what is needed; how it is matched to their skills or experiences; and will benefit them.Untargeted, mass messages won’t attract the people and skills you need.
  • Demonstrate how their help will benefit the conference and them - Testimonials are a great way to express the right words, feelings and value. Don’t hide the fact that you NEED their help and the conference cannot function without them.
  • Utilize Social Media – Students are a rich source of support, so communicate with them in the media they are most receptive to.Simplify the steps to YES!, so consider mobile apps, too.
  • Check in and adjust – During your conference it is a good idea to check in with each volunteer to see how things are going. If there is a mismatch, a switch in roles may be in order.If they are unclear on what to do, some additional training may be needed.
  • Acknowledge their efforts – Provide authentic and honest gratitude for all volunteers. Seek ways to not only thank them for their time and effort, but provide additional benefits or access that make volunteering worth it.

As conferences are a significant IEEE member activity, it is important that the participating on-site volunteers walk away with overall favorable impressions and positive feelings about their contribution. Managing expectations and sincere appreciation go a long way in assuring those occur.

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2013 US Airline Capacity Expected to Decrease

As reported in Aviation International News, US domestic air capacity will shrink in 2013 to mirror passenger demands and address soaring jet fuel costs.

Airlines for America, the association representing the large major U.S. carriers anticipates airlines to scale back capacity early next year, with a 2.4-percent reduction in scheduled domestic flights, a 1.3-percent decrease in domestic seats and a 0.1-percent cut in domestic available seat miles in the new year.

Reduced capacity will eventually lead to more full fare pricing and squeeze access to discounted fares. For conference organizers, the implications will include managing attendee “Total Cost of Attendance” closely and providing adequate notification lead times for attendees and authors, helping them to secure the best flight deals possible.

To read more, see AIN Online.

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