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January 2013
MCE - A New Name for Our Team!
Conference Organizer Webpages Updated
New Policy Introduces Plagiarism Detection to the Publication Workflow
IEEE Conference Exchange (ICX) Updates
Prague Offers Special Incentives for Conferences
US Transportation Authority Eliminating Some Body Scanners

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MCE - A New Name for Our Team!

Effective January 1, 2013 IEEE Meetings and Conferences is no more! The team will now be known as IEEE Meetings, Conferences and Events (MCE).

According to Marie Hunter, Senior Director IEEE Meetings, Conferences and Events, "The updated name better reflects the breadth and depth of the activities we manage and support. Look to MCE for continued partnership, expertise and support in organizing, planning and executing events of all types around the globe."  

MCE can support your conference needs through Business Services such obtaining IEEE conference approval, development of your MoU with your co-sponsors, navigating the finances of your conference, conference publication support and with all your event management needs through the in-house planning services of Meetings and Conferences management (MCM).

For more information on the types of services we offer, contact our Customer Relationship Management team at

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Conference Organizer Webpages Updated

In December 2012, the Conference Services team completed extensive changes to the webpages dedicated to conference organizers. This project includes revised organization of the content, creation of a significant amount of new topics and more detailed information, plus editing of previously existing content. Special thanks to the IEEE volunteers who participated in three rounds user tests which provided very useful feedback and input which was  incorporated into the final edits.

You can access the conference organizer pages at:

Visitors will now be able to both “Learn” about conference organizing definitions, practices and resources, as well as be able to “Do” the necessary steps for running a conference with IEEE by having the required steps and materials highlighted. 

  • A useful page of “Quick Links” has been created to provide shortcuts to frequently used materials and resources.
  • Wholly new content on creating a new conference, committee roles, planning a technical program and others will enable newer organizers establish a solid base and understanding as they approach their new assignments.
  • An IEEE Conference Organizer Contacts page simplifies finding the right group to assist with most needs.

More additions are planned for the near future which will be highlighted in this newsletter. We are anxious for feedback and input on changes, likes, dislikes and any material you would like to see. Please provide your comments to IEEE Conference Services.

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New Policy Introduces Plagiarism Detection to the Publication Workflow

Following the IEEE Board of Directors decision in November 2012, the Publication Services and Products Board has approved a policy requiring all manuscripts to be submitted to plagiarism detection software before being uploaded to IEEE Xplore.  The new policy appears in the PSPB Operations Manual, under Section 8.2.2 as a new Subsection C:

“Plagiarism is a threat to scholarly publishing in general and to IEEE’s publication program in particular. Originality of the submitted work can be assured through plagiarism screening and rejection of suspected material. For maximum effectiveness among IEEE periodicals and conferences, all IEEE articles shall be submitted to a plagiarism detection process prior to being uploaded to IEEE Xplore.”

The goal of the policy is to bolster the quality of IEEE Xplore content by identifying papers with potentially plagiarized material before they are posted.  Although the policy is already in effect, it is expected that not all conferences will be able to implement CrossCheck immediately.  Conference organizers are encouraged to include this important tool as soon as possible in their conference planning.

The IEEE Intellectual Property Rights Office has offered CrossCheck as a plagiarism detection service at no cost to all organizational units since 2009, and many journal and conference editors have already implemented the tool into their workflows.  IEEE editors in chief and conference publication chairs that are not using CrossCheck are encouraged to contact the IPR Office for more information on registering to use CrossCheck.  Additionally, staff will provide volunteers with assistance and suggestions, can help review results, and advise volunteers on any actions that should be taken.

More information is available on the IEEE IPR Office’s CrossCheck Information Page.

Contact the IEEE IPR Office with questions at or +1 732-562-3966.

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IEEE Conference Exchange (ICX) Updates

A.  Some users of ICX have missed important communications regarding their conference because they were diverted to the Spam folder. Please add the following email addresses to your Contact list to avoid this


B.  In December the sponsor selection process in the Conference Application was revised. The new steps are:

  • Start typing the sponsor's name to find it in the list. You MUST select the name in the list.
  • If the name is not listed, type in a new name in Unlisted Sponsor field and then choose Add Unlisted Sponsor.
  • Type in the full name of the sponsor. Do not type in acronyms or abbreviations.
  • Add all conference sponsors.

C.  ICX, consistent with IEEE IT systems, supports the following browsers as of 20 January 2013:

    • Chrome 13 and later
    • Firefox 4.0 and later
    • Internet Explorer 7.0 and 8.0
    • Safari  5 and later.
    • Chrome 17 and later
    • Firefox 9 and later
    • Safari 5 and later

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    Prague Offers Special Incentives for Conferences

    The Prague Convention Bureau (PCB) has several attractive offers available to conference organizers aimed at boosting the congress tourism industry and meeting organizer needs. 

    First, a recent survey conducted by PCB showed 50 per cent of respondents mentioned free Wi-Fi for delegates as very important; with international associations placing this as the highest need.  Prague Convention Bureau responded and began negotiations with its members to secure free Wi-Fi service in Prague.

    Currently,  90+ per cent of Prague Convention Bureau member hotels offer free Wi-Fi internet for conference attendees to some level; some of them provide free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel including guest rooms, some of them at least in the conference premises, at the reception, in the lobby bar, or restaurants.

    Second, for an association meeting with 500+ attendees (20% international), free public transport service is available for all registered attendees.

    For specific information on both offers, please see the Prague Convention Bureau website.

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    US Transportation Authority Eliminating Some Body Scanners

    The US Transportation Security Administration is planning to end use of airport body scanners that produce graphic images of travelers' bodies by June 2013.

    Rapiscan, the manufacturer of the so-called "backscatter" devices confirmed it cannot meet a mandatory deadline to install privacy software on the machines, which left the TSA no other option. However, TSA will continue to utilize other scanning devices that produce a generic body outline, generating less privacy issues.

    Read the full article at

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