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April 2013
IEEE Conference Exchange (ICX) Updates and Ehnacements
POCO 2013 Registration is Open
Boost Membership with the IEEE Conference Member Recruitment Program
Buyer Beware! Airline Industry Change Fees Take Off
US Flights Return to Normal but for How Long?

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IEEE Conference Exchange (ICX) Updates and Ehnacements

In response to feedback from contributors regarding their experience with the IEEE conference application process, IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) has undertaken a priority effort to make it more efficient and user-friendly.

MCE has established a phased approach to make changes to the ICX conference application form and system along with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) template. The following changes represent the first phase in evolution of the ICX conference application and MOU template.

ICX/Conference Information Schedule Changes - Phase 1

  • Step 2, "About the Event": country is a required field; city and state are no longer required fields
  • Step 3, "About the Location": only the country field is required; all other fields are optional
  • Step 3 & 6: Zip code is no longer a required field

ICX/MOU Template - Phase 1

Under the area labeled “RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE SPONSORING PARTIES” the following items were removed: 

  • List the sponsors that are represented on the Technical Program committee 
  • Describe the role of each sponsor represented on the Technical Program Committee 
  • Does the conference committee have full authority to operate the conference? Yes/No 
  • Is the oversight committee made up of representatives from each sponsor? 
  • Who appoints the conference committee chairs and other key members? 
  • Who approves the conference budgets?
  • Who establishes registration fees?
  • Under the area labeled "TECHNICAL PROGRAM" the following items were removed: 
  • What is the structure of the technical program committee? 
  • What is the estimated number of submitted papers? 
  • What is your targeted acceptance rate for submitted papers? 
  • How many named reviewers will be associated with this conference? 
  • What criteria will be used by your reviewers to evaluate submissions? 
  • Are you using student reviewers? 
  • How will you ensure that all accepted papers will be presented? 

If the submitter of the Conference Application indicates that their conference materials will not be part of the CPP we will also remove the following items under the area labeled “TECHNICAL PROGRAM”

  • What materials are being reviewed? 
  • What type of review is being performed? 
  • How many reviewers will review each paper? 

We are also removing the following clauses from all MOUs:

  • “Governing Law”: This MOU shall be governed, construed, applied and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of New York without regard to conflict of law principles.
  • “Dispute Resolution”: All disputes arising under this MOU or relating to IEEE's publication of the works shall be governed by New York law and heard by a court of competent jurisdiction in New York, New York. The Sponsoring Party consents to jurisdiction in New York, New York for that purpose. 
MCE is committed to continuous improvement to the conference application process; please feel free to provide any comments, feedback or questions to Julie Amodeo, MCE Customer Relationship Management.

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POCO 2013 Registration is Open

Registration for the 8th annual Panel of Conference Organizers (POCO) has opened. 2013 POCO will be held 25-27 July 2013 in Portland, OR USA.

POCO offers conference organizers and OU leadership excellent opportunities to increase knowledge about organizing high quality conferences, meet colleagues and learn more about IEEE and industry conference practices. Content and topics will be of interest for attendees of all experience levels.

Registration will be open through 15 June 2013, on a space available basis. Don't delay! 

To Register, go Here

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Boost Membership with the IEEE Conference Member Recruitment Program

What better way to introduce your Technical Society than participating in the IEEE Conference Member Recruitment (CMR) Program.  The IEEE CMR program provides a great incentive to those who join the IEEE at your conference: each higher-grade, full-dues paying IEEE membership applicant is given one year of membership to one of IEEE's 38 Technical Societies at no cost to the member or your Society.

The program runs in parallel with the IEEE membership year (16 August - 15 August) and is one of the most successful membership development tools available.

For questions regarding the CMR program contact Denise Maestri. 

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Buyer Beware! Airline Industry Change Fees Take Off

United Airlines was the first to increase change fees, followed quickly by US Airways. For Domestic US flights, the cost to revise a non-refundable fare went up USD $50, from $150 to $200. International flights also rose by $50, up to $300. These charges are on top off any fare difference charge. Fees on less restricted fares (with higher prices) or refundable tickets remain unchanged.

With earnings pressure being experienced by all carriers, industry watchers are forecasting most major carriers to follow suit. Travelers should fully understand the restrictions and fees before booking a specific fare. Some analysis of the total cost of the airfare may be very valuable.

To read more see the CNBC Blog.

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US Flights Return to Normal but for How Long?

The US air travel system was significantly impacted 21 -23 April by the furlough of air traffic control staff to comply with cuts resulting from the US budget sequestration process (a procedure in United States law that limits the size of the federal budget). Delta Airlines alone, canceled nearly 90 flights each day, and those not canceled experienced sizable ground delays.

Congress rushed through emergency legislation the past weekend that should prevent a re-occurrence. However, conference committees should be aware that in the current political climate, the situation could change rapidly.

US based conferences scheduled for the remainder of 2013 will be well served to monitor this situation closely as it could impact attendees travel plans and conference hotel attrition, especially as the event date grows nearer. Inclusion of travel advice in confirmation materials may help lessen impacts and last minute scrambling.

See ABC News for more details.

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