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20 December 2017
Imaging Human Corneas In Vivo
Two papers from UCLA outline optical design and prototype development and evaluation of a  new system of reflection-mode terahertz imaging for early, accurate, non-contact detection and study of corneal diseases in humans. The system reveals corneal-tissue water content and geometry while avoiding the problems caused by direct contact with the cornea required by earlier THz systems.

RWW    Radio & Wireless Week (Anaheim, CA, 14-17 Jan.)

The 2018 Radio & Wireless Week runs 14-17 January in Anaheim, CA, and includes IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium, PAWR (power amps), SIRF (silicon monolithic ICs), WISNet (wireless sensors), and TWIOS (Internet of Space), plus the MTT-S Winter Technical Meeting.

THz    Sieves as Lenses

Some THz imaging applications demand custom lenses, often not commercially available. THz sieves offer a new kind of lensing solution, improving upon the resolution of conventional zone plates constructed with the same level of detail.

RWW    MTT-S Winter Technical Meeting (Anaheim, CA, 13 Jan.)

The MTT-S Winter Technical Meeting (on 13 January 2018 in Anaheim, CA, during Radio and Wireless Week) offers preview talks from the Society's 2018 Distinguished Microwave Lecturers. Everyone is welcome and there is no charge.

Detectors    Antenna-Coupled MKID Performance

Microwave kinetic inductance detectors (MKIDs) are state-of-the-art for the next generation sub-mm imaging instruments that require kilo-pixel focal plane arrays. This MKID design is optimized to operate in a 100-GHz band around 850 GHz with background-limited radiation detection down to about 100 aW.

RWW    Young Professionals RF Tech Forum (Anaheim, CA, 15 Jan.)

MTT-S and IEEE invite you to the Young Professionals RF Tech Forum and Networking event on 15 Jan. in Anaheim, CA, part of Radio & Wireless Week. The workshop provides a platform for sharing knowledge, meeting colleagues, and networking with industry executives.

Biomedicine    RF for Noninvasive Internal Body Temperature Tracking

Near-field radiometry for measuring temperature inside  the human body operates in the 1.4-GHz quiet band for centimeter penetration into tissues with low RF interference, showing good agreement with independent measurements.

Call for Papers    mm-Waves Symposium and 5G Hardware Summit

The deadline is 14 Jan. 2018 for submitting papers for May's 11th Global Symposium on Millimeter Waves (GSMM) and IEEE 5G Summit in Boulder, CO. Acceptance notifications go out on 18 February, and manuscripts are due 18 March.

Wearables    mm-Wave Textile Integrated Waveguides

Two millimeter-wave textile integrated waveguides (TIWs), which differ only in the substrate used, have been designed, manufactured, and experimentally verified to conform with predicted behavior. 

Meeting    Wireless and Microwave (WAMICON, Sand Key, FL, 9-10 Apr.)

The 19th annual IEEE Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference (WAMICON 2018) will be held in Sand Key, FL on 9-10 April to address up-to-date multidisciplinary research, focusing on the theme, "mm-Waves and Internet of Things (IoT) for Commercial and Defense." 

Interferometry    New Method for 3-D Millimeter-Wave Holography

A novel interferometry technique for active millimeter-wave (MMW) holography. Simulations and laboratory experiments validate the method's reconstruction accuracy and computational efficiency.

Coming Up    Radio and Wireless Week, Space THz Tech, Wireless & Microwave

Upcoming MTT-S-sponsored meetings include Radio & Wireless Week (Anaheim, CA, 14-17 Jan., including SIRF, PAWR, TWIOS and others), Space Terahertz Technology (ISSTT, Pasadena, CA, 26-28 Mar.), and Wireless and Microwave Technology (WAMICON, Sand Key, FL, 9-10 Apr.)

IEEE MTT-S Webinar

Switchable and Tunable Ferroelectric Devices for Adaptive and Reconfigurable RF Circuits

12:00 p.m. EST, Tuesday, 9 January 2018
Speaker: Amir Mortazawi, University of Michigan
Moderator: Michael C. Hamilton, Auburn University

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Power Amp Design Challenge Deadline is 26 January
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