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IEEE VTS Report: Board of Governors Meeting in Houston, Texas, USA, 20–21 January 2017
James Irvine

The first VTS Board meeting of 2017 was held on 21 January in Houston, preceded by a strategy session led by IEEE staff the previous evening. The Board welcomed new elected member Richard Yu, from Carleton University in Canada. 

There have been a number of changes to the VTS executive for 2017. Nicholas J. Kirsch has been appointed as the new Fellowship and Scholarship Committee Chair, with the task of overseeing the The Daniel E. Noble Fellowship Award and the Transportation Electronics Fellowship which will be reinstated after a number of years when they have not been awarded.

Marina Aguado, the new Education Chair, will lead the VTS Resource Center going forward, the the Board agreed policy which will plenaries at VTC and VPPC recorded and posted, subject to the presenters’ permission.

Thomas Kurihara will head the Standards Committee. Thomas is Chair of the IEEE P1609 working group, and plans to explore new opportunities in ITS, Railways and Connected vehicle-related standards projects. 

Oliver Holland, from King’s College in London, has been appointed Chapter Committee Chair. Oliver currently chairs the UKRI chapter. Finally, Ali Balador has been appointed as the new Young Professionals Representative. This has been identified as a priority for the Society—1 in 3 IEEE members are young professionals.

David Haccoun has stood down as Awards Chair, although he remains the Society’s representative to the Wireless Communications Letters Steering Group, which VTS currently has responsibility for chairing. Gordon Stuber is taking over as Awards Chair, with his previous responsibilities as Fellows Chair taken on by Abbas Jamalipour.

The Board received reports from a number of sub-committees.  The Treasurer, Tom Rubinstein, reported that the Society was on target to meet its budget even given the large increase in pages in the Transactions. The transactions published 6031 pages in 2015, up from 4800 pages each in the previous two years, and 10,300 pages had been published in 2016. 

VP—Publications Weihua Zhang noted that the number of papers in the early access queue—which are papers that are available to be published as soon as space is available—had fallen from 685 in June to 498 now. She estimated the backlog in terms of number of pages at the end of 2017 would be around 3000 pages.

The term of office of the Transactions Editor-in-Chief, Michael Fang, is coming to an end, and the Board thanked Mike for his four years of service. His replacement will be Prof Nei Kato, who is currently the editor of IEEE Network. 

On the Magazine, Javier is stepping down as Senior Editor of Mobile Radio after 16 years, and Prof. Matthias Pätzold was taking over the roll.  Klaus recorded his thanks to Javier for his efforts over the past 16 years, and Javier turn thanked the editors that he had worked with: James Irvine, Charlie Backof, and Klaus David.

VP—Membership Fabrice Labeau described the very positive results from the membership development activity in China. Javier did some additional visits in China in conjunction with VPPC, and also in Colombia. A priority area for 2017 is Queensland, in conjunction with the Sydney conference.

VP—Conferences JR Cruz provided the BoG with updates on the conferences and their financial conditions. VTC in Glasgow had proved to be the most successful VTC financially in recent years, and will generate surplus of around about $285,000. VPPC2015 generated a surplus of about $33,000, but there would be no surplus from VPPC2016, which had focused on enlarging the community.

Bih-Yuan Ku presented the status of the Land Transportation Division. Priorities for the year were standardization and better liaison with the RTSC. David Thurston is the JRC rep. There are 94 papers this year and about 30 of these are in the electronics area. David will be chair of JRC2018.

VP—Motor Vehicles Loic Boulon reported VPPC2016 accepted 245 papers from 396 submissions. It had 250 attendees, compared to 200 in 2015. The 2015 VPPC keynotes were in the Resource Centre and two magazine articles had resulted from the conference. The motor vehicle challenge had gone very well, with the closing date for submissions having just passed. There were 21 groups with 48 participants in all.

VP—Mobile Radio Jae Hong Lee noted that there were two main ongoing activities—the 5G initiative and a proposal to hold a Wireless Africa conference. A number of possible countries had been considered, but the preference was for Ethiopia and Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. James gave an overview of the current status of the 5G initiative. As well as 5G, VTS has involvement in IEEE initiatives for Smart Cities, SDN, and Symbiotic Autonomous Systems.  In addition, meeting approved joining the IoT initiative.

Executive VP Alex Wyglinski reported on the VTS Connected Vehicle initiative. A first very successful workshop on security had been held in Montréal, and an additional one was planned for VTC2017-Fall in Toronto. The summer school had also gone very well, and sponsorship was received from National Science Foundation. VTS is also co-ordinating a MOOC on autonomous vehicles which IEEE Educational Activities is working on.

The next VTS Board meeting will he held at VTC2017-Spring in Sydney. 

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IEEE VTS Report: Board of Governors Meeting in Houston, Texas, USA, 20–21 January 2017
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