Membership Update
Message from the Vice-President—Membership
Fabrice Labeau

VTS periodically runs membership surveys to take the pulse of its members.  The latest survey was conducted in the Fall of 2015. We are very thankful to the roughly 600 members who took the time to provide this feedback. The results are overall positive, with increases in overall member satisfaction.  OAs in previous years, our members still quote remaining technically current and being part of a premiere professional society as their main reason for joining VTS. 77% of respondents consider that our main publications (Transactions on Vehicular Technology and Vehicular Technology Magazine) provide good or very good value to the job and career. We also use these surveys as a way to guide the directions and actions of the society. Several complaints were made about the quality of the society website, and we are now planning an overhaul of this website during 2016. A few members have noted that they may not hear enough from VTS; 2016 will see our increased presence through electronic media, thanks to a strategy that is being finalized by Board members. Other membership-related initiatives are in preparation to improve our local and global reach; stay tuned for more throughout 2016!

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Membership Update
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Message from the Vice-President—Membership
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