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Membership Update
Message from the Society President
Javier Gozálvez

A message from the new VTS President, outlining the Society's goals for the coming year. Read more...

Message from the Vice-PresidentóMembership
Fabrice Labeau

The new Vice-President—Membership reports on the most recent survey of VTS members. Read more...

IEEE VTS New Fellow MembersóClass of 2016

VTS members elevated to IEEE Fellow in 2016

Mobile and Portable Communications
Wireless Power Transfer
Javier Gozálvez

KAIST has developed a wireless-power transfer (WPT) technology that allows mobile devices to be charged at any location and in any direction. Read more...
Automotive Electronics
Smartphone Connectivity
Bill Fleming

Apple and Google are bringing their familiar smartphone screens and functionality right to the car's dashboard. Read more...

Connected Vehicles
Towards Automated Driving
Elisabeth Uhlemann

Suncor Energy will try Komatsu’s Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) in the mining industry in northern Canada. Read more...

Vehicular Technology Magazine
Klaus David

IEEE VTS publishes the IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, a quarterly publication that reaches all Society members Read more...

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