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Elisabeth Uhlemann

Automatic Launched Smart Driving Assistant— The San Francisco-based company Automatic launched its Automatic App Gallery, an app store and an open development platform for car apps. By pairing Automatic's connected car adapter and traffic light at intersectionapps for iPhone, Android, and the web, Automatic claims that they can turn almost any car into a connected car.

The Automatic App Gallery features over 20 third-party apps, and the Automatic car adapter enables third-party Bluetooth streaming apps that display data from the car's on-board computer in real time. The Automatic Developer Platform makes it easy for developers to build and distribute car apps powered by the data available in cars. Therefore, Automatic becomes a Smart Driving Assistant that can save the driver money on gas, diagnose engine trouble, detect accidents, and send emergency responses.

Real-Time Data from Connected Vehicles to Report Road Conditions and Alert Others— Even with recent innovations in steering, traction, and braking systems, drivers still regularly face dangerous weather-related road conditions. INRIX has now announced INRIX Road Weather, which provides critical information on road conditions, including updated alerts every 15 min. Unlike traditional weather services, INRIX Road Weather provides information on the roads themselves, including the type of precipitation, surface conditions, and visibility, among others. It is the first system to use real-time data from connected vehicles to report road conditions and alert other drivers of potentially dangerous situations. The road condition information collected by INRIX is analyzed and transmitted to other vehicles and mobile applications giving drivers important and timely information on whether they should adjust their route or driving behavior well ahead of the problem. INRIX Road Weather can also help public transportation and road maintenance agencies to be more efficient when applying resources. In addition, it can assist emergency service personnel to manage traffic flow before an accident occurs. Road Weather is available to automotive and enterprise customers in North America and Europe.

Read the full article in IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2015.

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