View Standard Version February 2016
Message from the Society President
Javier Gozálvez

Message from the VTS President on VTS' position within IEEE. Read more...

VTS Board of Governors: Member Profile

Weihua Zhang is VTS Mobile World's featured volunteer.

Mobile Radio
Events and Projects in 5G
Javier Gozálvez

Review of projects and events that focus on future demands for 2020. Read more...

Automotive Features
Automation in Automotive
Elisabeth Uhlemann

Overview of advanced driver assistance technology in vehicles.

Land Transportation Features
Recent Advances
Harvey Glickenstein

Alstom and Huawei pilot 4G technology for communications-based train control, and a modern streetcar concept is tested for operations in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Read more...

Conference Preview
VTC2016-Fall in Montréal

VTC returns to Montréal a decade after one of the most successful conferences in recent memory. Read more...

Welcome from the VT Magazine Standards Editor
Edward Au

A message from the newly-appointed Standards Editor for IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine. Read more...

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