Message from the Society President
Javier Gozálvez

VTS President Javier GozalvesI write this message while traveling back from the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) meeting in San Diego. TAB is the governing body of IEEE Technical Activities that includes all programs of the 45 IEEE Societies and Technical Councils and is the largest of six major boards within IEEE. TAB meetings can actually have a profound impact on our society activities as it establishes operational procedures to assist the management and operation of the IEEE Societies and Technical Councils. February's TAB meeting included the presentation by the 2016 IEEE President, the 2016 IEEE President-Elect and the 2016 Past President of the proposed IEEE Constitutional Amendment and the restructuring of the IEEE Board of Directors. The session included a serious and long debate on the pros and cons of a possible decision that could have a profound impact on the strategy and operation of the IEEE. You will probably hear a lot about this topic through the official IEEE communication channels as well as through other non-official channels. As an IEEE member, I encourage you to read carefully the information and take part in the decision with your vote, should it be finally presented to the IEEE members in the annual election ballot.

TAB meetings include meetings of very important committees within the IEEE. This includes, for example, the Conference Publications committee (recommends new requirements or changes to conference publication policies and processes), the Periodicals committee (decides on the approval of new IEEE publications), or the Future Directions committee to name a few. The IEEE Future Directions committee is the committee that approves and launches new IEEE initiatives on emerging topics where IEEE is felt should have a strong presence. As an IEEE member, you have probably come across a few of these initiatives on topics such as Internet of Things, Smart Cities or Software Defined Networks.

But this TAB meeting was particularly relevant for our Society, and for me as the 2016 VTS President, as it included our 5-year society review. The objective of the review process is to identify potential issues that could have a negative impact in the operational and strategic organization and management of societies, and to recommend improvements and best practices for societies to follow. I am happy to inform you that the meeting went well, and the committee very positively highlighted some of our important society assets (publications, conference management, strategic planning, DL program, volunteer engagement, finances, etc.). Of course, it also made valuable suggestions that we will certainly implement to further improve the service we provide to our members. As VTS President, I would personally like to thank the Society Review Committee for the constructive running of the review meeting and the suggestions provided. The implementation of the recommendations provided and our continued efforts to improve our service to members will depend on the engagement and participation of our members. So once more, I take this opportunity to strongly encourage you to consider volunteering and actively participate in our society organization and management. There are constantly new volunteering opportunities, and I am sure some of you are thinking about new projects and activities that could benefit all our members. So don't hesitate to get in touch or approach our Board of Governors at our VTC conferences to get more information on how to get involved.

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