Board of Governors' Report
James Irvine

The Society operates through its Board of Governors, which consists of the President, Executive Vice President, five Vice Presidents for Publications, Membership, Land Transportation, Mobile Radio, and Motor Vehicles portfolios, as well as 15 Members-at-Large (5 elected each year for a 3-year term), and additional non-voting members.

The BoG meets three times a year, two of which held during VTC conferences in spring and fall, and one usually during January. The last VTS BoG meeting was held on 22—23 January 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The meeting had 13 voting members and was chaired by the VTS President, Javier Gozálvez.

During the meeting, the President, Vice Presidents, and other committee chairs and publications Editors-in-Chief each presented a report on their respective portfolios. The President reported that the 5-year Society review would take place at the IEEE Board Series in February.

The new financial model for technically co-sponsored conference started 1 January; VTS has agreed to cover the cost for its technically co-sponsored conferences. A key priority for the Society is to shorten the publication time for papers in Transactions on Vehicular Technology, and a motion was passed to increase the page budget significantly for the Transactions in 2016.

A report was given on the IEEE IoT initiative that will transition this year. VTS has been supporting the initiative as one of the sponsors for the IEEE World Forum on IoT, and as organizers of the Automotive IoT workshop.

The BoG was also informed on the possible establishment of a new 5G initiative, where VTS should play a relevant role both in 5G technologies and connected vehicles. Information was also provided on the IEEE DataPort project that is part of the IEEE Big Data initiative; VTS has also been invited to take part in a new IEEE Data magazine.

The 2015 results for the VTS member survey were presented at the BoG. The results showed an increased number of the highest response of "Very satisfied" members to the question 'VTS meets my needs' (up from 16% to 25%). The primary and secondary areas of interest with the highest changes were Vehicle Technology (higher at 30% from 16% in 2010) and Mobile and Portable communications (lower at 50% from 60% in 2010).

The BoG meeting was preceded by a strategy session, which focused on a social media plan for VTS.

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