Mobile Radio
Distributed MIMO Technology
Javier Gozálvez

ZTE Corporation announced the completion of what it claims is the world’s first pre-commercial test of distributed MIMO (D-MIMO) technology. 

The field test, conducted jointly by ZTE and a partner, demonstrated up to nine-time increase in data rate at the cell edge through the use of D-MIMO technology based on ZTE’s proprietary Cloud Radio solution. The outdoor part of the test covered single-user and multiple-user scenarios in an environment with multiple overlapping base stations and used commercially available mobile device terminals.

The coherent-joint transmission (JT) technology used in ZTE’s new DMIMO system ensures full-phase synchronization among base stations so that the jointly transmitted signal is amplified to the maximum level as it arrives at the antenna of a user terminal, minimizing interference with other terminals. 

Compared with the legacy non-coherent-JT technology, ZTE reported that coherent-JT provides 3 dB of additional gain at the antenna of a target user terminal and forms null steering at the antennas of other user terminals to minimize signal interference, achieving MU-JT.

The D-MIMO technology can effectively improve the data rate at the cell edge through coordinated transmission among base stations, resolving a major challenge facing operators. The indoor D-MIMO test result showed that the MU-JT technology can form null steering towards multiple users to guarantee good multiuser joint transmission in an enclosed and small space. 

The company said that the service data rate of a single testing cell was at least quadrupled in an ideal noninterference situation, and a number of testing cells have enhanced their resistance to interference by more than a hundred times.

Read the full article: IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, Volume 11, Number 1, March 2016

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