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IEEE VTS Report: Board of Governors Meeting in Nanjing (China), 17 May 2016
Javier Gozálvez

IEEE Vehicular Technology Society is administered by its Board of Governors. In this article, a summary of the Board's last meeting in May 2016 is presented to members. Read more...

Chapter Profile: Seattle Chapter
Titus Lo (Chair) and Nestor Voronka (Vice-chair)

IEEE Vehicular Technology Society has 47 chapters spread worldwide in all ten IEEE Regions. In this issue, members are presented with a brief activity report from the Seattle Chapter, located on the western coast of the United States. Read more...

Standards Report
Edward Au
IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Network standard is one of the most successful technological standards and continues to progress further in different areas. This time, the VTS Standard Report looks at this fascinating technology. In addition, the editor seeks new ideas and input from the VTS community. Read more...
Mobile Radio
Narrowband Internet of Things
Javier Gozálvez
NB-IoT is a new technology that extends the use of IoT by making it more efficient to connect objects requiring a long battery life, and which are located in areas of poor mobile connectivity.
Connected Vehicles
Internet of Things for Transportation Systems
Elisabeth Uhlemann
HEREa mapping, navigation, and location company and automotive industry leadersdrives a global standard for in-vehicle data in the cloud. Read more...
Land Transportation
New EMU Trains for ScotRail
Harvey Glickenstein
New ScotRail franchise operator Abellio orders new EMUs, scheduled to enter service in central Scotland, where the national railway is in the process of being electrified.
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