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Message from the EiC

Welcome to the second issue of VTS Mobile World in 2018—your IEEE Vehicular Technology Society newsletter. In this issue, our new President opens the door to a unique feature of IEEE: Volunteerism, which according to his note would enable professional and personal growth.

Our Vice President—Mobile Radio also gives an update on his portfolio within VTS activities. And we introduce newly-reelected member of the VTS Board of Governors Professor Lajos Hanzo, and thus begin our series of introductions to the five members elected for the term 2018‒20.

I look forward to hearing from you in 2018 on how we can better serve all VTS members. I can be reached at a.jamalipour@ieee.orgRead more...

Message from the President:
VTS Volunteerism—Enabling Professional and Personal Growth!

Alexander M. Wyglinski, President

The mission of VTS is to provide services to members in support of their professional development and growth. 

To fulfill this mission, VTS coordinates and organizes a wide range of activities: hosting international and regional conferences, operating peer-review journals and magazines, supporting over 45 local chapters worldwide, managing an extensive distinguished lecture series, running summer schools and competitions across a variety of emerging topics, and much more. Read more...

Message from the 2018 IEEE VTS VP—Mobile Radio
Jae Hong Lee

Jae Hong Lee is an elected member of the VTS Board of Governors, and currently serves as Vice President—Mobile Radio for 2018. He has been with Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, since 1987. He has held a variety of posts with VTS, including VTS President.  Read more...

Board of Governors Member Profile: Lajos Hanzo

This month, VTS Mobile World introduces one of the re-elected members of the Board of Governors, Lajos Hanzo. 

The VTS Board of Governors consists of 15 elected members and a number of appointed members. Each year five Board members are elected through general elections among those presented on the slate by the Elections and Nominations Committee. Read more...

Spectrum and Regulation
Edward Au

The following is an update on spectrum and regulatory policies for frequency bands of interest to 3GPP and IEEE: 900 MHz, 3.6 GHz, 5.6 GHz, 5.9 GHz and mmWave. 

As frequency spectra face shortages due to extensive use of wireless applications, regulatory policies and licensing become more and more important. Read more...

From the IEEE VTS Resource Center
Practical Work with Robots

VTS members can enjoy the following new webinars available at the VTS Resource Center for free, simply sign in with your IEEE Web Account. 

Check out new lectures from the International Summer School on Energetic Efficiency of Connected Vehicles 2017! Read more...

From IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine
LTE-V for Sidelink 5G V2X Vehicular Communications
Rafael Molina-Masegosa and Javier Gozalvez

This month, VTS Mobile World features an article authored by Rafael Molina-Masegosa and Javier Gozalvez, from the fourth quarter 2017 of IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine. Read more...

Mobile Radio
5G Core Network Prototypes and 5G New Radio
Matthias Pätzold

Future networks will have to provide broadband access wherever needed and support a diverse range of services. Read more...

Transportation Systems
Melbourne, Victoria, Expands Commuter Rail Service
Harvey Glickenstein

The new V/Line timetable, which went into service on 27 August 2017, substantially increased the commuter rail service in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Read more...

Conference Report
1114 December 2017, Belfort, France

The 2017 IEEE Vehicular Power Propulsion Conference was a great success! Featured were 205 peer-reviewed high-quality papers, 8 special sessions, 5 tutorials given by senior experts, and 6 world-class keynotes. Read more...

Calls for Papers
VTC2018-Fall & VPPC 2018 in Chicago

The 2018 IEEE 88th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2018-Fall) and the 2018 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC 2018) will be co-located for the first time in Chicago, IL. Read more...

IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine: Special Issue on 5G Technologies and Applications

Papers due 1 May 2018

Fog/Edge Computing for Autonomous and Connected Cars

Papers due 1 June 2018

Mobile Edge Computing for Vehicular Networks

Papers due 1 June 2018

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