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Message from the EiC

Welcome to the August 2019 issue of VTS Mobile World – your IEEE Vehicular Technology Society newsletter.

In this issue, our Society President announces the first VTS Diversity Workshop. Also, the Vice President—Publications provides some good news with the newly released journal impact factors and the strong position of VTS publications. The new IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology will be also introduced.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you on how we can better serve all VTS members. Just send me a note at Enjoy reading! Read more...

Announcing: Our First Workshop on Diversity, at VTC2019-Fall
Alexander M. Wyglinski, President

Diversity is one of the core strengths of VTS. Having members from different backgrounds, as well as from minority and underrepresented groups, enables us to bring together new insights and opportunities that would otherwise not be found.

Diversity benefits our discussions of emerging concepts in our Society’s fields of interest: mobile radio, 5G, connected vehicles, electric railways, motor vehicles, and autonomous vehicles. Read more...

Great News from the InCites Journal Citations Reports
Weihua Zhuang, VP—Publications

In June 2019, the online scientific citation indexing service Web of Science, maintained by Clarivate Analytics, published the new InCites Journal Citations Reports (JCR).

The JCR showed that both TVT and VTM have reached new heights in their impact factors in 2018, with TVT at 5.339 (from 4.432 in 2017) and VTM at 6.145 (from 6.038 in 2017). Read more...

Bringing VTS to the Forefront of Future Publishing
Sumei Sun, Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology (OJVT)

The new IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology (OJVT) is a gold-standard fully open access journal, aiming to publish high-quality papers in theoretical, experimental, and operational aspects of electrical and electronics engineering.

All areas of vehicular technology will be covered, including connected and autonomous vehicles, electric railways, vehicular power systems, and 5G/6G communications. Read more...

Manage Your Research Data with IEEE DataPort

IEEE VTS members are invited to join IEEE DataPort for FREE, and get access to all IEEE DataPort datasets. Read more...

From the VTS Resource Center
Energy Management for Electric Vehicles

VTS members can enjoy the following webinar available at the VTS Resource Center for free.

All you have to do is sign in with your IEEE Web Account, and away you go! Read more...

From the IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine
Autonomous Vehicles in Adverse Weather Conditions
Reviewed by Richard Yu, Associate EiC, VTS Mobile World

Our Associate EiC reviews an article by Shizhe Zang, Ming Ding, David Smith, Paul Tyler, Thierry Rakotoarivelo, and Mohamed Ali Kaafar, published in the second quarter 2019 of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, on the impact of adverse weather conditions on autonomous vehicles. Read more...

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
EU Legislation on Vehicle Safety
Elisabeth Uhlemann

Members of the European Parliament work towards new legislation in an effort to reduce fatalities and injuries by requiring the installation of advanced safety features, and to require adoption by vans and SUVs as well as standard passenger cars: intelligent speed assistance, advanced emergency-braking systems, emergency stop signals. Read more...

Mobile Radio
5G Smartphone Trials
Matthias Pätzold

Together with Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies, Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) has announced that the company successfully completed the first 5G connection in Italy, using the country’s first 5G prototype smartphone on TIM’s live network. Read more...

Transportation Systems
SANDAG Receives US$80M for Trolley Extension
Harvey Glickenstein

The U.S. Federal Transit Administration (FTA) approved a US$80 million supplement to build the Mid-Coast Trolley project, allowing the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) to save on long-term financing. Read more...

Conference Call
IEEE VTC2020-Spring in Antwerp, Belgium

Calling for papers; and tutorial and workshop proposals! Take advantage of the chance to visit this beautiful city! Read more...

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