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Welcome to the May 2020 issue of VTS Mobile World – your IEEE Vehicular Technology Society newsletter. I hope you are doing well and keeping safe.

In this issue, we feature a new video—Advanced Data Analysis for Train Resource Planning with Python—available at the VTS Resource Center. Also included are recently published papers from the IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology.

In addition, there is a message from the Chair of the VTS Ad Hoc Committee on Autonomous Vehicles. You will also find an update about the VTS Distinguished Lecturers and Distinguished Speakers Program in response to COVID-19.

As always, I am available to hear your feedback; just send me a note at

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In this Issue
Message from the EiC
Volunteers Wanted for Autonomous Vehicles Committee
VTS DL / DS Program: Update
From the IEEE VTS Resource Center
Train Resource Planning with Python
Conferences and Events
VTC2020-Spring: (Virtually) Antwerp
IEEE VTC2020-Fall, Victoria BC
IEEE VPPC 2020 in Gijón
From the IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology
Capacity Planning of PEV Charging Infrastructure
Fair Coverage by Energy-Constrained UAVs


F. Richard Yu

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4–7 October 2020

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4–5 October 2020

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IEEE Wireless Africa 2020

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