IHCA ICAL Bulletin - 10/08/2018  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
Regulatory and Survey
•  DIA using weekends to reduce survey cycle length
•  Two additional remedies to enforce compliance
•  Discount price on Infection Prevention and Control Officer Training
Payment and Reimbursement
•  Retroactive Eligibility is back! Thanks to all who helped!
•  New MDS 3.0 version took effect October 1
•  New form for those applying for Medicaid assistance
•  Become an expert on CMS SNF VBP program
•  Updated UHC advocate contacts
Assisted Living
•  Great resource for OSHA, infection control and disaster planning standards
•  Participate in the Assisted Living Salary & Benefits Study
Life & Fire Safety
•  Life safety survey report shows trends and focus
Emergency Preparedness
•  Proposed rule: Emergency preparedness compliance
Quality Improvement
•  Get with the National Quality Award Program!
•  Assisted living LTC Trend Tracker how-to videos
•  Compliance Considerations for Assisted Living webinar available on demand
•  Top-Line 3rd quarter publication now available
•  LGBT dignity and quality of life resources
National News
•  Bill addresses healthcare needs of ID/DD
•  AHCA, NCAL & NAHC this week


DIA using weekends to reduce survey cycle length


DIA announces using weekends to conduct recertification surveys and complaint/incident investigations.

IHCA received the following message from Dawn Fisk, Administrator, Health Facilities Division, of the Department of Inspections and Appeals.

As you know, the Department closely monitors survey cycle average and is required to maintain a statewide average of no more than 12.9 months. Over the past year, our survey cycle average has been gradually increasing.

Therefore, the Department is looking at additional options to help ensure that we are able to meet federal standards. The Department is offering additional work opportunities to Health Facilities Surveyors that would allow them to work some weekends conducting recertification surveys and complaint/incident investigations.  

If surveyors enter the buildings of your facility for a recertification or complaint/incident survey on a weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun), the facility should understand that this is a planned practice and is a legitimate survey or complaint/incident investigation. As always, providers should expect surveyors to carry and present appropriate identification.

While I understand this change may present some challenges, I hope that you can appreciate DIA's necessary efforts to maintain federal standards.

IHCA recommends that members in their survey window prepare the survey entrance documents in advance and make sure the documents are kept current. It will also help to meet with weekend staff to instruct them in survey entrance protocol to follow before administrative staff arrives on site. The CMS Entrance Conference Form will help facilities be prepared for an off-hours survey. 

Questions or concerns can be directed to Dawn Fisk at 515.281.4233.